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  1. i'll take pictures and post them as they progress, but right now on the docket is to install an overflow shelf for organizing the things in the garage that didnt' fit in the new cabinets, sanding the aquarium stand i'm building and getting it ready for paint, and installing drip irrigation on my vegetable garden and herb garden. Oh, and trying again to make fig loaded sourdough bread. Also, if I can get into frys, I'll suffer the mask long enough to get some keystone jacks and a replacement punchdown tool for the one I lost so I can hardwire my work laptop to the modem. (when they built my house, they used Cat6 for all the phone wires. All I have to do is clip off the rj11 ends and install the rj45, hopefully correctly...
  2. Sweet potato soup sounds delicious and now I'm going to have to try that. We've made russet potato soup before, with hatch green chillies and love it. What all did you put in yours?
  3. I can never remember which ones we've tried, Mrs Wulf gets a code every now and then to try one out and we'll get it for a few weeks to a month or so. Most have been very nice and convenient, and really not THAT much more than buying the groceries... (ok, maybe a little, but....) There was one though that I won't name here to shame, we tried them, and got spoiled meat in the box (vacuum bag was all puffy and it smelled horrible coming out of the box.). We complained, got the next couple of boxes at a huge discount. The next box was missing ingredients from 2 of the meals, and the third box had spoiled meat again. Won't be using them again. You know... we bought the upright freezer in the garage thinking it'd be great for storing some extra things, and helpful to have a couple of open shelves to chill sugar cookies on prior to baking them... it has become the place-where-stuff-we-bought-2-years-ago-still-hasn't-died .
  4. *waves back from at least 6 feet away* hai Boot, how goes?
  5. They're one of those things until I started using one I didn't realize how much I needed to use one..... That said, I prefer one to the pill bottle or paint pot, just as I prefer using a real palette to a tupperware. Sure the cheap version is good enough, but using the purpose made tool is a luxury that doesn't make you a better painter, but it can improve your enjoyment of the process.. I'm way off topic here though. Personally, I like the .grip system as a 3d printed option as well, since it has the option both for clamps and screw-caps. Clamps are great when you're going to be processing through a bunch of the same thing on rigid bases (like a platoon of imperial guard), but they don't work on bones material. The screw cap takes longer to swap, but if you've multiple handles that solves that issue, and if you glue your bases to the cap (and pop off later with a screwdriver) then it holds better than the clamp, so it's better for lower quantity items you'll be working more intensively on.
  6. If you like bugs, Mini Monster Mayhem did too: I see a big order of IMEF troopers in my future.
  7. Actually, yeah, this is it. Wot-see has their opinion of what features go with what color, but in the grander scope of fantasy there's really no rules at all to what makes a dragon a type of dragon.
  8. Really wish that was an option. Sadly, anything I end up refilling more than once the insurance company sends me a nice polite letter telling me that I should get my maintenance meds through mail order to keep the price I've been getting and moving forward drug X that I've been taking regularly will cost about twice as much from retail. I've complained to HR about it but they aren't inclined to change the drug plan that we're on.
  9. Rathcore calls it a support bar, Game Envy calls it a stability bar, it allows you to alter your grip without touching the model so you can hold it in different ways. They have a ton of examples on their website. I use one against the web between my thumb and index finger so I can have a more open grip, I find it more stable. Like this: They both have more pictures on their webstores if you want to googles them.
  10. There are an exceptional number of nipple rings going on in that line
  11. oof... Medication refills are delayed again. As it stands now I've only got about 3 days left. Tracking says they've left and returned to the same post office 3 times...
  12. Those came from Galladoria Games and were part of a set, but I ended up with two of the mimics so I thought someone might like them.
  13. Artistic Momentum Leaping Creative Roadblocks Just keep painting, just keep painting. How I learned to stop worrying and love the brush
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