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  1. Thank you for your comments! I was leaning toward the ghouls and ghast list. :) I missed that Luck Stones are unique :(
  2. I have decided I want to my add to the original models from the Crusaders/Necropolis starter set I acquired several years ago. My goal is to field a 1,000 point Necropolis army without buying EVERYTHING (I already have plenty of Crusader models). I don't want any vampires, bats, etc. My thought is to build the army around Moandain as the Warlord. I want the soldiers to be skeletons, zombies, ghouls or ghasts with a gargoyle as a solo. To limit my spending, I built two lists. I am leaning toward the Ghast/Ghoul heavy list. I already have Sir Azarphan and 9 Skeletal Swordsmen from the starter box (as well as Naomi I will not be using). It's going to cost me $125-130 based on the list. Please let me know your thoughts! Necropolis - NecroCryptTest - 1000 points Moandain's Vanguard (510 pts) Moandain, Arch-Lich Phylactery Sir Dauron, Death Knight Skeletal Warrior x 5 Skeletal Swordsman x 5 Ghast x 2 Azarphan's Boneyeard (211 pts) Sir Azarphan, Death Knight Malek, the Hated Phylactery Skeletal Warrior x 4 Skeletal Swordsman x 4 Graverot's Ghasts (215 pts) Graverot, Ghast Ghast x 5 Gargoyle (58 pts) Gargoyle All The Luck (6 pts) Luck Stone x 2 Total Models: 31 Damage Tracks: 61 Necropolis - NecroCheap - 999 points Troop 1 (493 pts) Moandain, Arch-Lich Phylactery Nivar, Wraith Skeletal Swordsman x 8 Ghoul x 4 Ghast x 2 Troop 2 (261 pts) Sir Azarphan, Death Knight Magic Weapon Ghoul x 5 Ghast x 2 Troop 3 (181 pts) Graverot, Ghast Ghast x 4 Troop 4 (58 pts) Gargoyle Troop 5 (6 pts) Luck Stone x 2 Total Models: 30 Damage Tracks: 68
  3. Nice looking models and set up. Good to see Warlord in action!!
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