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  1. Figures that this hasn't been announced officially anywhere yet. I assume it was mentioned on Twitch somewhere?
  2. Those sirens might be able to stand but they're going to be danged hard to get off supports intact....
  3. Yeah, there's a lot of people out there in the 3d printing community (myself included) that are rather grumpy with Creality for even making the plastic extruder to begin with, much less including it as the component on the Ender 3 "PRO". It seems like it's the first component a lot of people replace out of necessity instead of just a desire to upgrade. They're very prone to cracking, weak filament grip, threaded inserts pulling out/dislodging, etc.
  4. There's a 5 headed version as well Not to be confused with Megoosa, the insomniac, from Ogareg Miniatures
  5. I don't have a mushroom problem, you have a mushroom problem! Needed some basing materials for my Gloomspite Gitz, I may have gone a little overboard. Turns out you can put a LOT of mushrooms on a Saturn build plate. I ran them in different sizes so I could make some fun objective markers too. all the ones glued to sprues are so I can prime them, since I'll be adding a number of them to models I've already painted, I need to pre-prime before gluing down.
  6. YAY! I'm excited for you. And also for my new book too I guess, lol.
  7. Yeah, Canada's a bit ahead of the US in the move away from less secure processing. The EU has been no mag stripes at all for several years now. The US is getting there, I think in 2019 or so they finally started charging increased fees for swipe transactions over chip/tap, but the difference isn't high enough for merchants to completely get rid of stripe only machines yet. (some are, especially the bigger places, that's why you're FINALLY starting to see chip readers at the gas pumps.) We're probably 2-3 years behind Canada in making the difference prohibitively expensive.
  8. final 48 hours here, So far the unlocked stretch goals have been kinda meh, but hoping for a sudden push at the end.
  9. yeah, I keep seeing ads for this, but the price is a little ouch.....
  10. yeah... Something Something Sobek something..... I'm in. Not sure how I'll use it but....
  11. True. Some states only one party has to know(and that CAN be the recording party) but some require that it be announced so both parties can consent. That and it's generally just polite to go ahead and say 'this call will be recorded'.
  12. anyone recognize this bust? I was attempting to organize some of my print files and found it in a zip archive that doesn't have a name on it, so I'm not sure where I got it. There was also a tarasque in the archive...
  13. You've heard of holy trinities before, right? It's The Sauce, The Source, and The Snack 😉
  14. I just watched through last weeks Reaper Live, and I'll remind you that Ron says a lot of stuff that doesn't happen. I believe he said "Probably next week" which is not a confirmation at all. They did a pretty good job last year getting the word out I think, better than some previous years.
  15. Yeah, 13.99 for the files, but let's hope you've a spare kidney to pay for the filament....
  16. I find myself desiring a higher resolution version of this, there are so very many interesting details that I feel like some are just too hard to see.... More like 3 branches of Texas Religion. Our government is far less organized.....
  17. Finished printing a run of bases for all the OPR minis I've been printing, went to refill the vat, and realized that I have let myself run completely out of resin for the first time since I first got my photon back in november of 2019. This is an odd feeling. So now the decision time comes, buy more of the same, or branch out and try some new ones? I've been using the same two resins for like a year and a half now.....
  18. I think there may be more than a handful of people in here who might appreciate a couple of pictures I took of a mandrill at the zoo recently....
  19. Seconding that the build in air filters are generally rubbish, I disabled the one on my Photon too. The under hood add on filters tend to get positive reviews, until it comes time to replace the cartridge and folks realize that ELEGOO doesn't sell one..... As for youtube resources - Uncle Jesse, 3dPrintingPro, and 3d Printed Tabletop are all great channels. What is a Nevermore Resin?
  20. yeah, with summer being kickstarter season and budget needing to recover from sever big buys, I've pared myself down to only OPR, OGP, and Painting Big for the next month or two.
  21. Now I feel compelled to ask how you're storing your minis? What the humidity and temperature is like?
  22. Ron and Adrienne did a class registration video back in 2019. Still applies since we're still using growtix.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPo5gWU_LrM
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