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  1. Just had power restored, Eunice blacked us out midday on Friday. No structural damage to the house, but the garden looks like a bomb-site and I think the ducks may need psycho-therapy. So no lights, heating or cooking, 2 days of tinned soup on our old camping stove. Tried to drive out of the farm to the next village today and was glad I'd brought the chainsaw with me: Trickiest thing of all? With absolutely no source of amusement once the sun went down, wife and I had to spend the evenings TALKING TO EACH OTHER!!
  2. Same here with Meccano. It was a big push towards making me decide to be an engineer.
  3. Yes, another happy day with my wonderful wife. Celebrated by butchering a lamb and having liver and bacon (with onion gravy, very thick) for dinner.
  4. OK, no links, but PLEASE, who does the "Waking girl" pod?
  5. All seven this week, making up for a very poor showing the week before.
  6. You remember dinner time in "Rocky Horror Picture Show"?
  7. Good luck with the game Pleased with this one, although it isn't a very original colour scheme.
  8. I would have thought that one each of the "Frostgrave" wizard and fighter sets, (either sex), would allow you to pretty much cover this. And than buy some of the monster packs to give a selection of baddies.
  9. Anything without an asinine DJ or other idiotic talking head who will distract me from other suicidally inclined road users.
  10. As Inarah says, the best hotel experiences aren't the amenities, but what you do and see there. So, in no particular order: The hotel on the Ice, Hudson Bay and seeing Polar Bears A grass hut in the Selous Park, Tanzania, where in the middle of the night my wife begged me to stop snoring and I had to tell her that she was hearing an elephants digestive system as it was eating the thatch on the roof. A tent in Kahna Tiger park that was big enough for a four-poster bed and a gigantic bathtub. (And seeing plenty of tigers, of course!) Plenty of candidates for the worst too, but I shalln't forget joining a ship in Conakry, Guinea in a hurry. 2 nights in an airless hell-hole with hardly any food and not much sleep due to the rampant cockroaches.
  11. When I worked I felt I had pretty much the perfect job. I used to think about what would happen if an unexpected fortune just fell in my lap. Extra taxes, begging letters, loss of friends... So all in all I would ask for the third option: Good health for all my allotted span. Hastily touching wood, I've done pretty well on that score so far too.
  12. Just keys, Other pockets are weighed down with bleeper and lifeboat stuff.
  13. Absolutely this. It fascinates me that, despite the fact that Corsair and I have almost diametrically opposed "world views", we frequently come up with the same attitudes and answers.
  14. Quite a few. Some of them are even the official "clean" ones. I can recite quite a lot of poetry too.
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