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  1. This is incorrect....any canceled rooms should go back into our block.  I have contacted the Embassy Suites. I will follow up soon. This may just be a misunderstanding with the person you may have talked to, but I will find out. Thanks.

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  2. 12 hours ago, Xiwo Xerase said:

    Will there be shuttles between the off-site hotels and the Embassy Suites?  If so, how late will they run?


    Yes, for the Fairfield and the Best Western. Not sure yet on La Quinta. 

    I don't have the schedule for shuttles ironed out just yet, but working on it.

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  3. 1 hour ago, leolson79 said:


    That's a bummer.  Hopefully, Embassy will just give ReaperCon the whole thing in 2021.  It seems pretty clear that RC can fill it without much trouble.


    We pretty much have the whole thing now. The Embassy Suites only has 300 rooms

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  4. Despite our best efforts, we are unable to secure additional rooms at the Embassy Suites for our Attendees with the ReaperCon rate. There are 2 other events that weekend and the hotel is booked.


    We are still actively looking to acquire ReaperCon rates with other affiliate hotels in the area. The Fairfield, the Best Western and now working with La Quinta to give you the best price for ReaperCon 2020.


    We look forward to seeing all of you at ReaperCon this year....it looks as though it will be the best one yet!

    If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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  5. Usually near the registration desk is a table of food coupons and restaurants that will deliver to the hotel/DCC (Denton Convention Center)....Along with the obvious DoorDash, Grubhub and UberEats services that will deliver to DCC. Also I did eat at the Asian Fusion food truck last year and it was delicious. I believe he will be returning this year as will another food truck (not yet decided) for lunch.

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  6. Just wanted to let y'all know we are still working with Embassy Suites on acquiring more rooms as well as other area hotels. Don't give up on ReaperCon so fast...we aren't giving up on y'all...our wonderful fans! It just may take a bit to work things out. We are only a week into this thing. :poke:


    Also, we do read y'alls comments and concerns and many of them end up on my huge whiteboard in my office for more discussion.


    So keep Positive Vibes going! :winkthumbs:

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  7. 7 minutes ago, Inarah said:

    @ReaperAHawk  this is what is showing on the Hilton site you originally linked to: 




    The dates Sept 6-12 clearly marked as RCON 2020 rate.  .




    All of our rooms for the ReaperCon rate at the Embassy suites are sold out.  We are sorry. There may still be rooms available at the Fairfield

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  8. 9 hours ago, OneBoot said:

    I just tried the link, and the only rooms available at the con price are from Sunday the 6th to Saturday the 12th, which is the week after ReaperCon. 





    --OneBoot :D 


    This is what I see when I click the link. It says Sept. 1 - 8 valid dates for Con rate




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  9. Hi Y'all!


    We are sorry that all our blocks of rooms at the Embassy Suites sold out in one hour. This has never happened before....we usually have a couple of months before they all sell out.  We were just as surprised today, but happy so many of you are so excited for ReaperCon 2020!!


    With that said, the popularity of our show has increased every year immensely. That just means we are going to have a fantastic show and I hope everyone can make it. If we are able to get a new room block contract going with Embassy Suites, then we will let everyone know. We are working on it.


    As for now, we do have a overflow hotel at the Fairfield hotel that will have shuttles running. The link to book with that hotel has been posted on all social medias as well as ReaperCon 2020 hotel thread.


    We will try our hardest to monitor any questions/concerns on the forums and social media regarding hotels, but as always you can email us at [email protected]



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  10. Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center
    3100 Town Center Trail, Denton, Texas, 76201 
    Guests can book rooms for your block by calling the hotel directly at 940-243-3799 and referencing the RCon 2020 Reaper Miniatures rate, or booking online.

    Simply copy and paste the URL below into your browser to access the exclusive rates available for this group:

    Booking Linkhttps://secure3.hilton.com/en_US/es/reservation/book.htm?inputModule=HOTEL&ctyhocn=DFWNTES&spec_plan=CESRC0&arrival=20200902&departure=20200906&cid=OM,WW,HILTONLINK,EN,DirectLink&fromId=HILTONLINKDIRECT
    Hotel: Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center
    Group Name: RCon 2020 Reaper Min
    Arrival Date: September 2, 2020
    Departure Date: September 6, 2020
    Room rate per night:  $123 

    Please note, the entire URL must be copied and pasted for it to work properly  
    Rates are good 3 days before and after ReaperCon 2020
    Overflow Hotel: 
    Fairfield by Marriott
    2900 W. University Drive, Denton, TX 76201  
    (940) 384-1700


    Event Summary:

    Reaper conference

    Start Date: Tuesday, September 1, 2020

    End Date: Tuesday, September 8, 2020

    Last Day to Book: Monday, August 10, 2020

    Hotel(s) offering your special group rate:

    • Fairfield Inn & Suites Denton for 99 USD per night

    Book your group rate for Reaper conference

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  11. 4 hours ago, Dicey said:


    See, this didn't happen for us! We were in line early on Friday to get Murkillor (and we did) but we didn't get any free mini when we bought Murkillor, Ma'al Drakar Deluxe, and a Pokey Tool. I didn't know it was a thing, but it was definitely missed. We got the Big Spender ribbon, but no extra mini!


    Email me at [email protected] with your shipping address, email address and we will get one to you. Sorry it was missed when you spent over $40 in the Reaper booth at ReaperCon

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  12. We always try to promote the swag bags to have Reaper provided Stuff...including the items we print/source like the notebook, cup, pen...we don't always say there will be vendor stuff.  We do our best to get donations from vendors and industry like companies. When our show was smaller, it was easier to get vendor donations into our swag bag (because much lower attendee/swag quantity), but now that we have reached 1576+ attendees, it will only be harder. Some vendors can only give us x-amount of swag. If you get swag from a vendor in your bag, then it is extra sweet swag only, not generally promised....Also, when we receive swag from vendors, many do not communicate with us on how many samples/product they have sent us...so as we are building the swag bags, we don't know until we run out that the vendor didn't supply enough. We always give them a number of what they should send us. Next year's number will be 2000qty


    Hopefully next year we will also add a luggage tag to the bag...so hopefully the lost/found swag bag issue will be diminished (as long as attendees use them on their swag bags)


    ReaperCon also has many opportunities to get other FREE swag at ReaperCon....participate in the vendor punch card - get a free mini, stay at the Embassy Suites...get a free mini... buy $40+ at the Reaper Booth...get a free mini....At Registration, pick your faction...get a free mini....just to name a few...

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