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  1. I like Harvest brown or intense brown to add to reds to give them a more realistic hair color.
  2. I just got some Raphael 8404 and I want to just say that... these make such a HUGE difference. Even some of the better brushes I had before are not even close to these. I was skeptical at first... but holy moly.
  3. Sat down yesterday after watching several videos about NMM and then tried to do it myself. Failed. Badly. Like... spectacularly badly. I can't seem to make the blends smooth enough on the surfaces, and these surfaces are so small, that I can't even block out small enough spaces for each transition color. I really really REALLY don't know how you guys do this.
  4. I am going to try to start NMMs and am wondernig... what colors do you guys use for silver metals, and what colors do you guys use for gold metals? I am really really new to this hobby and only just started wet blending, but i have found that metalic paints really suck, and I want to try this technique.
  5. i really really want to try this.
  6. I'm happy with my progress. It's the best face i've done, and the highlighting and the blending. Still getting tryign to get better, but blending techniques that used to scare me, are a little less daunting now.
  7. So, I am working on some new techniques (new for me), specifically, Wet Blending. It's pretty noticeable on the ribbon on the back of her cloak, but I was trying to do it on her legs too, to blend up from Tanned Skin, all the way to fair highlight on the highest points. I am noticing though, that even fair highlight isn't enough of a highlight at this point, and I"m wondering if there's something else that I can blend with it to make even more of a highlight? help or tips, or constructive criticism is welcome. Thank you.
  8. So, I'm trying to learn advanced techniques, like wet blending, 2 brush blending, glazing - and i'm having a hard time with controlling the paint. It is beading up, or running to the crevices. I've tried thinning with matte medium tofix this, but the paint isn't actually thinner, just more transparent, which is half the battle. I've recently started loading the brush, and trying to wick away moisture, but feel like i am losing paint. I'm also using a wet pallet, but have found myself moving back and forth from wet and dry pallets, because I am not finding the wet pallet actually extending the life of my paints (although, I can add a bit of medium or water and reconstitute them pretty well) Any help would be appreciated.
  9. thanks for the words! Yeah, Someone once told me "when you think you're done highlighting, highlight again"
  10. This is my progress. On the left, is within the first month of learning how to paint. The one on the right is from about 5 months later. I wanted to see how far i've come. And i want to go further. Are there any tips on what i can do to be better? Thank you everyone.
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