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  1. First - I never consider it cheating to use a tool that makes the job easier. If you're happier with the cell phone photo, go with that. Second - actually comparing the two photos, both could use a bit of an edit. And in this case I mean global edits, which photographers never consider cheating either. Global edits are things like exposure, white/black point, contrast, saturation, etc. So long as you're not masking part of the image and only making the changes there you're making global level edits that are actually expected. The Iphone photo is overexposed. Probably because it
  2. Sadly... That's way more frequent than you'd think. I used to work for an answering service, we answered the phones after hours for appartment complexes, doctors offices, and more. Each client had specific instructions on what to do with each type of call - take a message to give to the office in the morning, page a, b, or c on-call personnel, refer to a different number, etc. it was a running joke that the rich kids were put up in right across the street from the university would all die should there ever actually be a fire at those apartments. (I say rich kids because these apartments wer
  3. I upgraded to the metal extruder almost right away on advice of the friends who helped me get set up
  4. That's really funny, about three weeks ago I made the decision to shave off my beard. I've worn a full beard for about 3 years now and a circle beard for about 7 before that. it's still a surprise looking in the mirror. Not yet this year, I'm outside the area for Brood X, we're in thick brood IV territory though, expecting them in 2032. I do remember feeling the way you do back in 2015 last time we saw them, during the june baseball tournaments, some nights they were so loud it was hard to hear the calls.
  5. grumble grumble. Getting horrible under extrusion issues on my ender 3 here. It's particularly a problem when on layers with a lot of small areas. Trying to print terrain tiles and sometimes some of the supports just don't print at all or they print flimsly and rickety. Layers are spotty with holes in them. This is filiament and sliced files that were working fine a few weeks ago but in the last week have stopped so I I'm pretty sure it's not a slicer issue but actually something mechanical... I've changed the nozzle and tightened the PTFE tube against it multiple times, I
  6. I stand corrected, thanks for letting me know about those.
  7. @MediocrePainter Something you could do to make sure you don't miss the next one is to follow the creator on Kickstarter. If you are logged in to kickstarter, go here https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/reaperbones5 and click on the follow button. You'll then get an email notification whenever Reaper either backs another Kickstarter (Rare but does occassionally happen and it's usually great stuff) and more importantly you'll be notified when they launch another KS. (you could also watch this forum here, it will be very active discussing the next one when it's announced.
  8. My only counter argument for this is, aside from GW, most of the people making sculpted bases are producing them in resin. Which makes them a reasonable option for occasional figures, but if you're doing a whole wargames army or want all of your monsters in the tomb of horrors to have matching bases it begins to get expensive. I'm not aware of any good bulk buy in plastic options for sculpted bases. They wouldn't need to be super fancy or niche, just some basic "I want to have a decorated base without having to break out the gravel/sand/greenstuff/flock/plastic bits/etc."
  9. weirdly, you're actually beating our North Texas temperatures this week. But we're unseasonably wet and cool, normally we'd be over 90 (32) and pushing toward 95(35) by this point in the year with a humidity of 50-70%, so far I don't think I've seen it break 85 yet, and it's rained 22 days out of the last 30....
  10. That's only because you live in an artic wasteland....
  11. you might have to thin it slightly, depending on your needle size. Not sure what that'd do to the finish, sometimes varnish is finicky. However, I use liquatex matte acrylic varnish diluted with distilled water and shot through an airbrush quite effectively. Fortunately bones don't need the varnish for protection as much as metal minis do, so a thin coat to even the sheen is usually plenty, so I haven't needed to resort to stuff like Krylon (which I hear has very mixed results on bones anyway) Vallejo Mecha Matte is another option that's actually designed for airbrush and is SUUU
  12. speaking of supports, I'm stuck... I got Bella Nacht's "the Fallen" from her patreon, but orienting it for support is driving me insane. It's in two parts and I think I need to figure out how to make it more. First the Viking himself Whatever side is facing the build plate tends to have less crisp details for me. Because of this, I usually orient figures leaning slightly backward, but that won't work here since his back is actually out and you see it more than his front, but I really want to do this face justice. I think I might be able to get away with leaving him o
  13. I believe you just got the goblin seal of approval. Don't ask what the ink is made from, it's supposed to smell like that.,
  14. I mean... the pinup is still nude, she just happens to be holding her flute in a strategic location....
  15. One Gold Piece is continuing their theme into June. As one commenter put it, a very nice 'Undead Lord Invader' and humanoid construct with a blank face and mismatched legs.....
  16. Never understood that. Games versus TK, both with my goblin circus army, with a borrowed wood elf army and with proxied bretonians, they were always the most fun. And by most fun I mean actually challenging and not a total route either way.
  17. Huh... And now the news about the Anycubic Photon Ultra, another entry in their lineup that uses, of all things, DLP??? they're claiming it's much more efficient using the UV light, boasting something liket LCD screens till only transmit up to 5% of the light while DLP will use more like 95%. Seems a bit extreme and I have no idea what kind of resolution they'll be able to get with DLP, but it seems more info coming soon...
  18. We'll miss you this year but looking forward to RC22 when more friends will be able to come.
  19. This is probably it. Not to mention the size your wash tank is going to have to be. I mean, at that size you'll be able to print some truly massive, awesome prints, but we're into territory where the properties of the resin are going to start mattering for the structural integrity of the prints too. Diagonal on the MK3s and it's clones is only about 13" so we're exceeding the size of the FDM printers a lot of people use. There's going to be a market for it. Printing large center pieces or life size prop replicas without having to deal with the surface quality of FDM will most certai
  20. update: Just double checked, they're reporting a pixel size of 43um in the video, which is better than original photon at 47um and even better than the Sonic Mighty at 52um, but not as good as the mini 4k or mars 2 pro, both at 35um
  21. yeah, this is an insane size for the price, but if it's 8k at 15" it will be comparable resolution to the 2k photon and mars. Just allowing MUCH larger prints.
  22. Well... I think I know a certain niece who needs these....
  23. A little big and possibly not completely appropriate, but from The Oatmeal
  24. I'm in the middle of FotoFest right now, had a few shots I wanted to show off Really happy with how the skyline came out, think I might get this one printed. this was an interesting lake shot playing with filters. There are a couple without the filters and several other shots in my flicker album which I will be adding to over the week, found here https://flic.kr/s/aHsmVFCC6w
  25. Whelp... the great decisioning has begun. At least 3 timeslots with multiple classes I want to take. several of them both classes are only offered once....
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