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  1. Just continuing wet and windy here. With the likelihood of about another week of the same. Even our ducks are starting to look fed up.
  2. Rib of beef, not sure if that is special, but it will be very tasty.
  3. Not quite. Warrior and Black Prince are built in response to the French Ironclad Gloire
  4. I seem to have "put in a safe place" a really good set of sculpting tools that I suddenly have a need for...
  5. Had my third jab 2 days ago, no side effects. Wearing masks and having to do deep cleans each Lifeboat exercise, irritating but sensible. Always wearing masks in public enclosed spaces, astonished that about 20% fail to do so. Yes, I think this will go on for at least another 12 months. Sadly saying farewell to any conventions in 2022.
  6. 25th. is the first day of Christmas. 26th. is the first day of Liver Recovery.
  7. Hazelnut chocolate cheesecake finished and cooling ready for tomorrow. Now, how do I duplicate that swirl effect when painting?
  8. No, the Aluminium foil will not go over the joint until it goes into the oven on Christmas morning. Very bad luck, TGP. Fingers crossed for all your circle.
  9. "The Admirals" by Walter Borneman. Rather old-fashioned and tame. Nothing except platitudes about their private lives, hastily glosses over their mistakes. I shall finish it, but will not be keeping it
  10. I feel that the parents should be wearing black leather and looking smug.
  11. 40th. Anniversary of the Penlee Lifeboat tragedy https://twitter.com/RNLI/status/1472507734738321413?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet My station, along with many others have darkened lights for 1 hour.
  12. Local Christmas Market this Sunday, fingers crossed We shall sell a decent amount.
  13. It is useful for keeping up with my Lifeboat events, but like most other things, I expect I would adapt if it disappeared.
  14. Terribly late, but I hope you had a wonderful day.
  15. Thank you all. There was no partying, but steak and kidney pudding was consumed.
  16. Perhaps an obscure reference to Charles Dickens: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."
  17. Turned down the chance to buy shares in Games Workshop when they were first issued. Still it's better to be happy than rich, isn't it?.. ISN'T IT?... ISN'T IT?
  18. Just the atom bomb, the theory for Hydrogen fusion isn't fully worked out until the late 1940's Yes, there is a combine commando and Norwegian resistance raid February 1943. (Operation Gunnarside). This does a lot of damage but does not destroy all of the stored heavy water. The Germans try to move this to Germany and the Norwegians sabotage the ferry it is loaded onto. This pretty much stops the export of heavy water. It doesn't stop all German atomic research but it slows it down. I think that the film you are thinking of is "The Heroes of Telemark". For a non-fiction treatment try "Operation Gunnerside Reconsidered" by Nigel West It is, let's say... Rabelasian...
  19. I just don't agree with your assessment of German atomic progress. One of the first steps in the development of any bomb is testing a nuclear pile. Fermi did this in June 1942. Doppel did not manage this for the Germans before early 1945. Add this to disinterest by the Armed forces, ideological objections to the science and the conscription of so many required technicians into the wehrmacht and the German weapons programme was never likely to achieve much. I would refer you to "Hitler's Scientists" by John Cornwell (2013) for a balanced and detailed treatment of the subject.
  20. Not that recent, but I'm still thanking my lucky stars that I chose to retire in February 2020. Travel and quarantine around the world ha made sea-faring a nightmare profession since then.
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