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  1. Sure, we are contracted through the year 2023 for the Denton Convention Center on labor day weekends
  2. You are correct. We can't get artists to teach on Sundays. Many are so tired and then this year Sunday was for feedback day. This is why Sundays are not filled with classes and activities.....We just can't get it scheduled if no one is willing to teach....Monday is also a holiday for our employees and many hourly employees are working the con all weekend too.....so Sunday is really the only day we have employee help to "Move-out" of the convention center by 6pm. We don't see our employees back to work until thursday due to working the weekend, and monday is paid day off holiday. We will try in the future to get as many events/activities for Sunday before closing ceremonies at 2-3pm.
  3. Sorry, Talon Games won't be at the show this year and No CAV games either.
  4. There may still be a room available on our ReaperCon block at the Embassy Suites onsite with the Denton Convention Center. I would call them and speak with Andrew or Dixie. Phone: 940.243.3799
  5. Yes, that is the goal for 2021 RCon to have document cameras and TVs in every classroom for easy visibility.
  6. Yes we are hoping to bring Falcon Transportation back for Tour transportation as well as a shuttle to/from overflow hotels.
  7. Yes, we are working on a F2F ReaperCon this year. Every year we have a contract for most of their rooms....In fact every year they give us more than what is contracted for because I always go back to get more room blocks opened. After they have exhausted all the rooms they can give us, that's usually when I go to get other room contracts at surrounding hotels in the area. Hope this helps.
  8. There will be a banner on our front page of reapermini.com to click and will take you directly to purchase the sets. As far as individual items, those may not be on until during the Con weekend or after as we are still making swag/hobby/brinewind box sets and need those items to complete sets. We will make an announcement for those items when they come available on reapermini.com.
  9. Individual items will go on sale at a later date if items are available. *While supplies last
  10. Correct! We have not made an OFFICIAL announcement on classes due to corrections still needing to be made and there were some last minute shuffling of classes that changed on Friday that didn't make it online. David's OSL Class will be on Twitch, not zoom, but more info on that specific class to come soon on our website. He was one of those changes on Friday that didn't make it online. Please stay tuned for our OFFICIAL announcement of ReaperU classes for ReaperCon Live on all our social medias, here on the forums, and our website! Thanks!
  11. Yes, working on it. More designs are now up!
  12. Zoom classes We have purchased the highest tier for Zoom allowing 1000+ per classroom. We also already have our twitch schedule defined and planned. Most (98%) of our instructors for ReaperCon Live will be on Zoom. Hope to see y'all there! :)
  13. More shirt designs will be uploaded later today.
  14. Which one? I see up to 5X on Tee public
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