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  1. In my case it would be more a case of: Where did all the hair disappear *up there*?
  2. Not Just any old Bunnies and Guinea pigs, but driving tanks!
  3. Sadly Merchant Navy food isn't so good. Chicken 3-4 times a week and a steak on Sundays. None of it terribly well cooked. It's a sad state of affairs when you get fed up with steak.
  4. There is about an even chance that I shall be moving house some time over the next year. So I am facing the heart-breaking task of deciding how many of the volumes on my groaning shelves I can squeeze into packing crates and are there any I can (just about) force myself to take down to the charity shop. So I'm re-reading some of the books I'm not certain about. First up: "The Godwhale" by T.J. Bass. Still found this pretty enjoyable, not least because it's such a long time since I read it that I'd forgotten most of the plot. Pretty good pacing and bad guys who have believable motives for doing what they do. Considerable chunks of Bio-chemistry that sounds pretty convincing thrown in, and quite thought provoking in view of recent news about the dreadful state of our oceans. Not throwing this one out... yet...
  5. A firm called "Crooked Dice" do rather a nice Hannibal Smith. (And name the other 3...)
  6. I read "Nod" a couple of months ago. As you say, it is in many ways a horrifying book and I cannot really say that I enjoyed it. Felt a little guilty about that after I read about the authors personal history.
  7. Definitely some "proper" archetypal elves. Not the modern tropes that just look like Hollywood starlets with pointy ears grafted on. We need wild, dangerous beings that can enchant or kill you on a whim.
  8. Annie Norman of "Dicebag Lady" fame is running another Kicksarter, but only for 14 days: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1512506318/freyjas-wrath-dark-age-and-fantasy-28mm-shieldmaid?ref=section_games_popular
  9. Devastating sad news. I shall be rereading "The Dispossessed".
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