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  1. I painted these Squogs, Turtles and Kar Drakir to fit in with my lizardmen/seraphon for Age of Sigmar. The squogs and turtles were painted early last year, a quick paint job to test out some colours for my lizardmen. Kar Drakir was painted to serve as a lizardmen hero. The squogs were slightly converted - Mudcroak received a Lizardmen style staff top and one of the squogs got a skink sword. The Squogs and Turtles were okay models - the weapons on the squogs were fairly thin and thus a bit floppy. Kar Drakir was amazing. I think models that's 35mm+ is where the bones material really starts to shine.
  2. AngiesArmies

    01566, Jacques the Fly

    Aaaaah! That thingy is creepy! I really like what you did with the eyes, they turned out very iridescent.
  3. AngiesArmies

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    9: I didn't watch the opening. It was at 12 at noon and I was off doing other stuff. 10: Probably not as I'm not much into sports. I do follow the news a bit on how the Netherlands is doing in the Olympics though and if I'm zapping on TV and there's something like biathlon I'll probably keep watching. 11: To follow in the news it's definitely ice skating. Not that there's any choice on that when you're Dutch, lol. To watch, biathlon.
  4. AngiesArmies

    Angie paints the Emerald Nightmare

    Now the first thing I might need to explain is what the Emerald Nightmare is, and why it's red instead of green! The Emerald Nightmare is a place from the game World of Warcraft, and it's a corrupted version of the wonderful lush Emerald Dream. The Nightmare is shades of grey and black with orange, red and pink, filled with twisted trees, mangled dryads and chtulhu-esque horrors. In fact, I think the loading screen to the Emerald Nightmare gives a nice impression: The models I painted in this style are a Chthon, a Dryad and a Treeman! All three of them together. Dryad is nude. The Dryad is nude. Back of the dryad, still nude.
  5. AngiesArmies

    Angie paints some Bones Skeletons

    I painted up the skeletons I had from Bones 2 together with a Bone Fiend. The Skeletons were fun to do, the Bone Fiend a bit less as the model was quite undefined. For the skeletons, I took some inspiration from the game Morrowind for the colours, bases and shield designs.