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  1. ObviousBadGuy

    Hobby Report - First and Best (so far)! [Group/Open]

    This is such a cool idea!! Going through all of these is a real treat. I just recently started to paint (Got the reaper LTP kit last Christmas) but I think I've improved since then. It's so cool to see how much I've improved and to know that I can only get better. This was my first mini from the reaper learn to paint kit. This is my first mini after the learn to paint kit. And finally these are my favorite figures so far. They're from the board game Arcadia Quest.
  2. ObviousBadGuy

    Looking for Suggestions

    I actually love this idea, I'll probably use it more for display instead of gameplay though.
  3. ObviousBadGuy

    03012 Olivia Musketeer

    Looks great!
  4. ObviousBadGuy

    Disciple of the Flower Witch

    Looks amazing. Your stuff is always great!
  5. ObviousBadGuy

    01573, Mel the Chibi Bathalian

    I absolutely LOVE this figure. I'm actually working on him myself. But I might have to wait a little before posting because I can't compare to yours!
  6. ObviousBadGuy

    Tierdeleira. What color and how to wash.

    Thank you so much. I received the LTP kit for Christmas this year and it said to use a wash. So me being dumb, assumed that it was the only thing you could do. I'll definitely look into the shading. Also I decided to paint her hair white and drybrush some really light blue onto it. I'm not sure if I like the result though and was actually thinking of painting blonde over it.
  7. ObviousBadGuy

    77157 Ghoul Queen

    Ahhhhhh I see. Thanks
  8. So this is my girl Tierdeleira so far. I recently started painting her but have been stuck on what color to do her hair. Also I'm wondering how to do a wash on her cape thing since there are four different blues and they're all mixed together.
  9. ObviousBadGuy

    14615 Selwyn Elven Captain

    I love the white and the blonde in her hair. The green on her legs is amazing also. Super awesome!
  10. ObviousBadGuy

    77157 Ghoul Queen

    I'm not sure how to reply to people yet so this is for everyone. Thank you for all the advice and kind words. I will definitely follow all your advice. I'm actually work on something right now that I was going to post on WIP (once I get a background of course). I'm looking forward to posting and painting more (Especially since my Bone Slyvanians are arriving today). Anyway thanks to everyone!
  11. ObviousBadGuy

    How to organize my paints

    I only own reaper paints at the moment. They have numbers on them and I sort them in order from least to greatest. Probably doesn't help at all, but that's how I organize my paints.
  12. ObviousBadGuy

    77157 Ghoul Queen

    Hello everyone! I'm new (to the forum and painting) and I thought the best way to introduce myself was with a figure. This is my second figure I've painted and thought it was pretty decent. I would love to hear what you think. P.s sorry for the horrible camera quality and background. I'll work on that.