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  1. android

    first Reaper Dragon attempt

    cheers....back to some victrix Napoleonic miniatures again- talk about from one extreme to the other!
  2. applied a couple of colours not sure where to go from here - think i have made a good start? cheers Andy
  3. android

    Bugbear - nearly done...77015

    thanks - I had an army painter ink I tried in the end see what you mean about the Red though!
  4. android

    Bugbear - nearly done...77015

    many Thanks!!!! I have a Citadel Red Paint ( Part of there Base paint set) Might give that a try on the beard/ funny painting minis, you try to learn from examples you admire - and do a bit of improvising along the way....
  5. my second attempt at painting a Reaper miniature? Any thoughts - not sure how light to go on the skin - or how to finish his facial features cheers Andy
  6. Hi As a newbie, can anyone give me a quick rundown on the different Reaper Bones Ranges - i.e. Townsfolk, Chronoscope, Pathfinder? Are they each tied to a specific theme? Do people stick to one category - or pick whatever you feel like doing? Cheers Andy
  7. android

    my first Reaper mini painted

    thanks, everyone !! I'm trying to find a good source for reaper minis in the UK Currently its whatever takes my fancy on eBay lol Oh, plus I'm trying to paint a Victrix set of figures - for Napoleon's Middle guard ( And making a right mess of it) Vallejo paints are costing me a fortune.....
  8. android

    my first Reaper mini painted

    Hi Many thanks... it's my first reaper mini, I sort of stumbled across them on eBay I have painted some 28mm Napoleonic figures, but I am a newbie to the hobby. Have another reaper (ogre) figure on order.