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  1. Love it, well done!
  2. KS shipping notice received!!!!!!!!
  3. DanH

    Dwarven Forge’s living snake god, Sysuul

    Well done, I like how the head colors trail down the arms.
  4. DanH

    Some rocks

    Very cool!
  5. DanH


    Agree, very well done but a bit more work inside the mouth.
  6. DanH

    Wood grain on flat surface

    DM Scotty does a lot of this type treatment. here is an example of the technique. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1c40tSzxEp4
  7. DanH

    trista_77094_painting for time efficiency

    Very nice. I will echo Glitterwolf's suggestion for a wash, it would "tie it all together" so to speak.
  8. Or make them into statues.
  9. DanH

    Underwater Diorama

    Great sculpt! Looking forward to watching this one come together.
  10. DanH

    Ral Partha Female Hill Giant by Julie Guthrie

    Very well done! I will echo the compliments on skin tones and highlighting. Congrats!
  11. DanH

    RP Challenge: 77013 - Minotaur

    Well done, his face is very good, Congrats!
  12. DanH

    Behir (77492)

    I saw this one on your blog, great job!
  13. DanH

    28mm Lesser Goblin Horde

    Darn! Just missed it!