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  1. 1 hour ago, HenryRequiem said:

    Is it already sold out? Or is it not available yet? (I see the listing, but 0 stock)


    We sold out today of what was already made. We are building more swag bags now and will be up on our website to purchase tomorrow at 10AM

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  2. 14 minutes ago, haldir said:



    Curious, if you might know, will past VIP resin minis be on sale at the store again this year? I've seen em but I never pick the ones up I'm missing. I'm assuming it's just left over stock from previous RCons.


    We talked about this today and chances are we will have a limited supply at the show. You will need to confirm with Lady Storm and ReaperRon.

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  3. On 8/17/2018 at 5:27 PM, GHarris said:

    Thank you!


    So now the next question...I bought a 4 day games only badge because that was all that was available, thinking I needed to upgrade it afterwards. How do I return that so I can buy the correct badge? There is no option on the growtix site that I can see


    You should now be able to upgrade your game pass to a regular 4- pass or an All-Access (VIP) pass......But you only have until today to do this. Log into your Growtix account.




  4. 12 minutes ago, GHarris said:




    I just went to buy my tickets and no option was given for a 4 day admission with a swag bag nor a VIP pass with swag, just single day tickets, kid tickets and games only tickets that are all marked as being swag free. I want all of the swag, up to including the VIP goodies. I am guessing I am buying an add on, but what am I buying? Can I just buy the VIP bonus bundle and just be done? Or do I have to buy both bundles and end up overpaying for my Reapercon admission?


    Both Inarah and ReaperAHawk's links lead me to the same page that has no options for buying a 4 day badge or a VIP badge that comes with swag. If they did this would be a LOT easier


    We have turned the all access (VIP) pass and the 4-day passes back on. They will however be off for good Monday by noon. Once you have purchased your admission ticket, then you can buy extra swag/VIP bundles.




    click the the "i" for more info on each admission ticket

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  5. 4 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

    Can we just get a FedEx or UPS kiosk at Rcon?  Guess I'll have to pack even lighter!


    You can always come to ReaperHQ (9062 Teasley Lane, Denton TX 76210) and ship extra stuff there. It's just the cost of shipping + $2 for shipping materials (box, airbubbles, tape, etc..)

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  6. 2 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

    Question: I finally registered all of my classes. And one of them (with Anne Foerster :wub:) has a $ fee. How do I pay for it? Growtix doesn't seem to add it. Do I pay Anne once in class, or something else?

    This is a cut and paste answer, so forgive the redundant questions:

    First, did you purchase your ReaperCon admission ticket? You *must* do that first. 
    Once you've done that, or if you've already done that, go here for the schedule: (note: you'll have to make two transactions, one for admission, and one for classes)
    Next, make sure you're logged in using the email you used when you purchased admission ticket.
    Go through the classes and find what you want. Click the green "Register/Add to Cart" button. This adds the classes to your Schedule.
    Now, use the dropdown menu at the top and go to My Schedules; you'll then click on the View Schedule button; this shows you what you've registered/scheduled for yourself.
    You'll see a button to the left of the green View Details button called Purchase Add Ons. Click on that to go to check out.
  7. 13 hours ago, nakos said:

    So if a VIP admission is bought and one extra VIP bundle is bought then we'll get two VIP bundles content and one swag bag content? Like this, 


    2018 VIP Bonus Bundle x2

    2 Large Figure Carrying Case, 2 Dungeon Dwellers Monster Colors paint set, 2 Dungeon Dwellers Dungeon Colors paint set, 2 special edition Reaper MSP VIP Triad, 2 each all 4 different Dreadmere faction miniatures, 2 Hall of Fame resin miniature, and 2 VIP resin miniature.

    ReaperCon 2018 Swag Bag x1

    1 high-quality, reusable polypropylene bag stuffed with Reaper miniatures, paints, and other cool ReaperCon 2018 memorabilia! Includes: 1 ReaperCon 2018 Sophie Miniature, 1 ReaperCon Convention Miniature, 1 Special Edition Reaper Master Series Paints (3), 1 Dreadmere Faction Iconic Miniature, 1 ReaperCon 2018 Dungeon Dweller Miniature, 1 ReaperCon 2018 Program, 1 Paint Rinse Cup, 1 Pen, and 1 Notebook.


    But to get two of everything you have to purchase a VIP admission,  an extra VIP bundle, and an extra swag bag?


    This is correct. You will have one admission but 2 VIPs and and 2 swag bags

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  8. 3 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

    @Reaper Ron and @ladystorm, not sure if this question was answered or not, but I'd like to know the answer.  I see that the swag bag is $40, but does the VIP Bonus Bundle ($125) come with the contents of the swag bag as well, or do you have to pay for them separately? I would really appreciate a prompt answer to this, thank you for your time and efforts during this busy time.


    You must purchase an admission ticket first. That will either be a daily pass of $15 or a 4 day pass $50 (includes swag bag) or the all access pass $175 (comes with swag bag, VIP bundle and Meet & Greet dinner pass). Once you have purchased your admission ticket, you then can go back and purchase extras of these. Swag bags $40 and VIP bundle $125.




    Hope that helps!

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  9. 2 hours ago, Crimson_king_of_the_tower said:

    I never did get an answer I messaged reapercon on Facebook and had to work with them and the host of the game so I don't know if there was any final solution I stopped signing up for games cause I didn't want to have to bother them for each one


    Each person will need a GrowTix account so they can add games to their schedule.

    Here is the Growtix landing page:  https://purchase.growtix.com/events/landing/reapercon_2018

    Create an account for each person and then click on the GREY tab for Gaming schedule. To add games, use the "Date" tabs at the top to see games for each day, the click view and then "register this game"

    Hope this helps!

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