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  1. Yes! a good donner kebab is a real treat. Just watching one being carved makes me drool...
  2. Fish finger sandwich. (That's about as fast as it gets for us; haven't eaten franchise food since I can't remember when.)
  3. A couple of pounds of smoked cheese. Been there a couple of weeks since last market. All vacuum packed and waiting safely for next months market. If I don't get peckish first...
  4. Curing and then smoking a rabbit. It made an excellent pie.
  5. Yes! I only play for about 4 hours... every damn' day!
  6. Bacon in the frying pan and single malt in a cut-glass tumbler.
  7. I have been "volunteered" to lay a wreath this Sunday at the Cenotaph. "They shall not grow old as we grow old."
  8. Not a massive amount, getting up a little later, wearing thicker clothes, cooking more soups and less salads...
  9. Unlike the many sweet-toothed chocolate lovers here my weakness is cheese. Regular 'fridge raids to plead quilty to.
  10. Basing up a bunch Napoleonic marines ready to play "The Silver Bayonet" when my copy of the rules arrive:
  11. Not at this time of year. Unhealth amounts of suet duff with good thick custard is much more like it.
  12. Crib, MTG, Killer Monopoly and recently Hellboy the Boardgame. Wife and I are both part of a D&D group thathas been rather on hold for some reason...
  13. Right at this moment? A sliced, seeded loaf with brie and redcurrant jelly.
  14. Thanks for the link, backing this. Andrew May is a real talent.
  15. Helen Mirren really enjoyed herself in that, didn't she? And I believe she was about the only actor that the fire-arms advisors had any respect for.
  16. Let me know if you get some inspiration! Not for quite some time, I'm rather ashamed to say. The nearest railway station is 25 miles away and while there are buses they are so infrequent as to scarcely be practical. Sadly I don't see this changing any time soon.
  17. Hobby stuff: Find a colour scheme for a bunch of old GW Grey Knights that I actually like and am competent to paint. Non-hobby stuff: Complete the recruitment for some more crew for my local lifeboat.
  18. Just seen this on kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/859660495/magnetic-boxes-20/?fbclid=IwAR39qYfiFMx0UteZAhJsVz_XT1E5K0_2aYeG5Kzrx2IQCxOly66nzacolh4 Sounds like quite a clever solution for transporting minis safely. From Poland, so P&P will not be cheap
  19. Last few days of this, quite a few stretch goals still to unlock.
  20. Christopher Lee or Vincent Price. Impossible to choose between them. Plus Bruno Ganz in "Downfall"
  21. A profitable morning spent slicing and packing my own home-cured Blackstrap bacon:
  22. The idea of Space Chicken Riders is what really sold me on this.
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