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  1. I'm trying out the epax non-fep film, so far it hasn't gone well. stuff seems to be ripping off the supports worse than it was with the traditional fep. Then again, I was in the habit of using ptfe spray on my regular fep and I omitted it for this because I thought it might interfere with the oxygen permeability of the nfep
  2. in theory printers purchased for printing shields and such should have been FDM, resin isn't really skin safe and shouldn't be used for anything you wear. Then again, I think a lot of people didn't care much about that.
  3. There's also the whole issue with it producing a fine mist of said inflammable liquid, thereby greatly increasing the risk of spontaneous ignition.
  4. a year ago I'd of said you were correct but right now there are probably also a lot of people selling them to free up room for a Saturn or Mono X upgrade.
  5. This looks appetizing, doesn't it? 5 minutes earlier it looked like this That is a beautiful melange of pear, orange, pineapple, lemon, raisins, butter, cloves, allspice and cinnamon that in 10 hours or so will be my mam maws mincemeat. I haven't had any in over 20 years. I hope it lives up to the memory.... Yes, this is what I needed the oranges for earlier. I had everything else, I wanted it bad enough to put my pants on and brave the maskless masses for them
  6. ok... so small vent.... Just received my grocery delivery. They normally text me about substitutions so I can decline them, and they did about one item. Then went and made 4 more without notifying me and giving me a chance to decline them.. They substituted the flavor of the cat food I ordered (minor but I think we can live with it.) but the one that got me to log in and try to contact them was they substituted grapefruit for oranges? (What? how is that the same). Then the jewels.... they substituted shredded parmesan for nothing. I did not order any cheese at all, and nothing was missing from my order that they could have substituted it for. Don't worry, it was on the receipt as a substitution, but it doesn't tell you for what. And had it not been for all the other things being wrong I might not have logged in and checked the receipt to show that they were showing another mystery substitution for nothing I ordered, sugar free coffeemate... Which I ALSO did not receive. Had to sit on hold for almost half an hour to talk to someone to get it fixed.....
  7. That's out near lake Buchannan, right? Nice country, beautiful in April. if you value your sweat don't visit from May to August though, lol, that part of the state can make Denton feel like tundra....
  8. Draco Studios, the folks that gave us Dragons of the Red moon, Legendary Dragons, and Dragonbond:Batttles of Valerna have launched another kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dracostudios/great-wyrms-of-drakha?ref=profile_saved_projects_live This time it's different. It's Plastic versions of 7 of their dragons from previous campaigns, accompanied by a PDF or Hardcover book with 7 high level adventures (of 4 sessions) to fight each of them using D&D 5e along with some epic combat rules. new items, etc. There's also a free sample adventure
  9. In other news though, once you're settled and the reaper gamestore is open again I'll look forward to meeting you at paint club some time.
  10. Most likely FDM if he's having trouble with lines, or a low quality resin. Either way, they can be a challenge. The upside is, if it's FDM then it's probably printed in PLA and acrylic paint sticks really well to pla. For things without a lot of detail, high build primers and wet sanding will help to remove them, however that won't work for miniatures very easily. Your best bet here will be a brush on gloss varnish, applied carefully so as to fill the layer lines but not to fill detail. You probably won't be able to completely hide them without destroying any detail that's left but a coat or two will help diminish them. Once that's done, I'd recommend not using any painting technique that involves very thin paint. Things like washes, glazes, and the like will be very difficult to control with the layer lines. Layering (keep tight control on how much paint is in your brush) and careful drybrushing will be your best friends for this.
  11. I'ma blame Maharunn for this one.... White Werewolf Tavern's October releases...
  12. Bought some chestnuts last year at a local market. They were all moldy and rotten inside so I didn't get to try them. Probably doesn't help that it's not a very common tree in North Texas, we do so dearly love our pecans....
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