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  1. Dwarflord22

    Necropolis Army On A Budget

    Thank you for your comments! I was leaning toward the ghouls and ghast list. :) I missed that Luck Stones are unique :(
  2. Dwarflord22

    Necropolis Army On A Budget

    I"m old school, like the metal minis :)
  3. I have decided I want to my add to the original models from the Crusaders/Necropolis starter set I acquired several years ago. My goal is to field a 1,000 point Necropolis army without buying EVERYTHING (I already have plenty of Crusader models). I don't want any vampires, bats, etc. My thought is to build the army around Moandain as the Warlord. I want the soldiers to be skeletons, zombies, ghouls or ghasts with a gargoyle as a solo. To limit my spending, I built two lists. I am leaning toward the Ghast/Ghoul heavy list. I already have Sir Azarphan and 9 Skeletal Swordsmen from the starter box (as well as Naomi I will not be using). It's going to cost me $125-130 based on the list. Please let me know your thoughts! Necropolis - NecroCryptTest - 1000 points Moandain's Vanguard (510 pts) Moandain, Arch-Lich Phylactery Sir Dauron, Death Knight Skeletal Warrior x 5 Skeletal Swordsman x 5 Ghast x 2 Azarphan's Boneyeard (211 pts) Sir Azarphan, Death Knight Malek, the Hated Phylactery Skeletal Warrior x 4 Skeletal Swordsman x 4 Graverot's Ghasts (215 pts) Graverot, Ghast Ghast x 5 Gargoyle (58 pts) Gargoyle All The Luck (6 pts) Luck Stone x 2 Total Models: 31 Damage Tracks: 61 Necropolis - NecroCheap - 999 points Troop 1 (493 pts) Moandain, Arch-Lich Phylactery Nivar, Wraith Skeletal Swordsman x 8 Ghoul x 4 Ghast x 2 Troop 2 (261 pts) Sir Azarphan, Death Knight Magic Weapon Ghoul x 5 Ghast x 2 Troop 3 (181 pts) Graverot, Ghast Ghast x 4 Troop 4 (58 pts) Gargoyle Troop 5 (6 pts) Luck Stone x 2 Total Models: 30 Damage Tracks: 68
  4. Dwarflord22

    Pictures of my first game

    Nice looking models and set up. Good to see Warlord in action!!
  5. Dwarflord22

    New unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1

    Great job on this tool! Thank you!!
  6. Dwarflord22

    Warlord - the state of play

    Here's hoping Warlord can make a comeback!