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  1. Adding to the Reven being a developed society, the fluff makes them sound VERY mongolian. The mongolians have a rich society that would be great to see more of in the Reven. I would love to see a few Reven on horses, with fur lined mongolian caps, etc, etc. And of course more dwarves.
  2. Oh God please not another game going to d20! =( Yes d20 is a powerhouse....yes its good for what it does..... But Im so tired of seeing eveything come out for the d20/OGl stuff. I would love to see more systems, Im a system junkie I guess. I like seeing what neat rules people come up with for their own system. And frankly I would rather see reaper do an rpg that would be an extension to RAGE. Make the wargame and the rpg play off of each other. Anyways just my 2 farthings.
  3. If I remember correctly this was a proposed ride attraction to be titled SG-3000. I loved these pics...I think there are also a few of the full bodies pics for these.
  4. Personally I would be all for it, particularly if the poses were varied enough. We can all agree there is little chance of Reaper's minis looking like dren. I think if would be a successful game if: 1) The poses are varied 2) The rules are solid 3) The game is supported So to me it would be a no brainer that Reaper could do it. They seem to being quite well with all three of my requirements on there other games. As for a market for 10-15 mm stuff... I think its there but there just isnt any decent stuff that is out for fantasy (or the company just doesnt seem to care about like Warmaster)
  5. Saint: Yeah but the Gimli/Legolas thing was good. Ladystorm and Reaperbryan.: Hmmmmmmm for some reason I dont think Mr Klocke would actually be getting the hot wings.....just a weird feeling I have. Wonder how Wingstop would feel about an out of town order for a local shop.....
  6. Hmmmmmm I agree with Mr Ross on this one too. I would like to see a more anime feeling game with more solitairy mecha. I have been thinking of tweaking the Warlord rules a little, using Jovain Chronicles minis (just the mecha on flight stands), and some paper minis for starships to do a gundam styled game. [Edited to make more sense]
  7. Criminy! Your right. That is exactly how my whiny little bother would have (and did) play characters in my games. And then dissapear when things didnt go his way. Wow, who knew the D&D movie had such depth to it. Ok and back on topic somewhat... Can't wait for halbediers and sheildmaidens. Mostly Sheildmaidens. Does Mr Klocke have any food weaknesses that can be used for bribes?
  8. LOL! Now now, lets not go the D&D movie route with the dwarves. Hated the way they made the dwarf character in that. *looks at both Eagle and Saint*
  9. For your ship may I suggest this: http://www.worldworksgames.com/seaworkstwo.html
  10. Hey Hexxen thanks for the excel sheet. It helps me so much as I try to design stats for my buddy's all warhammer skinks army. Very very handy =)
  11. i think they are just refering to the SHeild Maidens. They kinda fill the same niche. Just different name.
  12. Yes basically. Its a long legged, slightly mellower offshoot. Jack Russell Terriers are one of the breeds that were intermingled to make the Rat. If anyone is looking for an intellegent, 45mph couch potato (besides a greyhound) i suggest a Rat Terrier. And this is comming from someone who didnt like small breed dogs....
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