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  1. Yeah, Stormlight is a great series on it's own, but it's also a huge payoff series for people who've read Brandon's other work. I can specifically point to allusions or characters from some of the Mistborn books (mainly later ones), as well as Elantris, warbreaker, Sixth of the Dusk, White Sands, and Shadows for Silence in the Forest of the Damned.
  2. Finally finished reading Rhythm of War. Enjoyed it completely, couple of really nice reveals near the end.
  3. They said on a previous ReaperLive that it was going to be some time in 2022. If past experience is an indicator, and the fact that they're doing a BaseBoss in October this year, I'd expect it to launch no earlier than September 2022, that way they can focus on ReaperCon and have that wrapped before they have to deal with managing the kickstarter (and also hype some preproduction resin prints at the con)
  4. Yeah, I don't understand that bow. There's no reason that creatures that can display the kind of metal craftsmanship those swords would take would be using a bows lashed together out of tree branches.....
  5. A lot of this is on the content creator. They can make those photo gallery posts public posts and put the download link in a patrons only post.
  6. I'll second that. DragonLock Dragonshire Building Set 2 has fieldstone walls (appropriate for the Boston area, Dragonshire Shingle Tall or Short roofs (your choice) for shake roofs, and there's a Dragonshire Building Ruins 2 for damaged walls in the same style. The Building 1 set has timber frame walls instead if that's a style you want but that feels less appropriate to the setting.
  7. Yeah, it's very odd to me that none of those creators are talking about it. I wonder about the cost, because the old model, Patreon would keep a cut, and then was there a charge to then deliver the files on MMF too? Maybe going from two companies taking their pound of flesh down to one is preferable? It's entirely possible this is a trial run for the companies dipping their toes in, but they're not talking much about it because they're not sure if they want to promote it yet? Contrast Raging Heroes who has been making a strong effort to get everyone to switch. Anyway, as
  8. first place my brain went was... ahem.. those metal bits on the points might be ... mechanical...
  9. Ok, the dragon was 'Hey look, another cool dragon' . The drake however,,,, it weirdly has me very interested, lol. And I generally like PrintMyMini's work....
  10. One thing that sticks out to me, The hair doesn't look right around the ears, almost as if it's flowing through them instead of around them...
  11. Ok... Twisted Translations is some quality broccoli and I've spent way too much time this morning watching them.
  12. How do you think it makes those of us who are older than Mario feel? ;) I think this is pretty much the same reason I follow his videos too.
  13. So cute, I have a special place in my heart for ginger tabbies. He looks quite happy with his situation
  14. I'm pretty sure Joseph planned for the destruction of the lighthouse specifically to needle the discord crowd, lol.
  15. 50 eur is about normal for resin busts. (I'm thinking FER or NutzPlanet as particular examples.) Biggest reason why I balked at getting into busts for a long while. I am curious the final scale, I can't find if these are 1:10 or 1:12 or even a smaller scale.... Otherwise the sculpts are nice and I am tempted.
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