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  1. I wasn't sure I would be able to partake of the Bones V. So I did the placekeeper pledge during the kickstarter in hope of being able to upgrade at some point. So I am excited I was able to upgrade to the core set and a few extras a few days ago. Really looking forward to this new line up!
  2. Well done, I like how the head colors trail down the arms.
  3. Agree, very well done but a bit more work inside the mouth.
  4. DM Scotty does a lot of this type treatment. here is an example of the technique. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1c40tSzxEp4
  5. Very nice. I will echo Glitterwolf's suggestion for a wash, it would "tie it all together" so to speak.
  6. Great sculpt! Looking forward to watching this one come together.
  7. Very well done! I will echo the compliments on skin tones and highlighting. Congrats!
  8. Well done, his face is very good, Congrats!
  9. I saw this one on your blog, great job!
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