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  1. 8 minutes ago, ManvsMini said:


    I do enjoy a Whopper meal, no cheese and no mayonnaise, from Burger King. With a Coke, of course. And sometimes with an order of chicken nuggets. I find the Whopper is easier on my digestive tract these days than McDonald's offerings.


    If I were back in Germany, it'd be a döner kebab. Over all else.


    Yes! a good donner kebab is a real treat. Just watching one being carved makes me drool...

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  2. 19 minutes ago, Inarah said:

    It's national "clean your refrigerator" in advance of Thanksgiving day. 




    Nov. 15: What's been in your fridge the longest? 




    A couple of pounds of smoked cheese. Been there a couple of weeks since last market. All vacuum packed and waiting safely for next months market. If I don't get peckish first...

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  3. 3 hours ago, Inarah said:

    Nov5:  Gelatin based desserts are poular during family gatherings around the holidays.  Do you or your family make such desserts? Do you have a favorite flavor or recipe? 




     Not at this time of year. Unhealth amounts of suet duff with good thick custard is much more like it.

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  4. 4 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

    In the same boat here, lately I've become enamoured by the old metal terminators and I'm trying to figure out the right formula for the force weapons.


    Let me know if you get some inspiration!

    1 hour ago, Inarah said:

    Nov2:  Do you use public transportation?  




    Not for quite some time, I'm rather ashamed to say. The nearest railway station is 25 miles away and while there are buses they are so infrequent as to scarcely be practical. Sadly I don't see this changing any time soon.

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  5. 15 hours ago, Inarah said:

    Sorry, my morning omelet was being uncooperative. 🙂


    Nov1:  What would you like to accomplish before the end of the year?  (Can be minis related or not) 




    Hobby stuff: Find a colour scheme for a bunch of old GW Grey Knights that I actually  like and am competent to paint.

    Non-hobby stuff: Complete the recruitment for some more crew for my local lifeboat.

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