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  1. I loved that show and this is now headcannon for me
  2. Looks like they sneakily put them on sale. Probably around the same time that ticket sales opened to the general public.
  3. I'm a fan of Atlas Miniatures (available on MMF) for some of that old school vibe with a more modern finish. Medusa Miniatures has a quite a few that fit that feel too. I know on Thingiverse there is someone who's been uploading high resolution scans of the old heroquest minis, which makes my nerd heart happy. Just for an example, this is one of Medusa's orcs.
  4. I've heard good things, but offhand I don't know anyone personally who's using one. From what I've read it's pretty solid, the screen's a little bigger than what a lot of us started out with, but likely not as huge as something like the Mono X or Saturn where the size of the vat itself becomes a printing complication. The price for it honestly looks good.
  5. yeah... a 4 pack isn't going to be enough shroomies. I feel like there's a need for a BULK pack. Like, not even counting the number of shroomies any more and just saying 'Here's a pound of shroomies'
  6. Generally when it's being advertised that way, they are NOT (let me stress this as NOT IN ANY WAY) saying "Hey we're going to roleplay lgbtq scenes" or that the game is only for people that identify as such. The intent of such a label is to say that the organizer and staff and such are actively aware of and acting to prevent things that might cause a hostile environment, including the little tiny things that most people don't even notice. It's not enough to say "There won't be any sex in my game so it doesn't matter". That's not the the issue. The issue also usually isn't open hostility or aggression, although it can be. It can be exhausting going through a social event meeting people you don't know and never knowing which one of them is going to be the broccolihead who's going to say something like "why are you dressed like a girl?" or many other insensitive questions. Labeling an event as LGBTQIA+ friendly (or any other version of the acronym, I'm very sorry if I've left someone out) is telling people who may be uncomfortable even in general social situations because of the way people act about them, that this is going to be a safe space, that there won't be any silent judgy looks and awkward probing questions, and causal use of slurs that have been a part of society for so long that people forget how hurtful they are even when they're not directed at you.
  7. Hadn't ever seen this artist before, so I went looking for actual artworks, pretty decent looking. Looks like they only sell after the month of release through CG Trader, and individual models cost 50-100% or more than the patreon monthly subscription, so I likely WON'T be catching any of those later....
  8. Depends on the printer. Some, as has been said, come with one. Older rgb screens, and I think some of the smaller mono screens, already have glass fronts, so you just need to seal the edges. However some of the larger screens, my Saturn, for instance, neither have a glass fronted screen nor come with a screen protector and so for those printers it becomes necessary to add one aftermarket. I use an ipad screen protector on mine, seems to work great. Just make sure you re-level after installing it.
  9. Just finished up session one of Wild Beyond the Witchlight. The party seems to be having a blast and is taking their time, they're only halfway through the night of the carnival.
  10. I keep seeing that on the lychee slicing window, the will save dc keeps getting higher...
  11. Eh, it's just Espirit de Corps. I went to Texas Tech, and the three big Texas State universities have a bit of a rivalry going on that sometimes starts with mocking each other's school colors... (when it's not mascots, football teams, or some other tribal identity thing from each school) Mostly I find it fun to needle people who are more into it than I am.
  12. Sweet. I'm starting my group's visit to the carnival this Sunday night. It's going to be interesting to say the least. So, now you can check having the AC go out in July off your Requirements for becoming a real Texan checklist 😉 I can highly recommend the golden high flows if you're into glazing/mixing paints, I've had tons of fun with them. You have my Sympathies. Burnt Orange is such an ick color (Red and Black is where it's at)
  13. Sign me up yet again. Forum profile pic is great I'll be there Thu - Sun You should still have me in the reaperdex. I'll also most likely be wearing my same red pizza dragon cap as last year
  14. Thursday, March 7, at approximately 3:23 am, a M.E.O.W. agent in North Texas put into effect Operation Miniblind, creating a large disturbance for a continued period of time in order to disturb sanity of local residents. Despite W.O.O.F.'s attempts to deploy hydrous discouragement measures, the M.E.O.W. agent evaded and continued their guerilla assaults on the windows for well over an hour before another distraction in the form of a large feather was discovered that redirected the agent's attention into a less noisy endeavor. It is unknown at this time what other objectives M.E.O.W. was or is able to accomplish today with W.O.O.F. forces in sleep deprived disarray.
  15. Agreed. Handling prints that haven't been post-cured can cause skin irritation, sending out models that aren't "Finished" is negligent and irresponsible.
  16. yeah, I wonder what the actual count of VIP tickets sold this year versus last is. Several classes that I know in the past few years were first to sell out are showing seats available.
  17. Gibberish yes, adorable is debatable though....
  18. Yeah, I've a number of different options for chains, just an observation of a growing trend and a whole lot of "Your scientists were so obsessed with whether the could..."
  19. The word masochist comes to mind 😉
  20. I actually for the first time in the last 5 years got all of my first choice classes! Including Julie's fur and feathers class which I've tried for the last several times to get into. I'm very excited.
  21. woof. Printed some of the furies from OnePageRules' July release.... I think they may be starting to loose site of what's a good idea in miniature design. Those chains that stick out are less than a mm thick at their widest points, and over an inch long. I broke several of them off just lying the miniature down after removing the supports, (before curing). There's no way these are going to be durable that thin.
  22. I could have sworn I heard Ed multiple times on reaper live say this was a contributing factor in the retiring of colors.
  23. Well, broccoli. I know what holes like that mean. Looks like the screen in my Saturn is finally starting to go kaput. I was hoping I'd get a whole year out of it, but I only made it 9 months......
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