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  1. Well, found out my two kitties have somehow picked up giardia. Which is weird because they're indoor only cats but appearantly you can track it in on your shoes. In addition to needing to steralize and sanitize the litter box and it's surrounds, Doc said "you probably want to wash or sanitize their bedding too." To which I'm thinking to myself, "you realize that these are cats, and the places they usually sleep is about half the danged house, right?" seems like I'm going to be using lysol as air freshener for the next few days.....
  2. And I suppose if they weren't selling any later they'd reduce the price but the mind still boggles at the discrepancy a 97% discount is staggering.
  3. oh jeez. Just you mentioning that was enough for Interplanet Janet to pop into my head. Thanks for that.......
  4. How do you like the A case? I was considering grabbing one of those or one of the new ones from tablewar
  5. Here's where I'm seeing a problem. Are the artists getting paid fairly by the monthly patreon rate that comes out to less than $0.50 a model? Then why is a 'fair rate' for that same model ALSO $4?. How are $0.50 and $4 both fair rates for the same model, just because I didn't know about the patreon a year ago? I think the big issue here is patreons like Epic-Miniatures (just to pick one of the most egregious) that put an absurd number of models into their monthly pack. Epic's May release has 91 new miniatures (I'm not even counting the throwback and the welcome pack.) Their average store price for a humanoid figure appears to be about $3.90. Even if we assume that all 91 miniatures would go into the store at only $3.90 (They won't be, the bigger ones will be more), then at $12, their patreon price is a whopping 97% off retail price. At that point a 50% off sale isn't even really a sale.... Big patreons and tribes like this I feel are putting pressure on the smaller ones to increase the volume of work, and then the difference between the monthly rate and the after sales rate probably leads to fewer regular market sales, and I think could be a big contributor to burnout among some creators.
  6. Just going to throw out on this one, Michelle Farnsworth gave a great class at Adepitcon on pushing contrast with hue. So, here's a thought I'm going to throw out that I've suggested before and I think it flew like a lead balloon, but I still think it would work. Reapercon has always had mostly classes. However, due to the nature of hands on instruction, this limits the class size. But a presentation, that could be something different. Treat it kind of like the panels or special speaker type things that a lot of cons do. Grab a bigger room, set up a bunch of chairs with a raised platform and a projector on one end, and for information dump topics without hands-on instruction you could seat a lot more people. There's a possibility of better back and forth between speaker and audience than a twitch show, and information dump topics like this could be handled pretty straight forward. Also worth mentioning, last year if we as attendees wanted to watch any of the streamed content, we had to do so by sticking our noses in our phones and hoping that with 300 of us all streaming the same thing it didn't overwhelm the mobile network/wifi. I would dearly LOVE for the 'live' content to be presented in a stage format, where people in attendence could hang out and watch without having to use our mobile devices. Understandibly I get that they don't want to take over the main ballroom but if there's a 'theater' room that could be set up for people to watch live without having to rely on mobile networks, I think that could go over great.
  7. Heard of guys doing this with their stereos too. Sad thing is though, in many jurisdictions in the US setting a booby trap could constitute felony assault...
  8. eh, most of the people doing this stuff aren't accountants, and if the carwash business is anything like the air cooled engine business, don't even have any formal bookkeeper training. We have the same problem where they try to compare receipts to deposits and want us to keep track of the processor's fees that are withheld from the deposits...
  9. Just wish they were a little easier to get stateside, guess I'll have to bite the bullet and place an order.... Edit, guess this means no Ro&Co brushes for me
  10. Yeah, I need to get some new brushes but I'm reluctant to branch out, I like my Raphael's but they're simply not available in the US right now, so I've been making do with princetons that I'm not super happy with, and Reapers that are ok but just don't have the sharp point I really want. Figure you're making a reference to one of two things, either Eta Delphini, or Robert Johansson....
  11. I went o on my lunch break to try to take in flight pictures of the barn swallows and flycatchers in the greenbelt near my house. (Spoiler alert, I failed. those things are fast and turn on a dime, making them hard to hold in frame long enough to achieve focus. My quest will continue.) Just as I got in my car and was about to start the engine, I got a treat as I saw a big flock of white and salmon colored birds settling in the cow pasture on the other side of the watershed. This was a bird I'm not certain I've ever managed to actually see, so I finally got to check it off my life list. ( This is called a Cattle Egret. A heron family bird that is actually seldom found on the water, prefering drier ground like fields and meadows. They seem to like hanging out with cows, who will stir up bugs from the brush for the herons to eat, and the two do not seem to perturb one another. Sometimes they can even be seen catching a ride. Spoilered for size
  12. Conversely, our POS*software runs in Winders tin. I get at least once or twice a month a ticket that makes it all the way to me as a tier 3 escalation of a type of error I KNOW will be solved by a reboot, but I have to get on the customer's computer and SHOW them that their last boot was three months ago. oh, and we release nightly patches when necessary. fortunately this one hasn't happened lately but there for a while I'd get tickets escalated to me that a problem still wasn't fixed, where I could see in the exception log that the app start time was over a week ago. Meaning they never signed out of the program. Patches are applied during launch, all they have to do is close the program and reopen it and it baffles me that it gets past two other support people without even trying that step... (*POS in this case alternately tends to mean both Point of Sale and Piece of Stool depending on the time of day and disposition of the tech) Doesn't seem to stop most of us from commenting anyway.
  13. Not sure if you're a fan of The Oatmeal's brand of humor, but they released a head to head letter soup style of game called Kitty Letter, where you form words to make cats to fight with your annoying neighbor...
  14. I Was about to comment on this, I remember watching the original. looked like fun, I was surprised it didn't get a follow up, though production value was good for your typical reality competition show, and the audience was probably a bit more niche ...
  15. Given recent parking lot experiences I've had with drivers of oversized pickup trucks that have no clue how to maneuver them... this is very, very valid. If you have to make a 7 point turn to get OUT of a parking space, and everyone around you is parked correctly, there's a problem here....
  16. Going to call this one a success, DeamonSlayer-Spartan from Arma Mechanatus. Loads of options on this one. Had to print it after one of the other players in our Scion group, who is playing a scion of Hephaestus, finished building and used for the first time his 'Argonaut 9 Advanced Combat Suit"
  17. Dangit glitter, I said I wasn't buying any more minis this month, but you just couldn't let me go on happy in my ignorance of these....
  18. main issue I'd see is I think simple green might leave a residue and should be rinsed off before drying. Dawn dish soap too for that matter. Windex will completely evaporate.
  19. I considered it for a hot second, but honestly I'm still very happy with the 4k resolution on my Saturn. Maybe in a couple of years. I at least have a small hobby goal this year that I won't buy a new printer, lol.
  20. Agreed that the fat dragon profiles are excellent. RocketPig is another designer that I know works well with FDM. With resin, I think the general rule of thumb for thin areas is no less than 1mm thick. For FDM, 1mm will print but won't have any strength and I think it needs to be kept closer to 2.
  21. I'll note that Reptilian green is also less opaque than dragon green.
  22. AK traditionally focused on historically accurate colors targeting militaria modelers. They've in recent years branched out and started adding more saturated and intense colors but there is still a perception that it's more a scale modeler paint brand than a fantasy/sci-fi figure paint brand. Which is not to say that they're not excellent figure paints.
  23. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/risingminiatures/asgard-rising-the-riddle-of-steel?ref=section-homepage-view-more-recommendations-p1 Asguard Rising is doing a 2 year anniversary special diorama through Kickstarter. Only €1, or about $2
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