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    Maggotcrown Men at Arms

    “Hans, have you ever had a look at our uniforms?” “Nah. Why?” “Well it’s just... it’s just that they’ve got skulls on them.” “Yeah... so?” “Hans... are we the baddies?”
  2. MagicBrew

    Dreadmere Mercenaries

    “Is that a troll over there?” “Oi, so, as I were sayin’, it’s like we’re the blokes doin’ all the fighting and whatnot, but they’re makin’ a lot more coin and owning all the land, see? It’s not fair, and I were sayin’ just th’other day to Mikey that we should—“ ROOOOOOOOOOOOAR “Uhoh.”
  3. MagicBrew

    Dreadmere Mercenaries

    I thought the guy with the mug looks like he’s going on a slightly drunken rant.
  4. Hey, long time no post. I've been painting up some spooky minis for a Curse of Strahd campaign. Painted these two and finished last night. I started with an airbrush, but ended with a whole lot of brushwork and glazing.
  5. I haven't posted here much, as I lost painting last year to depression. But I have made great strides, both in battling the mind disease and in painting! It's not Reaper, but I wanted to show off these Malifaux Gremlins because I am so proud of them. I look forward to posting more here as I paint. I have a whole shelf of Reaper minis in my backlog! - Magic Brew
  6. MagicBrew

    Mocking Beast

    Painted up a Mocking Beast last night. I really like this sculpt, a little more than the Nolzur's Mimics that are based on the D&D 5e Monster Manual art. He deserves a bit of the horror treatment, maybe a little more than I was able to provide. But rather than use the traditional intense colors, I added flesh tones into the purple tongue and the magenta gums for a little more "realistic" look. I copped the wood technique straight from Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic. More or less it involves painting up from dark brown into a very orange brown, painting what are essentially wavy highlights all over the wood grain, and then glazing over a sepia ink at the end. You can see that better in this one: I'm still learning a lot. Started in November. But I'm quite proud of this figure.
  7. MagicBrew

    Mocking Beast

    Hey, thanks for the kind words and the welcome. I really love all the stuff I see in this forum! I look forward to painting some more Reaper figs. Working on some of the new Bones ogres this week.