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  1. Yes got mine today as well. Both the metal and resin pieces are very crisply done and will be a pleasure to prepare and paint. Only down side is that the "Chicken Riders" are integral to their mounts, so conversions will be really difficult.
  2. Nearly entirely on line, haven't actually been inside a physical bank for well over a year. Mind you, down here in the sticks there is still a lot of barter: I'll fix your band-saw for a couple of chops and half-a-dozen eggs...
  3. Flubbed the first one but got the rest. (Unfair local advantage on question 2. I know Winsor Castle and reverse-engineered from there.) Very much enjoying this, ManvsMini. You may have a job for life Pointless trivia: Due to British inability to listen in American the Whitney Houston song is often called "Do you know about Bee Stings".
  4. Anything with a strong female vocal. So Annie Lennox, Heather Small, Alison Moyet etc.
  5. Having been lucky enough to receive no presents I have none to dispose of.
  6. I don't see this mentioned here yet: A nice little kickstarter, fully funded and no red flags. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/destroycarthago/heraldic-waterslide-decals-for-wargaming I've lately tended not to back much from outside UK. (Complications with customs and postage charges.) but I shall be getting some of these.
  7. starting a large batch of variously flavoured salamis that (fingers crossed) will be ready to take to market in March. Painting a regiment for Prussian Landwehr to go with a Battle of Leipzig game I've been roped into.
  8. One day I hope to look like that coming OUT of Reapercon.
  9. Living in South-West UK I am, mercifully, unaffected. Just astonished that you seem to be able to mix heavy snowstorms with wildfires. Mild and wet here; about 12C for the last week and at least some rain every day. Take very good care of that back.
  10. Usually C, Except when they were senior management. (Which was often the case...)
  11. I'll be answering the questions that interest me, or hit my funny-bone. Sadly I don't think I could come up with a whole months-worth of interesting questions, so my hat is off to those of you who host this thread.
  12. Just continuing wet and windy here. With the likelihood of about another week of the same. Even our ducks are starting to look fed up.
  13. Rib of beef, not sure if that is special, but it will be very tasty.
  14. Not quite. Warrior and Black Prince are built in response to the French Ironclad Gloire
  15. I seem to have "put in a safe place" a really good set of sculpting tools that I suddenly have a need for...
  16. Had my third jab 2 days ago, no side effects. Wearing masks and having to do deep cleans each Lifeboat exercise, irritating but sensible. Always wearing masks in public enclosed spaces, astonished that about 20% fail to do so. Yes, I think this will go on for at least another 12 months. Sadly saying farewell to any conventions in 2022.
  17. 25th. is the first day of Christmas. 26th. is the first day of Liver Recovery.
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