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  1. yeah, I grabbed a couple of those big pet food station silicone mats that I put down under my printer and wash station. Also have one I use in my garage on my work bench because it stays in place better than paper under something I'm working with that will drip. Not that I mind stains on the workbench but sometimes it forms a lump that can be problematic when working with softer woods.
  2. I've been guilty of that scrupulous compliance thing before too.... and I second the purple text
  3. That video never gets old. Only batter Ryan hit that season too.
  4. Wyrd games, the makers of malifaux among others. They have a notice that the store is down because they're reorganizing, I suspect it may have something to do with them being a small shop but putting on a big presence at GenCon.
  5. have to admit, I'm actually liking the worm made of worms....
  6. I think it depends on what I'm painting for. if it's just something I'm gonna paint and move on, I just let the flaws be. Might be good for getting a different eye on stuff I intend to paint for competition, however.
  7. Interesting. Seems to be lacking some of the flash that some other wet palette solutions out there have, which could be a good thing maybe. How secure is the lid? Is this a studio only kind of palette or does it travel well? I find it interesting that the reward for the copper disk isn't included unless you up to the level that also has brushes, and it's not available as an addon either....
  8. I have, um, edited my plans to participate in so many mfr awards. I've edited so much that I'm down to one or two minis total to enter.
  9. Once you own a 3d printer, every problem's solution will be made of plastic..... Give a man a 3d printer and he'll print lots of toys. Teach that man to CAD and nothing in his house will ever be the same again.
  10. There are sooooo darned many stl kickstarters these days....
  11. So, I know my customer like that isn't your customer like that, but I have one that I have the same sentiment for much the same reasons about.....
  12. Whelp.... I guess I should have known from how I kept using the magnifier more and more when painting, but I officially could benefit from bifocals now, according to the eye doc this week....
  13. I think it originally grew out of some salt that that was going around in the WH community in the years before warmachine came out. You would frequently see complaints in online communities from people who felt that some players were too 'competetitive' and would try to shame them for playing lists that were built to play very aggressively, claiming that those players were only playing that way to ruin the fun of people who actually like playing fluffy, lore based lists. For example, in 40k at the time, you were required to take at least 1 hq and 2 troops choices in your army, then you could fill out up to a total of 6 troops, and 3 each of elite, fast attack, and heavy support. 'Fluffy' armies would often include a large percentage of their points in troops, while some heavy hitting competitive lists instead would take the cheapest, minimum strength troops they could to fill those two slots, then spend the majority of their force allowance on specialists units, and a frequent complaint was that people playing lists like that were (somehow) missing the spirit of the game. Personally I always felt that if it was a friendly game you should just discuss expectations ahead of time, and if it was a tournament/competitive game then why shouldn't you play competitively, but I think Privateer wanted to spell that out, and created page 5 as a gross overreaction to this community meta. I was never sad to see it go.
  14. oof. hopefully that wass one of the page 5 crowd that I don't miss at all. I NEVER understood the neckbeard logic that would hold the 'this game is not for girls' idea sacred and at the same time also complain that there were no gamer girls.....
  15. As much as I love OPR, I think I'm going to drop them for a few months. Just not feeling the demons or space lizards at all. the Saurian couatl that's the titan this month is tempting but if when I jump back on they end up with another 75% sale I'll pick it up then I think. Currently sitting on two full armies each of both fantasy and sci fi from them, plus some extras, and i've only printed a few random models so far, but played a bit with paper models.
  16. Huh, I kinda liked how the starter box werewolves went together, the seams were in easy to hide areas, but the fit was sometimes a little off. I did pick up the plastic Grolar/Kodiak while it was still available though and it went together great. I got the Extreme Decimator kit, which had moved to cast resin and metal instead of all metal, and it was basically what I expected for a kit that was originally designed to be all cast metal. LOTS of pinning to get stuff to stay together...
  17. yeah, when they released MK3 there were a lot of rule problems, particularly with a lot of overlooked units. They responded by putting all the cards and corrected rules up basiclally for free, which kinda burned a lot of retailers who had heavily invested in rulebooks and card decks that nobody was going to buy now because they were out of date. They follewed this up with a ton of SKU bloat that made the line difficult for retailers to carry without significant investment in inventory money and space. They moved from metal to injection molded plastic during 2nd edition, but they were doing their injection molding through a couple of third parties. There have been, issues, with a few of them, even to the point that one of them 'lost' the molds and that rendered a chunk of their current product line impossible to re-stock. Whil 3d printing might not be quite as cost effective, it does allow for rapidly bootstraping production in the case of an emergency and having multiple manufacturing 'hubs' becomes more feasable. Could help with overseas shipping (Warmachine never had much of a presence of europe because of the expense of shipping plastic from china to the us, then boxing up with the additional metal parts, and then shipping to europe wasn't very effective even 10 years ago On top of all of this, through about the first 3 of the last 6 years since the last edition came out (and for several before that) they had really epically bad community engagement and the people trying to smooth things over with the MK3 release were really bad at PR so it alienated a lot of their fanbase. Ironically, getting rid of the infamous page 5 rule in mk3 actually upset a lot of the old skook die hards and ran some of them off as well, though I felt that was worth a strong good riddance as that's generally a class of gamer I don't care to associate with anyway. All that said, there's still a decent core of players out there, the problem is with no retail support they mostly only play at home or at gaming clubs instead of at game stores, so it makes it hard to get new players in. The last few years HAVE seen them do good thing. However, in the past few years, Privateer has done pretty good things with Monsterpocalypse and Riot Quest, and Warcaster did really well on kickstarter and after. Reviving warmachine is going to be a hard row to hoe, and they may put off some of their more dedicated Hordes players by rolling that brand into Warmachine and NOT releasing any warlock led factions at the time of the MK4 release. The decision to create an Unlimited format and a Prime format is questionable to me. I realize they're trying not to upset people by making large parts of their collections obsolete while still keeping the game approchable for newcomers, but I anticipate that once they get a few more factions out beyond the 4 they currently are launching, Prime is going to become pretty much the only organized play format with Unlimited mostly only being an occasional thing for old fans, much like how MtG organied games are almost always only in Standard format and you almost have to make special plans with someone to play Unlimited/Legacy. I have more thoughts but I've rambled long enough. I'll summarize as: I actually intend to look into it as I actually have a few local friends who still play, but I'm not yet certian how invested I'll get.
  18. Just found this, not sure if it's been linked before, but if not, you're welcome https://youtu.be/2v39YzT8AAQ
  19. My only restraint right now is that I'm supposed to be on a self imposed hobby spending moratorium until after reapercon, lol.
  20. KS is live. I'm on the fence here, I love the cloth wolves and the periwoos, so the finger is hovering over that 'all the toys' button. Shipping is pretty reasonable too, only £6 to the US
  21. We can call ourselves.. hmm... Bairdians? In other news... this weekend I did the thing and bought a ticket to one of Juan Hildago's workshops at Scale 75 in August, a full 2 day workshop. I figured I didn't really need a vendor hall budget for Reapercon, I already have trouble storing all the unpainted minis and terrain I already have, so yeah... Then of course today I notice the confirmation in my email and have a whole round of doubt that my skills are even near the point to take something like this.... Maybe I just need one of those coffee ice cream donut cone things TripleH posted yesterday to console myself....
  22. So, kinda back to what the meet and greet used to be. I wish I could make it but I'm taking Mrs. Wulf to a concert Wednesday night, her favorite band ever is in town. I'll just have to meet everyone Thursday instead.
  23. I'm intrigued. The one that came out in 2000 sets a low bar, this one It looks like it might be more entertaining at least. (who's only redeeming quality was Jeremy Irons chewing the scenery)
  24. yeah, I stick at .05 too, doesn't seem worthwhile to me to make my layer height smaller than my pixel size, and it's all so small anyway.....
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