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  1. I needed a Tree Blight for a Curse of Strahd campaign I am running. The Nolzur’s treant sculpt seemed kind of sinister, so I rolled with that. Used mostly inks, glazes, and dry brushing on the treant himself.
  2. I painted up several of the “invisible” PCs offered by Reaper in clear plastic, to be used as “Phantom Warriors” in a certain castle of a certain vampire guy trapped in a certain demiplane in a certain shadowy plane. Mostly it involved airbrushing various combinations of turquoise and white inks to maintain transparency but draw out the details.
  3. I thought the guy with the mug looks like he’s going on a slightly drunken rant.
  4. “Is that a troll over there?” “Oi, so, as I were sayin’, it’s like we’re the blokes doin’ all the fighting and whatnot, but they’re makin’ a lot more coin and owning all the land, see? It’s not fair, and I were sayin’ just th’other day to Mikey that we should—“ ROOOOOOOOOOOOAR “Uhoh.”
  5. “Hans, have you ever had a look at our uniforms?” “Nah. Why?” “Well it’s just... it’s just that they’ve got skulls on them.” “Yeah... so?” “Hans... are we the baddies?”
  6. Hey, long time no post. I've been painting up some spooky minis for a Curse of Strahd campaign. Painted these two and finished last night. I started with an airbrush, but ended with a whole lot of brushwork and glazing.
  7. I haven't posted here much, as I lost painting last year to depression. But I have made great strides, both in battling the mind disease and in painting! It's not Reaper, but I wanted to show off these Malifaux Gremlins because I am so proud of them. I look forward to posting more here as I paint. I have a whole shelf of Reaper minis in my backlog! - Magic Brew
  8. Hey, thanks for the kind words and the welcome. I really love all the stuff I see in this forum! I look forward to painting some more Reaper figs. Working on some of the new Bones ogres this week.
  9. Painted up a Mocking Beast last night. I really like this sculpt, a little more than the Nolzur's Mimics that are based on the D&D 5e Monster Manual art. He deserves a bit of the horror treatment, maybe a little more than I was able to provide. But rather than use the traditional intense colors, I added flesh tones into the purple tongue and the magenta gums for a little more "realistic" look. I copped the wood technique straight from Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic. More or less it involves painting up from dark brown into a very orange brown, painting what are essentially wavy highlights all over the wood grain, and then glazing over a sepia ink at the end. You can see that better in this one: I'm still learning a lot. Started in November. But I'm quite proud of this figure.
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