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  1. Redbeargc

    June releases from Bones 4

    My search fu is week today. I can't find the Mumlak figure. Has it dropped?
  2. Redbeargc

    Snail Cartagropher - DSM 7967

    Great paint job. The figure cracks me up
  3. Redbeargc

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Barrel Mimic

    This is what happens when Mimics miss leg day!
  4. Redbeargc

    02805 Rowena

    Well done. She also looks like a torch6for the headhunter Olympics.
  5. Redbeargc

    02923: Princess of Hell

    But those are practical clothes for a Princess of Hell. Nice work!
  6. Redbeargc

    Siri Sculpts an Orca

    A very nice job on your orca! I think I want to make one also. Thank you for the inspiration!
  7. Redbeargc

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

    I recommend Fighting Jack Churchill for a miniature. He was an officer in the British army during WW2. He was armed with a longbow, broadsword, bayonet and small arms. He fairly bristled with weaponry. There were two knives and an unusual looking revolver on his belt. There were grenades on his belt, too. His small pack hid water, a little food, and a very comprehensive first aid kit. Ammunition in pouches was strapped under the pack, the quiver of arrows for the bow was strapped securely to the side. ( This description is from War History Online. The link: https://m.warhistoryonline.com/history/mad-jack-churchill-kill-enemy-longbow.html ) He lived to be 89. His story is so amazing it is hard to believe.