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  1. Cygnwulf

    Recommendations for "True Colors"

    Oh I would too. I started out trying to get to mixing miniature paints the way I used to mix oils and watercolor and the results were so discouraging it took me years to try to do anything other than add white for a highlight....
  2. Cygnwulf

    Viridus - Autumn Monarch

    Been a while since the last update, but I am nearly finished. I had to build a base for him. I built it, stoned and sanded it, painted it, then started to put my flock and stuff on it and realized that what I thought was autumn flock when I bought it (woodland scenic autumn donate)was really more like a fiber mat with some flock stuck to it. So I says to myself, "Self, you know you watched that terrain tutor video". And of course I reply "I did indeed watch that video. Also, I jus happen to have a shop vac full of sawdust that I done been too lazy to empty". So I thinned down some craft paint and used to to color some flock Then I proceeded to glue it to the base, add some other bits and bobs and ended up with this: Lots of glue still needing to dry, but I think he's going to look great on it. That's going to wrap this up for WIP, little more work and I'll be posting him in Show Off
  3. Cygnwulf

    ReaperCon 2019 Class Tickets Go Live June 8th!

    @ReaperAHawk Thank you for the insight. I know you guys put a lot of thought in to it. I'm going to put some thoughts below and I really hope you take this as me trying to be helpful and not just as complaining. While the video was great, honestly I feel like any ticket purchasing system that needs a how to video that people are still struggling to follow does need to be reconsidered moving forward. I don't think this is the solution. I don't think limiting them in this way is going to be a great idea, because this would allow people to 'camp' on tickets. If I'm the fastest finger as soon as scheduling comes open, I can grab that ticket and then potentially never buy it. some additional notes: Not being able to link to the schedule page, log in to my GrowTIX account, and schedule classes. I have to log in to my account, go to my purchases, scroll down and find the purchase that was the Reapercon ticket (not the Pizza dungeon ticket, and not any other classes that I may have purchased but specifically the one that was the Reapercon ticket), then click on that, THEN I can click on the link to see the class schedule and actually put them in my schedule. This is a lot of steps just to get to a list of classes that I can do anything with. Adding classes to the schedule is actually pretty easy. I have mixed feelings on not being able to put more than one thing in a time slot in my schedule though. While I totally understand not wanting someone to actually buy tickets to two different classes at the same time, it would have been nice to have been able to put my second choice on the schedule too, that way if when I get to the check out phase my first choice is sold out I don't have to go through the hurdles of going all the way back and unscheduling the first class just to add a second. If when I add the second I get a message that says "Hey, you are already scheduled for something in this slot, are you sure you know what you're doing?" that would be great. Likewise, it would be very nice if I could still add full classes to my schedule. Maybe with a warning that there are no available tickets, are you sure you want to do this . For example, I may want to try to take Julie's sculpting armor class and be planning on trying to buy one of the additional two tickets you're going to put on sale at midnight, so I may want to 'save' that timeslot on my schedule so I don't schedule something else during that time in case I do manage to get in. this is also a concern. When I go to the purchase add-ons screen I still see the ability to purchase tickets for classes that I've already purchased that aren't full yet. I don't want to delete these from my schedule because I did purchase a ticket but it's easy to get confused between what I have and have not purchased on this screen
  4. Cygnwulf

    Summoning A Dragon bust

    Please say yes, i'd love to see her in person finished.
  5. Dragons, or dragon like critters. Anything with heavy armor Getting really fond of other monsters that allow for paint to dictate some of the detail. for example 'furred' creatures that have mostly smooth surfaces so I can more easily do patterns/spots/etc.
  6. they actually made a deathclaw for the fallout miniatures game if you want to go that route. Hard to find by itself though. That said, Lavarath would look cool but maybe more than a little big, deathclaws should be only really large sized. I would maybe take a look at 77307 Wolf Demon (has extra arms, but then again deathclaws are mutants....) or 03747 Bat Demon, 03771 Shadow demon, either without the wings.
  7. would love to get in but can't really justify it right now. I'll have to wait until individual releases since I only want a handful from each set right now.
  8. Cygnwulf

    Recommendations for "True Colors"

    Makes sense. I didn't mean for my comments to come off as derogatory in any way, I was just observing that when they went live with this product they knew they could sell it but they had no idea it would catch on like it did. And based on the lack of a similar product among the more large scale producers, the industry thinking was that this would be a very niche demand and not worth pursuing. (looking at you Acrylicos Vallejos. I know you produce artists paints ) To be fair, Reaper released the clears which are single pigment mixing paints, but hasn't seen enough interest out of them to expand the line either. All said, as for Kimera, I do agree, I would rather them keep the quality up than try to crank it out to meet the demand.
  9. Speaking on the art thing... I've been on the outside looking in on way too many 'choosy beggar' incidents with commissioned artwork to have any desire to try to depend on that to make a living. Anyone wants to hire me to do a commission for them then we can talk but I'm not going to want to rely on that. I've also seen way too many guys who are dependent on it, and are not charging enough to make ends meet despite painting for 10 hours a day, who won't raise their prices for fear that they won't get any work.
  10. Cygnwulf

    Recommendations for "True Colors"

    Yeah, I've heard that from a lot of people. They badly underestimated their popularity.....
  11. Cygnwulf

    Recommendations for "True Colors"

    @Wren I'd be very curious to k now if you have a 'preferred' travel palette? or are specific colors something you choose on the fly? like, I'm thinking of trying to not carry a ton of bottles with me, but maybe a black, white, the clears, a good yellow ochre (Haven't found one in Reaper but I've overlooked tons of things in their paints before.) but I like Army Painter's desert yellow), maybe a utility brown, etc.
  12. Cygnwulf

    When will they start accepting entries into the MSP?

    While I know @kit has his hands full with the new reaper website it would be nice to see a few of the pages return to the reapercon website too, like the rough schedule, the past years MSP entries, etc. Just, you know, thrhowing something else on the ole backlog.
  13. They're on my 'todo' list but at this time no.
  14. Cygnwulf

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Wish you were on my list but I managed to miss the announcement that tickets were going on sale and your saturday class is full.....
  15. Cygnwulf

    ReaperCon 2019 Class Tickets Go Live June 8th!

    Same. I had a class picked out as "I'm interested" in almost every timeslot... ONE of them wasn't full when I checked this morning to see if we had an update on when they were going to be on sale.