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  1. I know the feeling. So frustrating to see such pretty dice and not in the shape you want. Foam Brain has in their house brand a lovely set called 'Sun Smoke' that's only available as a 7 die RPG set, I want a set of 10d10 for my Scion games.... Worth mentioning, Chessex DOES have the ability to order single dice from their website, but only for currently produced dice, and their search engine and webstore is rather antiquated and hard to use. I was not able to find Dandelion in loose dice d8, it only comes up for d6. At one point they made it as a poly set as I can find an out of
  2. As usual, he's packed so many surprise details in. Looking forward to adding her to my collection.
  3. So, I may have not mentioned it much, but I volunteer as a little league umpire in my spare time. Right now we're in the middle of our district all stars tournament. I've been invited to the state tournament to umpire the Junior League level (That division is a full size 60/90 diamond and 13-14 year old players), so i'm trying to get on as many big field games to practice as possible. Last night we had a small field umpire have to give up his slot on a 10 year old game, so I stepped in to cover the slot. To hear the scoreboard tell it, it wasn't a pretty game. 22-0, we had to finish the
  4. Boy scouts in the 20's must have been much more industrious than the boy scouts I knew in the 90s, dams I saw built then would never have lasted a decade, much less 10 times that...
  5. Probably PEI, it's usually sold as an adhesive sheet applied to either glass or spring steel. It's Flame retardant, some say it can greatly increase adhesion and elimiates the need for gluesticks or blue tape. Sometimes it can stick too well and should not be used with very high temp filaments like Nylon, Polycarbonate, or PEEK (Though most of us don't have printers capable of printing those.) I think the general advice when using it as a bed surface is to stick to PLA, PETG, TPU and ABS, and be careful of filled PLAs, since it's not very abrasion resistant. I've heard good things but I'm
  6. I'm confused on what the difference between Rabbit Food and Hamster food is....
  7. There is also the possibility that the cable has come loose, worth a quick teardown before you pop in the new one at least. How bad are the screens for this one? I know my original photon they run about $40.
  8. Yeah, MMF has put the rules of this forum in a pickle, because while it's a crowfunding campaign, it's still on MMF, which is first and foremost a retail store, and the KS forum itself is already distinct ly bending of the normal no commercial rules to begin with....
  9. Having used some of the newer battery powered chainsaws.... I see no shame here. Some of the electrics Stihl and Echo are putting out now have just as much bite as a similarity sized gas guzzler, with much lower maintenance costs and zero emissions in use. So you finish up smelling like sweat and sawdust and skip the petrol exhaust.
  10. For this one, I would try with a raft and Tree supports. Raft will increase the bed contact, and tree supports will be more open and easier to remove. In general for detailed things like this I tend to prefer them, though every print has it's own quirks. You'll probably still have the legs wrapped but they'll be thinner. Alternately, something else to consider if you want to use traditional supports is to turn off support perimeters. they do add structural strength to the supports but that's not always necessary. In other news, I found my extrusion issue. The extruder gear had a
  11. First - I never consider it cheating to use a tool that makes the job easier. If you're happier with the cell phone photo, go with that. Second - actually comparing the two photos, both could use a bit of an edit. And in this case I mean global edits, which photographers never consider cheating either. Global edits are things like exposure, white/black point, contrast, saturation, etc. So long as you're not masking part of the image and only making the changes there you're making global level edits that are actually expected. The Iphone photo is overexposed. Probably because it
  12. Sadly... That's way more frequent than you'd think. I used to work for an answering service, we answered the phones after hours for appartment complexes, doctors offices, and more. Each client had specific instructions on what to do with each type of call - take a message to give to the office in the morning, page a, b, or c on-call personnel, refer to a different number, etc. it was a running joke that the rich kids were put up in right across the street from the university would all die should there ever actually be a fire at those apartments. (I say rich kids because these apartments wer
  13. I upgraded to the metal extruder almost right away on advice of the friends who helped me get set up
  14. That's really funny, about three weeks ago I made the decision to shave off my beard. I've worn a full beard for about 3 years now and a circle beard for about 7 before that. it's still a surprise looking in the mirror. Not yet this year, I'm outside the area for Brood X, we're in thick brood IV territory though, expecting them in 2032. I do remember feeling the way you do back in 2015 last time we saw them, during the june baseball tournaments, some nights they were so loud it was hard to hear the calls.
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