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  1. What type of varnish do you guys use over TMM? I'm having trouble finding something that isn't either too shiny or too flat. I have had pretty good results using different varnishes on different parts (ie flat in shadows and semi gloss on highlights) but I'd really rather have an all over one coat and done thing.
  2. Am I understanding correctly that the Bones V Chronoscope minis are not in the pledge manager because they are going to be released in 2022? I thought I read that somewhere but I can't seem to find it now.
  3. Second what cmorse said about the leak. Regarding the cleanup. I was having similar problems and I discovered I just wasn't thinning my paints enough. I found that even things that supposedly are made for airbrush and don't need to be thinned performed much better when thinned. I was always thought that "Thin it as much as it needs, then thin it some more" was hyperbole but it has proved true for me anyway. Now I can do three or four light sessions without having to take the airbrush completely apart. A single light session and all I do is spray cleaner through it, then remove the cap (guard? end thing? I don't know what it's called) and scrape the needle gentle with my fingernail. Primer was the worst. I would do one mini and have to clean the needle. I was almost ready to send the airbrush back, but I started adding a little thinner and it's way better. Also I called Badger support and in addition to "thin your paints, dummy", he said if I had a stubborn leak I could use teflon tape on the threads. He didn't call me dummy, but it seemed like maybe it was implied LOL.
  4. Also 23 hours to go on this one if you are looking for a Kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nextlevelminiatures/next-level-miniatures-dragons-hoard-miniatures-vol-1?ref=user_menu
  5. I don't have anything specific to details. Sorry. I have always tried to reduce the time I spend on everything else and save my time there. With that in mind here are a few general things that helped me: 1. Somebody already said it but it's worth repeating. Have a focal point and paint it to your highest level, and skimp on the rest. If my eye is drawn to the face or the flame in their hand, it isn't looking at a belt buckle or a shoe. Detail, color, light, contrast, all these things can be used to draw the eye to a specific spot. 2. Practice. Like me, you paint on and off. So your intellectual grasp of what you need to do is probably ahead of what has transfered to muscle memory. Only more painting can fix this. I feel your pain. 3. Batch paint. Do five cloaks in a row and not only have you not changed colors but you are into the groove of painting cloaks. 4. Have a plan. Not just a color scheme but an order you are going to do things in and an idea why. For example is that item sticking out of his belt going to be easeir to paint before or after the belt? etc 5. You don't have to use the same techniques on every part of the model. For example I am working on some town folk. I used fast techniques for their clothes (translucents over a zenethiel primer coat, then an oil wash), and more traditional time consuming techniques on the faces. This kinda goes back to number one I guess.
  6. You may have already figured all this out by now, but ... 1. The pledge manager has been reopened. But pledges made now will be fulfilled in 2022 . If you don't want to wait your option is ...... 2. Ebay. Speculators are selling complete sets as inflated prices (can't recommend this option). Also as fulfilment continues, people are unloading individual pieces they don't want there. I have picked up a couple of good deals that way (one lot came out to $1.79 a miniature including shipping). But you have to watch it pretty close to catch the good deals. a. create a saved search for "Reaper Bones V" b. turn on email notifications c. check them every day
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