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  1. Also 23 hours to go on this one if you are looking for a Kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nextlevelminiatures/next-level-miniatures-dragons-hoard-miniatures-vol-1?ref=user_menu
  2. I don't have anything specific to details. Sorry. I have always tried to reduce the time I spend on everything else and save my time there. With that in mind here are a few general things that helped me: 1. Somebody already said it but it's worth repeating. Have a focal point and paint it to your highest level, and skimp on the rest. If my eye is drawn to the face or the flame in their hand, it isn't looking at a belt buckle or a shoe. Detail, color, light, contrast, all these things can be used to draw the eye to a specific spot. 2. Practice. Like me, you paint on and
  3. You may have already figured all this out by now, but ... 1. The pledge manager has been reopened. But pledges made now will be fulfilled in 2022 . If you don't want to wait your option is ...... 2. Ebay. Speculators are selling complete sets as inflated prices (can't recommend this option). Also as fulfilment continues, people are unloading individual pieces they don't want there. I have picked up a couple of good deals that way (one lot came out to $1.79 a miniature including shipping). But you have to watch it pretty close to catch the good deals. a. creat
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