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  1. At home, re-watching Dr Strangelove. A small bowl of nuts and fruit leather.
  2. At the risk of feminist outrage... silk stockings.
  3. Completely agree with this, but adding one small adjustment: ".. put in the oven until I can't resist the smell any longer!"
  4. Basically yes. As I said, going to sea had put a stop to 90% of my hobbying, but I had done a lot of table top gaming by then and just discovered D&D. All those passions are still with me.
  5. Never. don't use an alarm clock. I get up when I wake up.
  6. I was 23. Spent the first 4 months in college, sweating my way through the first part of my Chief Engineers exams. Passed the exam by the skin of my teeth. Very glad to get the paperwork out of the way. Then did a short trip on a minesweeper to fulfil my required time with the RNR, a very bouncy few weeks in the North Sea. Then away for a long trip on a VLCC: "Mobil Condor", joined in the Arabian Gulf and slow steamed to Rotterdam and back, which took up most of the rest of the year. As I was living out of a suitcase most hobbying was on hold. When I passed my exam I treated myself to a copy of SPI's "Highway to the Reich". Drooled over the maps and counters, but didn't get a chance to actually play any of it until several years later. Oh yes, somewhere in all that I got engaged...
  7. A) Good strong hot tea. B) Watching my father sculpt amazingly intricate sand-castles.
  8. I don't suppose I will ever get a copy of "Hush" Not sure that I could do justice to it if I could get a copy.
  9. But... nothing is broken? (Perhaps this is an example of January 19th. quizzle)
  10. Related, but admittedly getting away from the question... Consider the altered current meanings of "Objective" and "Subjective."
  11. 5 this week and enjoying the whole thing immensely.
  12. Received my pledge today. Very good crisp casting and looks like it will assemble neatly. Now I just have to think up an eye-catching colour scheme.
  13. You've assumed that I survive a heart attack.
  14. Just finished reading "The Fear and The Freedom" by Keith Lowe. Sub-titled: "How the Second World War Changed Us". Unsurprisingly he concludes that it changed us massively, and continues to do so, often in unexpected and even contradictory ways. (Hence both fear and freedom in the title.) The author explores the many aspects of this change by starting each chapter examining the life of a typical participant in the war. (A Hiroshima survivor, a wounded and decorated US serviceman etc.) and relating what they experienced, how it changed them at the time and continued to affect them throughout their remaining lives. Some of the outcomes are quite surprising. He then expands the discussion to show how the changes in these individuals were mirrored in their entire societies. I found this very interesting and broadly agreed with the authors conclusions. But a word of warning; Mr Lowe does not hide the fact that his sympathies lie with what would be called the Liberal Left. Many will find that he is too lenient to the old Warsaw Pact countries and down-plays modern concerns about the new non-democracies.
  15. A door handle? The interior is of considerably greater interest.
  16. Like Chaoswolf my career in the Merchant Marine meant that I saw a lot of the world. And as my schooling was a long time ago... "The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there." (L.P. Hartley)
  17. Not superstitious, just slightlystitious... Having said that I would never walk under a black cat.
  18. Cup of good strong Garam Masala Tea as soon as I get up, nothing actually with breakfast. (Which is usually just a bowl of yoghurt.)
  19. Yes got mine today as well. Both the metal and resin pieces are very crisply done and will be a pleasure to prepare and paint. Only down side is that the "Chicken Riders" are integral to their mounts, so conversions will be really difficult.
  20. Nearly entirely on line, haven't actually been inside a physical bank for well over a year. Mind you, down here in the sticks there is still a lot of barter: I'll fix your band-saw for a couple of chops and half-a-dozen eggs...
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