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  1. Hi there, I'm painting some barbarian models that are very much inspired by Native American culture. The two skin tones I have experience painting are African skin and Caucasian skin. I'm looking for a more mid tone brown skin as seen here in this reference picture. Any suggestions on how to achieve this? I'm mostly looking to use reaper or vallejo colors. Do any of the reaper skin triads match up with this tone? the ones I have now are the tanned, fair, and dark skin triads.
  2. Well I got the frost wyrm which I think is pretty cool. Most of my experience is painting 40k Imperial guard, historical miniatures, Star Wars: imperial assault models, some reaper fantasy stuff here and there. I tend to like undead (not Zombies though) stuff, fantastical stuff like dragons and griffons, women in practical armor, knights and heavily armored warriors. I got some new Vallejo air blues that I would like to try out, also been messing with their air metallics which I really like. I still struggle painting human skin so I didn't plan on painting a barbarian in chainmail
  3. Been doing a lot of batch painting lately and I would like to take a break and focus on a single model to paint to a high standard. Reaper has so many miniatures that it can be hard to look through them and pick one. You guys got any suggestions on what I should pick? What do you think are some of the best sculpts by Reaper, or just ones you personally like? Leaning towards a female character or a monster but not limited to that (considered doing one of the dragons).
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