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  1. 19 minutes ago, Kangaroorex said:

    I am no expert on the subject but these were the issues I had problems with:

    • the ability to purchase and schedule multiple attendees through the same account.  Even though i had purchased 4 tickets, I couldnt make the system give more than one assignment per timeslot.
    • The ability to see and/or print a schedule showing what you had already signed up for
    • A better way of seeing what was available and what's full in the gaming groups
    • A better way of seeing the gaming in general. (I know there were table top games you could sign up for but i couldn't find them.

    Again these were just me and the problems I had.  Other results may differ. 


    1st bullet point: You can edit the names attached to each ticket so you can then schedule and purchase class tickets for each person. On YOUR growtix admission Confirmation page, click "edit" by admission ticket  to change the name attached to that ticket. You can then click register for class and view schedule for each person there. I've added a screenshot so you can see the different names attached to each admission ticket as this multi ticket attendee did last week.





    Bullet point 2:   Under each ticket thee is a grey button with a pull down menu to print. See screenshot  Also, in the upper right hand corner (must be logged in) you can view your schedule there by using the pull down menu and selecting "my schedules", There you can also add manage your schedule, view your schedule, or customize your name (ticket holder) for that schedule







    3rd bullet point:   On the game schedule page, you can click "view" and then it would tell you if there were any slot available or how many have pre-registered for that game. See screenshot





    4th bullet point:   Use the gaming filters to the left of page. Click on the day tabs on top of listing to select what day you want to play





    I hope this helps! :)

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  2. Wednesday night -  meet & greet 6pm (registration opens at 4pm)

    Friday Night - Costume parade 7:30pm

    Saturday night - Award Ceremony 8PM. After Award Ceremony is karaoke at the stage

    Sunday - Auction at 2:30pm

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  3. 14 hours ago, rawlkeer said:

    I don't believe they have it all worked out yet. I signed up for a game Thursday night, and the game is scheduled for Thursday and Friday. According to the profile, it doesn't show which one I am signed up for


    This may be a problem with our schedule we put into to growtix...may not be a growtix issue. Please email [email protected] so we can look into it. Thanks.

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  4. 9 hours ago, OneBoot said:

    I like the smiley faces in artist alley, and the pacmans in the arcade area. :lol:


    I like the more separated Hobby Hijinks area, and the new way that Artist Alley is set up. Hopefully this will be a good layout. ^_^


    Does 5 pacmans mean there will be 5 arcade games? 



    --OneBoot :D 


    Thank you!

    Yes, there are 5 arcade games, 1 cocktail game table, and 2 pinball games

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  5. Sorry. As you all already know, Growtix found and fixed the problem. 


    Still waiting on the local D&D Adventurer's League to submit their games, as well as Michael Kirk's Pathfinder events. 


    So, more games are coming!

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  6. 5 minutes ago, nakos said:

    Soooo, I probably already know the answer but, with the Reaper booth appearing on the other side of the partition, does this mean Reaper wil be open a little later than last year? 


    Sorry, no. same a vendor hours

    Exhibitor Show Hours

    Thursday 10am - 6pm

    Friday - Saturday 9am - 6pm (exhibitor area will be closed and locked to the public at 6pm)

    Sunday 9am - 2pm

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  7. Frozen Ninja 3D (Booth 1)

    Scale 75 (Booth  2 & 3)

    TOGAS Custom Merchandise (Booth 4)

    Jane’s Tools (Booths 5, 6 & 7)

    Galladoria Games (Booths 8, 9 & 10)

    Tortured Earth (Booths 11 & 12)

    Elflandea (Booth 13)

    Material Culture (Booth 14)

    Talon Games (Booths 15 & 25)

    Portsmouth Miniatures (Booth 16)

    Artisan Dice (Booth 17)

    Hanger 18 (Booths 18 & 19)

    Bombshell Miniatures (Booth 20)

    Eade’s Beads (Booth 21)

    The Elvin Critter (Booth 22)

    Neway Designs (Booth 23)

    MidKnight Heroes (Booth 24)

    Stoke’s Design Studio (Booths 26 & 27)

    Frog God Games (Booths 28 & 29)

    Splat Gaming (Booths 30 & 31)

    Warlord Games (Booths 33 & 34)

    DGS Games (Booths 35 & 36)

    Badger Air-Brush Co (Booth 37)

    Bobe’s Hobbies (Booths 39 & 40)

    Frontline Games (Booths 41-44)

    NEW GrowTix Map.jpg

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  8. Please also tell them when booking as well as when you check in that you are with REAPERCON. I believe there is a space when booking online with Embassy Suites to state this Group Name.  This will insure you get the goodies for staying at the hotel as well as help us gauge more rooms in the future. Thanks.

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  9. 5 hours ago, klarg1 said:


    As far as I can tell, the registration process is updated manually, and @Reaper Ron had been shutting down registration for sold out classes over the weekend. It's conceivable that he missed a few. (Also, if you were already registered before he shut it down, you will stay registered until you remove yourself.)


    When you go to actually buy tickets from Growtix, it only lets you add available tickets to your cart. Everything available will show up with a pull down for number of tickets desired.


    Your event schedule ("My Schedules") is based on registered classes, rather than purchased tickets. That means if I am working on adding classes to my schedule, I need to have both the classes I have, and the classes I want registered, but I have to remember which is which so I only buy tickets I want, not duplicate tickets for classes I have. If I try to fix this by unregistering classes I have already purchased, that works, except that I can't put them back into my calendar later, because registration will be closed, so I can't see my actual ReaperCon schedule unless I wrote it down on my own.


    I am assuming this whole thing is because GrowTix doesn't allow class/event registration to come with a price tag up front, but, in my opinion, the result is a very clumsy and confusing system.





    Yes, you are right, we are behind when it comes to disabling the registration for sold out classes. We chose to have it set to unlimited this year. Next year we won't (I don't think), but that also means if you don't pre-register for that class, you won't be able to by a ticket at all....meaning next year, if we only allow 12 pre- registrants, then those 12 people will be the only people to purchase those class tickets.. We didn't do it that why this year because we wanted as many people to register for a class and have the same opportunity to buy the class tickets when they went on sale.


    On the "My schedules" part. I would delete any classes you registered for if you didn't actually buy tickets for those classes. Registering for a class is building your schedule for ReaperCon....meaning having Growtix build that schedule for you as reference all in one place for ALL scheduled events.  There is talk next year disabling that feature so you won't have to pre register for classes but go straight to buying classes. This though, you will need to make your own schedule outside of GrowTix. These issues aren't a GrowTix issue...its how we as ReaperCon are using this system. There are many ways to use it. We talked a very long time about the scheduling/registering/buying of tickets before it went live and we still chose to go this route because we figured most people would want a quick access in one location for ALL scheduled events. This is also why we made a short video on how-to register/buy class tickets. We can have more discussions at ReaperCon for future ReaperCons regarding this issue.


    Thank you @klarg1 for helping everyone on here regarding the GrowTix system

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  10. 13 hours ago, Inarah said:

    No, I can't find faction choices anywhere on Growtix, the Reapercon site (which is nearly devoid of con information) or in the email.   But you can change/choose when you pick up your badge.   And choosing a side doesn't stop you from giving points to another faction if you want. 




    If you go back to your order email confirmation and then click the grey bar to gain access to your Growtix order confirmation page. Once on that page, scroll down until there is a blue bar "edit additional information" click this and you can change or update your faction at anytime.

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  11. 10 minutes ago, snk666 said:

    First time attending as well! Really looking forward to it, seems like it's gonna be a great time.

    I chose Maggotcrown as well when I bought my main ticket, but when I signed up for classes it asked me to choose a faction again so I picked another one.
    Is that gonna mess up my first choice? Or will I be somehow part of two factions?


    If you go back to your order email confirmation and then click the grey bar to gain access to your Growtix order confirmation page. Once on that page, scroll down until there is a blue bar "edit additional information" click this and you can change or update your faction at anytime.

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  12. 16 minutes ago, Crimson_king_of_the_tower said:

    I wanna say it was at midnight but don't quote me


    Yes, last year was 11:59pm...but not sure Ron and I want to stay up that late every night to toggle on these 2 seats per each class every night during the Con...that also means every attendee at the Con would need to be up past midnight to get these classes added as well. Not ideal. A new time hasn't been decided yet, but we will make announcements for whatever time it is. Thanks.

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