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  1. I have been using this glue lately with great results. It is expensive, but I got a great deal on it at last year's WI State fair. This stuff is tough- one of the stacks on my Cryx deathjack kept pulling off when trying to remove my figure from the army transport, a little of this stuff has made it very solid. Be careful though, the exothermic rxn when an accelerator is used can get a little warm. I had some glue on my finger and the accelerator got on there too. After the characteristic puff of smoke, my fingers developed blisters! OUCH! So check your state fairs for good deals or go to their site: http://www.mabri-systems.com/
  2. Hello all. I am looking for a figure to represent the Horned Harbinger that I am playing in an upcoming evil campaign. The problems I am having: Horned Harbingers develop a "crown" of 6 horns on their head (So I'm thinking a hood) and a skull 1/2 mask. What can I do to make the half mask? I am thinking of using: 02957: Darkrasp, Death Priest Thanks! -Matt
  3. Thanks Anne! I have always struggled with skin (one of the reasons I chose Cryx for Warmachine and the Pharon for VOR... Undead skin is more forgiving!) -Matt
  4. Hi everyone, I am finally painting my mini for our ravenloft campaign (Forest Gnome druid/wild reaper variant) and I need some advice on skin color. (please keep in mind I am somewhat of a beginner). All of the stuff I have read list their skin as being either nut brown or "They are the smallest of all the gnomes, averaging 2 to 2½ feet in height, but look just like regular gnomes except with bark-colored or gray-green skin, and eyes that can be brown or green as well as blue." here is the mini I am using (except I added a scythe slung to his back) 02510: Balto Burrowell, Gnome http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/02510 any advice on color scheme would also be helpful (he worship Baervan Wildwander if that helps) Thanks a bunch!
  5. My question deals with what kind of models work well with dipping? I have over 1300 points of Warmachine Cryx to paint up (jacks, infantry,etc). I am wondering if this technique will work well with the main thrust of the cryx: skeletal bones, undead flesh, a few living models, jacks, and jacks with bones. Any feedback will be appreciated
  6. http://www.sculpt.com/catalog_98/CLAYTOOLS/clayshapers.htm Which of the hardnesses would be best for greenstuff and it's ilk?
  7. Hey all. We are starting a new 7th sea campaign and I am looking for a matador /bulfighter fig to use for my torres swordman and cannot find one on the net. Thanks for any help!
  8. Oh trust me you can knock over the 32 ozer... at least I managed it!
  9. Just finished painting up Tolan the druid. It had my best leather effect ever as well as a great patina type look on the bottle/flask on his back. As I reached over to pick up a brush for a small touch up, I knocked over the bottle of W&N brush cleaner and splatered it over the mini. If you ever want to get paint off of you, clothing, furniture, etc... this is the stuff. Needless to say, I was unable to get as good of results as I had originally. D'oh 2 weeks ago, I received my new Cryx P3 paints. I was painting the pot tops, when to my dismay I knocked the pot of gold off my desk and on to the concrete of the basement. Lost about 1/2 the paint. On the bright side, I found out W&N brush cleaner works on concrete too I have a number of scars from exacto slips from removing flash and excess glue. I guess this coordination expertise is what hold back my painting skill. Oh well, What can you do when you are rolled up with a 7 dex
  10. I have an overhead shop light with 2 full spectrum bulbs; 1 overhead, a desklamp, and a magnifying arm lamp all with 100 watt equivalent spiral full spectrum bulbs. I am in a wide open, 1450 sq ft basement, so I crave all the light I can get! (Yes there are other full spectrum spirals across the basement with a shop light with Full Spect. over my RPG table and one over the Wargame table.) My wife thinks I use too much of the basement for my hobby... But that is another battle!
  11. Just remember you can always buy empty dropper bottles and transfer you favorite other type paint over to them. As an added bonus the packs of empty Reaper MSP bottles have the agitator skulls in the bottles!
  12. Ok. Never have painted a black critter before. How would you paint the black fur for best effect? Also, How would you get the silver back effect that older male gorillas develop? Thanks for your help. I am going to be using the mini for my druid's wildshape. -Matt
  13. Great advice thanks everyone! Now to find the time to butcher my attempt! lol
  14. I found a replica polar bear toy to use a dire polar bear for my 20th lvl druid's animal companion. The problem its' fur is pure white. Real polar bears get that slighly yellow fur look to them. What would be the best way to simulate this via paint? Thanks!
  15. Hello all. I am going to be running a 20lvl druid in the epic level of my D&D Campaign. He is going to have a dire polar bear as a campanion. I am having a tough time finding a polar bear mini, let alone one big enough to represent a dire polar bear. For righ now I am repainting a dire bear D&D mini, but it is a grizzly type of bear and polar bears just look different. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks a bunch!
  16. I know this is semi-out of left field, but: how about some form of green-blue-purple color shifting paint. It would come in handy for some armors, vehicles, and magic items.
  17. Ok Quick question. I have Gauth based as a red. With a dragon with smaller scales (not the nice biggies on Cinder), what is best way to highlight and shade and still create believeble results? Thanks!
  18. I think I have one bottle like your describing, but I'd have to look again. I do know the rest are round shouldered though. What I did with VMC's is add 2-3 glass beads to help with mixing (much like the skulls in the Reaper MSP bottles). This helps me mix things up faster.
  19. NYA RPR 09160 Woodstain Brown 1/2 Oz $2.99 NYA RPR 09161 Shield Brown 1/2 Oz $2.99 NYA RPR 09162 Driftwood Brown 1/2 Oz $2.99 Whoo Hoo! I am always for shades that can help me paint wood colors more realistically [i guess I play too many druid characters ;)]
  20. I have just gone back and done a quick drybrush of metalic over the dullcoated metal and then reseal with a paint on gloss
  21. Hey all I am wondering about a painting related project I will be doing soon. My dad will be handing down some of his herter's Goose shell decoys. They need a lot of touching up. I'm wondering if I use a craft paint for this and follow our normal sealcoat methods: gloss, gloss, dullcoat, if it will a) hold up in rainy conditions, b) be flat enough. Thanks a bunch!
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