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  1. While I can't bring myself to part with my spare Y'sala, I do have some of the other Studio McVey limited edition figures in duplicate if you are interested. Some haggling might be involved...

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    2. paintybeard


      Ok. I've got 4 of the figures in this range that I might part with;

      Jetgirl, Nikitta Petrosek, Ruby and Grizzel




      All of these are cast in very high quality resin with superb detail. Each of them has an original, numbered artwork certificate, so you can be sure they aren't fakes.  

      And yes, I've haggled in most countries in North Africa and South-east Asia, and have the carpets, spices and ivory to prove it! So be prepared for some fairly stiff bargaining.


    3. ManvsMini


      Those are really cool to see, thanks for sharing. But I'll have to pass, none are speaking to me. Thank you for the offer though!

    4. paintybeard


      You're welcome. (Teaser alert) I may put some of these up on ebay at some stage... 

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