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  1. Nice bear! Nicely done I mean. Don't think he's a very nice bear lol. Very natural looking.
  2. Beautiful work! Love the starry sky cloak, the shields and sigils and bases and.. and.. Ok just all of it lol
  3. That is super cool and so well done.
  4. Oh wow that is beautiful! Nmm is something I still work on. It's very hit or miss for me lol.
  5. Finished her last night. Had a lot of trouble with her eyes for some reason.
  6. He's awesome! So adorable. You did an excellent job with the monochrome palette.
  7. Wow beautiful piece. I love this style of dragon. How big is he?
  8. Great job on these. Very crisp clean work. I tend to have a problem with that. "Muddy" edges I guess you could call it
  9. Oh cool, yes I'll take a look at that after work.
  10. I think I'm going to try what Geoff suggests. Cut the entire pole off. Then I can drill a hole through his hand and run something new through it. Will have to look closely how the hand/bottom pole intersects with the body I think. This is going to be an adventure lol I've never really done more than some small pinning before.
  11. Beautiful work. Love the color choices.
  12. It's gorgeous! I can't even think of more words for this amazing piece of art.
  13. The parasol was too heavy and snapped the pole in half. I think I'm going take Chris Palmer' s suggestion. Completely cut the pole off and put a new, sturdier one on in its place.
  14. I love the little green touches in there. Looks great!
  15. That's S'ygma, from Rackhams Confrontation minis. The pole is very thin and flimsy. Pinning seems impossible. I have considered cutting the entire pole off and pinning with something new and sturdier.
  16. So, this happened. The top is so top heavy, what a badly designed, yet amazing looking sculpt . Any advice on how I can fix it? And yes it's dusty lol it's been sitting a bit while I work on other things. He'll get a dust off soon
  17. Got a lot done the last couple days Thank you alchemist for help identifying her.
  18. It did indeed help! I've identified almost all of them. One little pesky soldier guy left.
  19. Lovin the colors. Beautiful work
  20. Thank you Now i wonder where her shield went, or if I ever had it lol
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