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  1. I'd like to participate. Forum name. Forum picture. Wednesday through Sunday. Sounds like fun!
  2. I plan on dropping by in a little while.
  3. I hope I can get on later tonight, some time after I have dinner. My internet connection has been pretty unreliable in the past couple days so we'll see.
  4. Here's an album with progress pictures if anyone's interested: https://imgur.com/a/Xx2IPs1 The gif at the beginning shows most of it, the rest of the pictures are just the single frames and a few shots of his back.
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Here's an update I've been sitting on for a few days. I figured I'd post when I had done a little bit more, but I haven't worked on him in a couple days.
  6. For a while now I've had the goal in mind that I wanted to sculpt most of a figure in one day. I've been feeling like my figures have been taking so long to finish while just working on them here and there. So I wanted to test my speed, endurance, and ability to sculpt on top of uncured materials. I started with three parts that I had made on different days: the head, the sword, and the armature. Here's the orc I had by the end of the day yesterday.
  7. I will be on for a while tonight. I am testing my speed and endurance attempting to sculpt an entire figure in one day.
  8. I've been thinking for a while that I want to try making some buildings, so the other day I drew a bunch of rectangles until I had something vaguely house shaped. I did my best to make a template from the drawing and cut up a cereal box to test it. After tweaking the template a bunch I plan to make one more scale appropriate for 28mm figures, but for now here's a miniature-miniature house.
  9. Here's a quick update since I haven't posted one in a little while. Tonight I sculpted the arms on the archer, I had previously added some buckles and a belt on him. I've also given the witch an armature and the first layer of putty to shape her legs.
  10. I finally got started on his armor.
  11. The halfling is done! Well, mostly. I still need to make a base tab for her, and I might end up doing a couple touch ups.
  12. Thank you both very much! I'd love to have them cast some day and see what they could look like painted. I agree that I made her hand too large. I need to practice hands in general, because even though I think her hand came out okay detail-wise on the front, the other side is a mess. I also made the mistake of sculpting her hand in that position rather than away from her body, so I couldn't reach most of it. Honestly I have a long list of little mistakes that I'm going to try to avoid with future figures. For now the mistakes I've made on her will remain as a snapshot of my current skill and experience level. As for the knight, I think you're right about the camera angle, but again, I just generally need to practice hands because there are a few wonky things going on with it. I meant for the plate you can see on his gauntlet to be covering the tops of his fingers. He has a larger guard that isn't visible in the picture covering the back of his hand onto his wrist. The way I sculpted the individual finger plates makes it look like either his fingers have too many joints or that his hand is too far forward and bent awkwardly. Anyway, I plan on finishing the halfling some time today or tomorrow, so I'll be posting more pictures soon.
  13. Another update! The halfling is almost done and the human archer has pants, boots and a quiver now.
  14. Minor update on the halfling tribeswoman. Thank you very much! More is on the way
  15. I've been practicing sculpting for about a year now. Before this I practiced making a lot of bits and pieces (mostly heads) and modified other minis. Here's my first real mini I've completed from scratch and a bunch of other works-in-progress. Feedback appreciated!
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