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  1. 3 minutes ago, klarg1 said:

    Thursday's photography class with @Doug Sundseth sold out before I could get to it, so I'll just corner him at the convention, and ask for tips instead. :devil:


    Remember we hold back two tickets to purchase at ReaperCon...so you still have a chance to get a seat in that class. Those extra two tickets will go on sale online the night before the class.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, klarg1 said:


    I'm measuring my login by whether it says my name, or "login" at the upper right of the screen. As far as I can tell, everything is smooth until I get to "Purchase Add Ons".


    I'll try re-logging into grow-tix to see if it helps. I had no trouble buying a badge when they went live. (Clearly other people are able to buy tickets too.)


    It's also easier to do this on a computer rather than mobile...easier to see everything in one shot...well for me anyways cause I'm old LOL

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  3. 2 minutes ago, klarg1 said:

    I've been following the instructions from Facebook, but every time I click "purchase add-ons", I get to a checkout page with nothing on it, and a message saying "nothing was added to cart". I am also logged out on that screen.


    I haven't checked all my registered classes, but at least one of them shows as no sold out. Is this a common problem? Am I really dense?


    This is my first time through the GrowTix system, so maybe it's just me?


    Make sure you are logged in when it takes you to the next screen. You may need to log back in, then click view schedules. Not entirely sure why it may log you out, but it may have done that. Or make sure you have a growtix account, if not sign up

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  4. Just now, Cranky Dog said:

    I'm getting the same problem.


    Classes shown as available. I register. When comes the time to pay for them, they're SOLD OUT. I go back to the main registration page, and they're still available (some do show that registration is complete, so I don't bother with them). What gives?


     Because we have it set to "unlimited" for registration. Once a class is sold out then we need to go back and toggle that registration for the scheduled item as full. It's alot to manage right now. It's just me and Ron doing it this weekend...fielding emails, DMs, Comments on Facebook, Forum questions...and updating Growtix. all at the same time..Please be patient wit us. Thank you. :)

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  5. 12 minutes ago, Pegazus said:


    Uh... that's actually possible this year. That's what I did at least. I do have both admission tickets for the two of us under one account.


    Not sure it's a feature or a bug that I could do that.


    Yes, technically you can do this, but we didn't want to show this because if you don't go back into Growtix and manage the schedule for both people correctly, (meaning attaching the purchased tickets to the correct ticket holder) then it could be an issue when you are at registration at ReaoerCon. If you choose to do this, please make sure you manage your scheduled items and purchased tickets to the correct person under your account.

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  6. Just now, Green Eyed Monster said:

    Done the first part.

    No Joy.

    If I create a new account will it recognize my already purchased tickets?



    If you are using the same email address, then it should be fine. You really need to go back to your order confirmation email (when you purchased your admission) to gain access. Hope this helps

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  7. 1 minute ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

    Once again, Growtix is being "difficult".

    Won't recognize my password so I can't log in and won't send me a link to reset it.

    It recognizes that I have purchased [VIP] tickets for both wife and self.


    One step away from:grr:


    Start with your email confirmation to gain access to growtix. If need be, create new account with Growtix

  8. 4 hours ago, MadMan430 said:

    Okay, I watched the video and followed the instructions step by step and when I try to purchase the add ons  it takes me back to the main ticket purchase page like I have never bought a ticket yet. So....what am I doing wrong. I started from the email that was sent to me when I purchased my vip ticket.  Can someone please help. 

    Please ignore this as they probably have not opened up the ticket purchase yet. I watched the video and remembered they said they would be open some time this weekend. Just an over excited person here. Sorry.


    Class tickets aren't live yet. this is why it takes you back. We are hoping to have tickets live very soon. Keep an eye out here on the forums and all social media for an update. Thanks.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Dragoneye said:

    I think this will be useful to those planning out classes (including me, I barely had time for the dealer hall and viewing the MSP Open last year)


    Could someone post the hours for the following?

    Dealer Hall   9am - 6pm Main ballroom

    MSP Open (including when you can submit entries) You have until 6pm on Friday for your entry. If one day ticket holder for Saturday, then you have until noon. Main ballroom open until 9am -10pm everyday

    Tours 10am, 1:30pm, 4pm everyday except Thursday no 10am tour , and Sunday no 4pm tour

    Other miscellany  Show hours 9am - 10pm 




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  10. 30 minutes ago, Hollymonster said:

    Is there a limit to how many classes I can sign up for? I'm attending mostly for the classes so I want to take as many as possible (I did 12 last year).


    I just want to make sure before registering for a bunch because I don't see anything on the classes page about limits this year.


    Currently there is a limit on how many people can register for a single class...we (well Ron) is in there right now disabling this. There will be no limit as to how many people want to Register for a specific class, but when you go to actually purchase a ticket for that class (when it opens up), then those seats will be limited.


    Currently VIP and regular 4-day ticket holders can only register for up to 20 classes. 1 day ticket holder can only register for 5 classes.   We ask as a courtesy that after you have registered for your classes that you only purchase 8 different class tickets until a few weeks have gone by to give everyone ample time to gain access to classes.

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  11. 38 minutes ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

    Which is nice but Growtix is being the same PITA that it was last year.

    I can't log in and it won't send my email the link to reset my password.

    I was an early registrant and if it helps I can send you a screenshot of my ticket.



    Send an email to [email protected] with your full name and email address so we can look into your account. We can resend your email confirmation which is the easiest way to gain access to Growtx.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Hollymonster said:


    I booked a room normally (without using the promo code). Do you know if I will still get the goodies that using the code came with?


    Yes, you will be able to get the goodies for staying at hotel no matter if you are in the block or not. Please let me them know at check-in that you are with ReaperCon so we can have it documented for future ReaperCon room blocks. Thanks.

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  13. 13 hours ago, nytflyr said:


    will you will post here if they open up more rooms?


    We no longer can open any additional rooms on a block. We have over sold. You can still book/purchase a room at The Embassy Sutes, but it won't be the RCon 2019 Neg./block Price, sorry. See you soon at ReaperCon 2019!

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  14. On 5/5/2019 at 9:54 PM, PalosApep said:

    Sorry new here, has their been any talk about increasing the hotel block? The link shows no rooms are available under the Reapercon rate but we can book under other rates. 


    I have an email sent to Embassy Suites to see if we can increase our block...waiting on their reply.

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  15. 39 minutes ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

    If I only intend on attending Saturday and Sunday, and want to both get the VIP and swag bags as well as enter my miniature on Saturday morning, what tickets would I need to get? 


    I.E. I want the VIP bag that comes with the VIP pass, but still want to be able to enter my miniature for the MSP Open. I would not be in Denton until after con hours on Friday, preventing registration of MSP Open miniatures until Saturday. 


    Hope this will clarify....If you are only attending ReaperCon on Saturday, then you have until noon on Sat. to enter into MSP Open no matter what pass you buy/pre-register for (daily, 4 day, VIP)

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  16. 2 hours ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

    Can you get a VIP pre registering with 2 daily passes? Or do you have to get a 4 day pass? 


    Pre-registering for a VIP pass gets you into the show 4 days as well as a ticket for our Wed, night Meet & Greet dinner. We don't offer 2 day passes, only daily passes.

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  17.   4 hours ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

    So it looks like, IF I can afford to attend, I'd be doing Saturday-Sunday. I didn't check last year - can you get the VIP bag with a Sat/Sun badge? And can I still enter the MSP open if I do?

    Yes and yes. I don't remember if there was a Sat/Sun ticket last year, and nothing is showing up in searches or wayback machine, but the VIP bag can be added on. If you are arriving on Sat, there is a special open window for that day to submit your entry.

    No, VIP is pre-registered ONLY and not sold at the door. You can however, get a regular swag bag at the door IF supplies last. It is best to pre-register for ReaperCon admission to ensure you receive all the rewards.
    There are daily passes and 4-day passes to ReaperCon. We don't do a 2 day ticket. Daily passes do not come with a swag bag; that can be purchased separately at the door (while supplies last)
    If you buy a daily pass on Sat, you have until noon on Sat. for your entry.


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  18. We are working on our new website currently. We don't have an official date when it will be active. You will be able to look at past ReaperCon entries/winners as soon as that section is completed.  **ReaperCon Website coming soon**

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