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  1. At the very least they're great practice busts. approximately a 52mm scale or so, but busts. Just normal ladies, nothing fantasy or sci-fi, and lots of room for improvisation. STL versions mean you can print them bigger if you really want something in a more 1:10 scale or so.
  2. I know in the discord for one specific patreon I follow I saw someone ask for suggestions on a printing service they could take their files from that patreon to and have them printed, and were told very firmly that they needed to re-read the terms of the license. That being said... there are lots of smaller 3d printing companies out there that do just this already. You bring the file and have the rights to print it and we'll print it for a fee, but I know they have to be careful about stuff that might be i.p. infringement. if Darth Mouse decides to go both barrels after people who profited off an ip infringement, the printing service might get caught up in that.
  3. I think that sums up my feeling on the matter too. I think I would have been happier with a different antagonist entirely....
  4. The red head and neck makes me thing Red Breasted Sapsucker, but the banded wings are odd. Could be just the angle though, and that'd be my gess right now.
  5. I remember seeing them back in the 90s, so I assume at some point before that. They were on the back of the slip of paper, but that's probably just differences between who makes them. In other news, My dad, who's been a volunteer fire fighter for years and their department usually has storm spotting teams out every time there's inclement weather in West Texas, goes and sends me a text message with pictures of THIS in it while we're in the middle of thunderstorms here..... 😡 This beautiful monster of a storm apparently dropped down close to them over the weekend and proceeded to rampage across empty ranchland for a bit. We joked and said that this was one of those massive supertornadoes that's going to end up with a very small rating because there was almost nothing out there for it to destroy....
  6. That's one thing I do miss working from home now. We used to up until, oh, say about march of 2020. As of yet most of our staff has yet to return to full time in the office as there hasn't been any need for it, but I feel like the company culture has suffered for it....
  7. This closes on the 26th. They've a few freebies in from other companies now.
  8. Just going to say, those are either bits of resin or dirt stuck under the FEP, or dead pixels. I had prints coming out like that and it took me a while to figure out a way to be able to see t hem in the screen without blinding myself, turned out there was a nice spray of dead pixels that, because of how my eyes wanted to blur the light coming through the cover, I couldn't really make out, but they were there. Make yourself a print that is nothing but a huge rectangle that takes up the whole build area, use that as a screen test. you may have to crank your bottom layer time up very high. (run this without the vat in). If you can't tell for sure, make a new print file with the same model. Set your bottom layers to the same as a normal layer and run the print without the build plate in, let it print one layer and then cancel it and drain the vat. You'll have a layer stuck to the FEP, don't peel it off, just wipe off/rinse off the resin from it and see if it has holes in it in those same places.
  9. You have a beautiful yard, thank you for sharing the pictures.
  10. Pretty sure patience is the number 1 ingredient in smoking..... Several of the guys I umpire with swear by the Liquid I.V. hyrdation multiplier. It comes in a powder format to mix with your water to your strength preference. It does have some sugar but in a FAR better ratio to the salts versus powerade and gatorade (11g vs 21 - 24 depending on the label you look at) , and packs some whopping amounts amount of sodium, Potassium, Niacin and vitamins B5, B6 and B12 . Not great if you're salt restricted but otherwise it might be worth consideration. I've given it a try a few times and the flavor's pretty tame, not excessively fake or sweet, though I tend to dilute it in a lot more water than normal, one stick in a 48oz cooler because I drink a LOT of water on hot days.
  11. Well, found out my two kitties have somehow picked up giardia. Which is weird because they're indoor only cats but appearantly you can track it in on your shoes. In addition to needing to steralize and sanitize the litter box and it's surrounds, Doc said "you probably want to wash or sanitize their bedding too." To which I'm thinking to myself, "you realize that these are cats, and the places they usually sleep is about half the danged house, right?" seems like I'm going to be using lysol as air freshener for the next few days.....
  12. And I suppose if they weren't selling any later they'd reduce the price but the mind still boggles at the discrepancy a 97% discount is staggering.
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