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  1. A new kickstarter from Crooked Dice. I've been following the publicity for this and it really appeals to me. Lots of very colourful figures and most of them are a nice change from the usual predictable gun-toting heavies. I've collected plenty of Crooked Dice figures over the years and always been very pleased with the quality. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/c87-3/colony-87-wave-four-28mm-sci-fi-civilians?ref=discovery_category_newest
  2. Having (unwillingly) taken part in several company vocational training films I have more "horror" experience than I need in this lifetime.
  3. Give? Sweets? What kind of subversive foolishness is this?
  4. Surely these creatures are just products of our (warped) imaginations?
  5. I don't hate it Glitterwolf, I'm just getting in touch with my inner Grumbly Old Fart.
  6. Why are we doing Halloween stuff when the actual day is a month away? On the bright side, I suppose it prevents us having to start dreading Christmas. Bah, humbug!
  7. I don't see this anywhere, apologies if I am duplicating: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dragonsforge/dragons-forge-miniatures# Not backing myself, I don't have a printer and the high-- quality resin versions are frighteningly expensive.
  8. Jeanne de Clisson has tipped me over the edge.
  9. Iain Bank's "The Culture". All those useful glands...
  10. Winston Spencer Churchill is a constant mine of excellent quotes. Two of my favourites: "I practice all my spontaneous remarks for weeks beforehand." "The best investment I know of is putting milk into babies."
  11. Too many to really choose, but high on the list; “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts” Daniel Patrick Moynihan
  12. While I can't bring myself to part with my spare Y'sala, I do have some of the other Studio McVey limited edition figures in duplicate if you are interested. Some haggling might be involved...

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    2. paintybeard


      Ok. I've got 4 of the figures in this range that I might part with;

      Jetgirl, Nikitta Petrosek, Ruby and Grizzel




      All of these are cast in very high quality resin with superb detail. Each of them has an original, numbered artwork certificate, so you can be sure they aren't fakes.  

      And yes, I've haggled in most countries in North Africa and South-east Asia, and have the carpets, spices and ivory to prove it! So be prepared for some fairly stiff bargaining.


    3. ManvsMini


      Those are really cool to see, thanks for sharing. But I'll have to pass, none are speaking to me. Thank you for the offer though!

    4. paintybeard


      You're welcome. (Teaser alert) I may put some of these up on ebay at some stage... 

  13. Sadly this whole line was limited edition and is long out of production now.
  14. It hasn't really been like that for me. I started modelling with plastic kits and only slowly elided into figure painting. So it was just another part of the small-scale hobby, something else to try my hand at. However there was one damascene moment when I saw a figure that made me say: "I must have that, no matter what!": I own 2 copies. One painted and barely adequate. The other carefully stored until I reach a Faustian arrangement that improves my skill to the required level to do this justice.
  15. Ninja'd by ttuckerman! (But I'd have said Punk rock.) Diamonds are stones, right? Count me in for a few of those please.
  16. Dig a decent sized pond for my ducks. The hired digger arrives next week, so I get the fun of driving that.
  17. What is so great about being balanced? As a biped I find being in a state of dynamic imbalance perfectly satisfactory.
  18. 1: "Does the Pope wear a funny hat?" 2: I buckled my swash.
  19. Well if you really must... https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/clovelly-lifeguards-ditch-wedding-after-5938812?fbclid=IwAR0PPQhnrG9lRg4ofPP3YlBDfP1ibxBjlAA7B6UWOzEUtUN-_spjlWh3V1A
  20. The way my local team will drop everything, including a wedding, to save lives at sea;
  21. Actually I think this could be utterly suicidal. I forget the name and author, but there is a short SF story where a mis-guided philanthropist time-travels back to ancient Rome and teaches them the basics of modern medicine and obstetrics and just to simply WASH YOUR HANDS before doing any medical process. The result: a population boom of such unstoppable power that by the present day the weight of humanity is greater than he entire planet... Gavrilo Prinzip. And jog his elbow and the right moment.
  22. Thanks for ,making a start on this figure and sharing the whole process. I ordered 2, (because... reasons...) I'm quite stupidly uncertain about how to go about them and truly value your insights.
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