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  1. so, with the way they've poly painted only the cat bits and not the clothes bits on so many of them, a few just kinda look like they took a WoW character and stuck a cat head on it.....
  2. Possibly. I'll admit to having been very Judge McJudgeface about some models in the past with a lot of extreme undercuts and other things that would make them difficult to clean and cure in resin, so I may be overcorrecting a bit, which would help for FDM printing too I suppose. The toenails and some of the teeth are thin sticky out bits that probably would get lost in FDM unless you printed larger. I intend him to be able to sit on a 25mm base with minimal overhang.
  3. So, I’ve tried to sculpt in greenstuff in the past, but owing to a certain rabid squirrel level of hobby focus I never got far with it, the time limits and difficulty editing left me avoiding finishing a lot. i recently got an iPad and while browsing the forums stumbled across Talespinner’s review of nomadSculpt, and I figured it couldn’t hurt too bad for only $15, so I thought I’d give it a try. I did a few YouTube tutorials to grab the basics, then decided to dive right in. My first project is going to be a giant spore squig mount for a "counts as" fungoid cave shaman. I'm basically copying the look of the current pet spore squig, so nothing crazy yet, but still, it's more progress in a week than I've made on the conversion in a year. I'm having tons of fun with this, learning plenty of basics. Anyway, here is where I am now
  4. Man I love the old school squig hopper vibe here. "Whichever goblins were crazy enough, drunk enough, or otherwise mentally impared enough to think it was a good idea to climb on the back of a monster not only with a mouth big enough to swallow them in a single bite, but the temperment to do so with no provocation."
  5. Looks like all he's doing is dragonbite comparable terrain, which is generally very pla friendly. Wand based on personal experience, the clip system and integral supports wouldn't be super resin friendly.
  6. Wish I could say yes, it's a '16 kia soul.
  7. Speaking of catalytic converters, check engine light had been going on and off for a few weeks. My car has over 100k miles on it, and the code was P0430 which indicates either an exhaust sensor or the catalytic converter. Well I had that dumb broccoli crook a while back that tried to steal the catalytic converter but actually stole part of my muffler, so I assumed that he may have damaged the downstream sensor (which would be in the exhaust pipe just ahead of the muffler) and the repairs missed it. I was in the shop picking up my wife's car after some warranty work, and while waiting on them to pull it around, asked the service advisor if he thought that a possibility or if there was something else I needed to be careful of. He pulled up my car and found that there actually is a recall on my catalytic converter, and even though the car has 100k miles on it, the manufacturer will foot the bill for both the cat and the acting up sensor. Works for me, so long as they can get the part in a reasonable length of time. I'm going out of town on the 24th and really need it back by then....
  8. The Mercury X bundle is the same one I have . I love not having an all in one because then I don't have to muscle that 7-8 liter tank of alcohol on and off the machine for every print. (7 liters of isopropyl weighs about 12 lbs) True it takes a little more space, though the footprint on each machine is actually smaller than that of an all in one since the LED bars don't have to be out of the way of the tank. However, if you buy it I'd try to be sure to go through Amazon rather than one of the other stores, the wash has a lot of problems with the magnetic impeller. A lot of people (myself included) have had the plastic wheel break on the hub where it wouldn't tighten down properly, and so the machine would just spin without stiring the alcohol. I mean, it's a simple mechanisim, you wouldn't think there'd be problems, but whatever the plastic is they used to mold the wheel just doesn't seem to have the tensile strength. Elegoo gave me no problems sending a replacement but it shipped from china so it took weeks to arrive. Also I think the magnets are too strong and if the drive impeller starts dragging against the top of the housing, sometimes the stepper motor they have driving it doesn't have enough torque and enters a jammed state, requiring you to stop and restart the cycle.
  9. Wow, I'm impressed he actually listened to you. I had one recently pounding 20 year old security standards into the phone, including very obsolete things like 90 day password expiration and such, and I counter with newer (last 2 years) reccomendatios from the same sources he was was using, and I was told I didn't know what I was talking about.
  10. I know of a few people who grabbed one prior to the release of the 8k, general concensus I've seen is that it's decent. You're getting the same basic resolution as a 2k small screen printer like the Mars or original Sonic Mini, but that's negligable for most things, especially if you're printing very large things on it. Phrozen seems to have better quality control than elgoo and anycubic.
  11. Yah, Texas is one of the states that actually requires that annual safety inspection, but appearantly those ultra bright blue/white led headlights don't cause any issues with this because they're everywhere. I routinely these days see cars wtih custom lighting that I really thought were not considered street legal. Red lights facing foward, white lights facing backward, strobing blue lights, and more, but it seems like more and more of those regulations aren't being enforced. I'll say it depends on the country. One of my coworkers last year visited one of our offshore offices last year in the middle east, he was cautioned by our legal team that he must go through an annoyingly long approval process for his anxiety medication or he would have a problem with the customs inspection there because they didn't honor foriegn medical providers prescriptions of controlled substances. Admittedly, neither of those are typical cruise destinations, and in my experience, at least, the entry inspections getting off the cruise ships are very, very minimial. The cruise line itself inspects you harder on your way back on to the ship to make sure that any booze you bought gets checked in to pick back up once you get home than the ports did.
  12. Back home safe. Turns out our attempt to go into the office today was ill advised. 2 freeways to get to the office. As we approach our exit off the first one we see an accident ahead that's limiting it down to 1 lane. We take our exit. get about halfway up the ramp before getting to traffic fully stopped because of another accident on the 2nd freeway shortly beyond where we merge in. It takes an hour to get past that accident. While waiting stopped on the ramp, we see that there's a 3rd accident on freeway 2 in the lanes going the opposite direction where a semi has plowed through the barricade and is stopped on the opposite side shoulder. Mrs. Wulf is able to get her boss to agree to call it a work from home day so she doesn't need to come in. We finally get past the accident and head for the first exit, seeing as we near it that there is a new 4th accident that's stopping traffic again on the freeway ahead. We take the exit and use side streets to get back home, getting home in a little over 20 minutes from where it took us an hour and a half to get to... Needless to say, North Texas drivers haven't got a clue how to drive on roads that are just beginning to get some ice on them.....
  13. You read that right. Bombshell minis is planning to release a Counterblast RPG setting through kickstarter soon. Details are scarce at the moment but we know they'll be using the Savage Worlds system. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bombshellminis/counterblast-for-savage-worlds-rpg
  14. yeah, that video of it in action looks suspiciously stop motion. they can do all kinds of magic with that that doesn't even require fancy image rendering or photo editing.... It's basically a gallium alloy that is magnetic. They move it with strong magnetic pulls, melt it with inducted current, then it cools back down to reshape - the example with grabbing the body from the stomach makes sense except for the 86 degree melting point. The lego man reforming after it cools seems impossible without a mold, I don't feel like we can get that sharp of a detail with magnetic fields....
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