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  1. ReaperAHawk

    SWAG Bags for sale when? If?

    Email me at questions@reapercon.com with your shipping address, email address and we will get one to you. Sorry it was missed when you spent over $40 in the Reaper booth at ReaperCon
  2. ReaperAHawk

    SWAG Bags for sale when? If?

    We always try to promote the swag bags to have Reaper provided Stuff...including the items we print/source like the notebook, cup, pen...we don't always say there will be vendor stuff. We do our best to get donations from vendors and industry like companies. When our show was smaller, it was easier to get vendor donations into our swag bag (because much lower attendee/swag quantity), but now that we have reached 1576+ attendees, it will only be harder. Some vendors can only give us x-amount of swag. If you get swag from a vendor in your bag, then it is extra sweet swag only, not generally promised....Also, when we receive swag from vendors, many do not communicate with us on how many samples/product they have sent us...so as we are building the swag bags, we don't know until we run out that the vendor didn't supply enough. We always give them a number of what they should send us. Next year's number will be 2000qty Hopefully next year we will also add a luggage tag to the bag...so hopefully the lost/found swag bag issue will be diminished (as long as attendees use them on their swag bags) ReaperCon also has many opportunities to get other FREE swag at ReaperCon....participate in the vendor punch card - get a free mini, stay at the Embassy Suites...get a free mini... buy $40+ at the Reaper Booth...get a free mini....At Registration, pick your faction...get a free mini....just to name a few...
  3. ReaperAHawk

    Growtix Issues

    1st bullet point: You can edit the names attached to each ticket so you can then schedule and purchase class tickets for each person. On YOUR growtix admission Confirmation page, click "edit" by admission ticket to change the name attached to that ticket. You can then click register for class and view schedule for each person there. I've added a screenshot so you can see the different names attached to each admission ticket as this multi ticket attendee did last week. Bullet point 2: Under each ticket thee is a grey button with a pull down menu to print. See screenshot Also, in the upper right hand corner (must be logged in) you can view your schedule there by using the pull down menu and selecting "my schedules", There you can also add manage your schedule, view your schedule, or customize your name (ticket holder) for that schedule 3rd bullet point: On the game schedule page, you can click "view" and then it would tell you if there were any slot available or how many have pre-registered for that game. See screenshot 4th bullet point: Use the gaming filters to the left of page. Click on the day tabs on top of listing to select what day you want to play I hope this helps! :)
  4. ReaperAHawk

    SWAG Bags for sale when? If?

    They are going up NOW...sorry...we got distracted by our wonderful artists talking more ReaperCon and Bones 5
  5. ReaperAHawk

    Awards ceremony

    Wednesday night - meet & greet 6pm (registration opens at 4pm) Friday Night - Costume parade 7:30pm Saturday night - Award Ceremony 8PM. After Award Ceremony is karaoke at the stage Sunday - Auction at 2:30pm
  6. ReaperAHawk

    Games and gaming

    its on our list to fix this week
  7. ReaperAHawk

    Reaper Con 2019 Exhibitors

    Yes, metal New Release will be at the Reaper booth
  8. ReaperAHawk

    Games and gaming

    This may be a problem with our schedule we put into to growtix...may not be a growtix issue. Please email games@reapercon.com so we can look into it. Thanks.
  9. ReaperAHawk

    Reaper Con 2019 Exhibitors

    Thank you! Yes, there are 5 arcade games, 1 cocktail game table, and 2 pinball games
  10. ReaperAHawk

    D&D at ReaperCon?

    Sorry. As you all already know, Growtix found and fixed the problem. Still waiting on the local D&D Adventurer's League to submit their games, as well as Michael Kirk's Pathfinder events. So, more games are coming!
  11. ReaperAHawk

    Reaper Con 2019 Exhibitors

    Sorry, no. same a vendor hours Exhibitor Show Hours Thursday 10am - 6pm Friday - Saturday 9am - 6pm (exhibitor area will be closed and locked to the public at 6pm) Sunday 9am - 2pm
  12. ReaperAHawk

    Reaper Con 2019 Exhibitors

    Frozen Ninja 3D (Booth 1) Scale 75 (Booth 2 & 3) TOGAS Custom Merchandise (Booth 4) Jane’s Tools (Booths 5, 6 & 7) Galladoria Games (Booths 8, 9 & 10) Tortured Earth (Booths 11 & 12) Elflandea (Booth 13) Material Culture (Booth 14) Talon Games (Booths 15 & 25) Portsmouth Miniatures (Booth 16) Artisan Dice (Booth 17) Hanger 18 (Booths 18 & 19) Bombshell Miniatures (Booth 20) Eade’s Beads (Booth 21) The Elvin Critter (Booth 22) Neway Designs (Booth 23) MidKnight Heroes (Booth 24) Stoke’s Design Studio (Booths 26 & 27) Frog God Games (Booths 28 & 29) Splat Gaming (Booths 30 & 31) Warlord Games (Booths 33 & 34) DGS Games (Booths 35 & 36) Badger Air-Brush Co (Booth 37) Bobe’s Hobbies (Booths 39 & 40) Frontline Games (Booths 41-44)
  13. ReaperAHawk

    Reaper Con 2019 Exhibitors

    We can update the Growtix App map with Vendor info. Hopefully we can do this soon.
  14. ReaperAHawk

    Volunteering at Reapercon 2019

    Questions@reapercon.com goes to me and Ron directly.
  15. ReaperAHawk

    Frog God Games?

    This must have bee an event Frog God Games created, not the event page we created. Frog God Games is our official Gaming Sponsor for ReaperCon 2019.