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  1. I wasn't sure I would be able to partake of the Bones V. So I did the placekeeper pledge during the kickstarter in hope of being able to upgrade at some point. So I am excited I was able to upgrade to the core set and a few extras a few days ago. Really looking forward to this new line up!
  2. Well done, I like how the head colors trail down the arms.
  3. DanH


    Agree, very well done but a bit more work inside the mouth.
  4. DM Scotty does a lot of this type treatment. here is an example of the technique. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1c40tSzxEp4
  5. Very nice. I will echo Glitterwolf's suggestion for a wash, it would "tie it all together" so to speak.
  6. Great sculpt! Looking forward to watching this one come together.
  7. Very well done! I will echo the compliments on skin tones and highlighting. Congrats!
  8. Well done, his face is very good, Congrats!
  9. DanH

    Behir (77492)

    I saw this one on your blog, great job!
  10. Latest acquisitions are a package from Reaper (inks, washes and liners) The latest HPLHS DART production ; The Masks of Nyarlathotep (I pre-ordered this back in August - well worth the wait!) The rest is various music equipment, mostly FX pedals, my other addiction! :D
  11. Very nice razor, congrats! That should give you a lifetime of excellent service. I have a 60's era Gillette Super Speed that I've used for the decade or so. Derby's are nice and I use them often and I have a large box of Astra Platinum's that I've been working through for the last two years.
  12. Last weekend I was painting several Lizardmen. On a whim I decided to try my new Dungeon Dwellers paints (I had not read this thread until now). I used Troll Hide as the main color and highlighted their chests/bellies with Ogre Skin (just a suggested in the OP, imagine that!) WOW! A Perfect combo, and everyone that saw them remarked how great they look and I haven't even finished the final detailing. From now on this is my go-to for lizardmen!
  13. DM Scotty's Tilescapes versions of building fronts and interiors. I am currently designing elements for my version of "Keep On The Borderlands". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVf2d_gYPxA
  14. Check out DM Scotty's YT channel. He has some of the most playable and affordable solutions for dungeon tiles and scatter. He also has vids on making carved foam caves and rocks. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF-i5kmuwyV6N3xi5z1TElg He has a LOT of videos and his 2.5D and Tilescapes systems are very well detailed, these include cavern style builds as well. DM Scotty is responsible for inspiring me to try my hands at crafting and I have made a fair amount of terrain and cave "scatter", it is very easy and affordable to learn. Once you get the basic techniques down then your own imagination is the only limit.
  15. Good job! Very nightmarish creature.
  16. Excellent! The coloration of the skin looks terrific!
  17. Well done! Reminds me to work much more on my "slime" technique in the coming year.
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