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  1. 2 changes of orders during the voyage. First stop was meant to be Ecuador. That got changed to US Gulf (but we were too big to go through Panama) and once we had got into mid-Atlantic it changed again to the Arabian Gulf. I sweated conkers over whether we had the fuel to do this. Where did you go to waste 3 solid months? As I am currently with RNLi I do little else.
  2. My God No, All cruise liners are just so many disasters waiting to happen, believe me. To the many Armed forces responses here, sad that you don't understand what a voyage is: It isn't the length of a deployment, it is a distance between ports. Probably my longest was Osaka in Japan to Kuwait via Cape Horn, about 7 weeks of steady slow steaming.
  3. Silver Bayonet. (Although Mr McCullogh's games are beginning to show similarities to each other.)
  4. Add a good dash of lemon juice and crushed black peppercorns to that, Grump, delicious. Or, even better, have the full meal of eels, pie and mash:
  5. Having lived a useful, interesting and honest life.
  6. Quite pleased with these, didn't put quite enough contrast into the different colours of the various parts of the Bride of Frankenstein, otherwise I'm quite pleased with all of them: I'm just about half way through my Bones 4 pile now, let's try not to think about Bones 5!
  7. The new figure. Classic items have their charm, but the advances made in manufacturing techniques make the best recent figures superlative.
  8. B*llsh*tt*ng with a completely straight face.
  9. Prefer metal, but no objections to any other medium.
  10. I absolutely agreed with every word of this until we got to the last word in the penultimate paragraph. A decent single malt would be preferable.
  11. I read the newspaper every morning before getting out of bed. If I'm not in the obituaries I get up.
  12. We are promised some pretty cold weather this weekend, but snow rarely reaches this far south.
  13. Barn doors. The Empire Giving up my seat on trains Being able to drink more than one glass of wine without IMMEDIATELY falling asleep
  14. Most of the monster ships just run to the major ports. (Felixstowe for UK. Rotterdam for Western Europe. Then the containers get transferred to smaller "feeder" container ships to distribute to smaller ports. Of course this doesn't get rid of the problem of limited port and storage capacity. The shipping industry in fact has excess capacity. (The S Koreans subsidise their ship-building industry and just churn out container ships rather than lose votes/backhanders) The real problem is distribution form ports and moving empty containers
  15. Yes! a good donner kebab is a real treat. Just watching one being carved makes me drool...
  16. Fish finger sandwich. (That's about as fast as it gets for us; haven't eaten franchise food since I can't remember when.)
  17. A couple of pounds of smoked cheese. Been there a couple of weeks since last market. All vacuum packed and waiting safely for next months market. If I don't get peckish first...
  18. Curing and then smoking a rabbit. It made an excellent pie.
  19. Yes! I only play for about 4 hours... every damn' day!
  20. Bacon in the frying pan and single malt in a cut-glass tumbler.
  21. I have been "volunteered" to lay a wreath this Sunday at the Cenotaph. "They shall not grow old as we grow old."
  22. Not a massive amount, getting up a little later, wearing thicker clothes, cooking more soups and less salads...
  23. Unlike the many sweet-toothed chocolate lovers here my weakness is cheese. Regular 'fridge raids to plead quilty to.
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