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  1. Following the sad death of Ursula Le Guin earlier this week I decided to re-read “The Dispossessed”. Happy to say it’s just as good as I remember it. The story of Shevek, who is both a genius and everyman, as he travels between the contrasting societies of Anarres and Urras is as thought-provoking as ever. While the author plainly showed her preference for the anarchists she was wise and honest enough to describe the vulnerabilities of such a society and how it might be corrupted. If I were taking part in one of those which-books-would-you-take-to-a-desert-island competitions, this would certainly go on my short list.
  2. Should get fresh provisions delivered when we go to anchor off Long Beach on Sunday. And Hopefully some of the spares I need to get an overhaul on one of the generators done.
  3. A lovely shade of pink! Hoping to pick up a copy of this myself fairly soon.
  4. I really wouldn't like to say which is the more dangerous environment; a tanker or a warship; we can at least inert our cargoes whereas you have all that ordinance to think about. On the other hand you have plenty of people to form fire teams with, we only have a total crew of about 2 dozen. As I say, I get superstitious even THINKING about fires.
  5. Pretty much standard for shipboard fire training. I do a refresher every 5 years. I believe they have tamed things a bit now, but when I first did the 4-day course at Glasgow college they felt that you hadn't really been taught properly unless your ears went a bit crinkly.
  6. Scones definitely. With clotted cream and jam But do you put the cream on first, or the jam?
  7. Apologies for the double post earlier, the satellite system on this ship is not very good. My Employers assure me that it is state of the art. Sadly I believe that they include cave-paintings in the category of art.
  8. Well, I'll only say don't do it twice. I've been through 2 fires at sea and definitely don't think it would be a case of third time lucky. Well, I'll only say don't do it twice. I've been through 2 fires at sea and definitely don't think it would be a case of third time lucky.
  9. Who me? At present on a VLCC about 850 miles south of Long Beach. ... But I live in U.K.
  10. Probably a bit late to join this thread, but here goes nothing... RNVR Lieutenant (Engineering). A lot of shore establishments then HMS Hermes HMS Oberon (Only a fortnight, thank God, I have the utmost respect for submariners, but it's not the life for a rational human being.) HMAS Bayleaf for the Falklands (Got my papers 2 days before my wedding. NOT a good way to start married life.) Their Lordships had the good sense to keep the tankers a long way out of sight, so I never saw a shot fired. Then the Iran-Iraq tanker war. Sunk twice. Nothing to fire back with. Walked away without a scratch, unlike may poor devils.
  11. Overheard on Dartmouth Parade ground, many moons ago, by a Chief Petty Officer to a new intake of Officers Under Training: "...You will salute and address me a "Sir" and I shall call you "Sir"... But the difference is that you are going to mean it!!"
  12. Just had a message that my Green Horde pledge is delivering. Blimey, that's a lot earlier than expected. Oo-err, it's going turn up before I get ashore; serious gift for the Esteemed Spouse will be needed.
  13. There was a James Bond novel called "Colonel Sun" (Not by Ian Fleming, can't remember the author offhand) where Bond gets tortured just by someone using kitchen implements. Dreadful things get done to him with a skewer...
  14. "engine room is serious place" especially when it's on fire... Let's not tempt fate by mentioning this.
  15. I certainly did enjoy! Both the sculpt and paintwork are splendid. Looking forward to having a go at this one myself.
  16. In my case it would be more a case of: Where did all the hair disappear *up there*?
  17. Not Just any old Bunnies and Guinea pigs, but driving tanks!
  18. Sadly Merchant Navy food isn't so good. Chicken 3-4 times a week and a steak on Sundays. None of it terribly well cooked. It's a sad state of affairs when you get fed up with steak.
  19. There is about an even chance that I shall be moving house some time over the next year. So I am facing the heart-breaking task of deciding how many of the volumes on my groaning shelves I can squeeze into packing crates and are there any I can (just about) force myself to take down to the charity shop. So I'm re-reading some of the books I'm not certain about. First up: "The Godwhale" by T.J. Bass. Still found this pretty enjoyable, not least because it's such a long time since I read it that I'd forgotten most of the plot. Pretty good pacing and bad guys who have believable motives for doing what they do. Considerable chunks of Bio-chemistry that sounds pretty convincing thrown in, and quite thought provoking in view of recent news about the dreadful state of our oceans. Not throwing this one out... yet...
  20. A firm called "Crooked Dice" do rather a nice Hannibal Smith. (And name the other 3...)
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