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  1. When buying a high end brush what do you look for ?
  2. Finally got it all figured out ... Thx .. for all the help Now I guess its time to dust off and get new batteries for that camera! Ken
  3. >>Get your picture on your computer. ok so far >>Change the dimentions to the picture to something like 3"x5". no probs >>Save them Click the browse button What browse button? what program are we using? >>Click the green UPLOAD buton sorry no green upload button Ken
  4. How does one best add images to these Forums? Ken
  5. For some time now I have been experimenting with applying a black wash over a white primmed Fig to enhance the details of the model. All I get is a stained grey model . I have also tried sealing the fig with "Future wax", GW matt sealer ,Testors Dull Coat and white paint between the coats ,all with the same results. Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thx in advance , Ken
  6. Thanks for the input and sorry for not replying till now ... The figures that Im painting will be mainly from the Clan Wars collection. I have heard rumours that Reaper has recently sold the Five Rings models that they had, So Im hoping the new Distributor may produce more models from that collection and perhaps a new rule set as well. Besides the Clan Wars models I have a few models from Old Glory. Old Glory are a bit smaller than Clan wars and IMO the detail is not as good either. However, from a few test models the Old Glory does look very nice once painted. Ill try and post some pics what I have painted and Thx Ken
  7. I'm looking for any tips on how best paint Samurai armour . I am attempting to paint over 200+ figs so any quick and easy solutions would be welcomed. Thx in advance
  8. I use a drill press with my dremel and mount my figures with hot glue onto scape pieces of blue styrofoam. Im not breaking any drill bits now and the pining process is fast and I'm able to use super small bit sizes. After the model is pinned the hot glue just peels away from the model. Ken
  9. K ,I tried using a stronger mix .. And it seems to have corrected all my current problems using MSP Thx for the replies ! Ken
  10. Hi, Im using an Iwatia HP-B and am trying to come up with a workable formula to spray "Master Series Paints" My current formula is 50-50 paint to thinner. The thinner is made up of 20% windex and 80% water. The viscosity of this formula seems perfect as the spray results in no runs and awesome coverage. However, the paint building up on the needle tip is creating too much of a problem. Normally I use Taymia with their thinner 50/50 without this problem but I wanted to try the MSP line as it is more durable and a much better range of colour. Another issue I'm having is cleaning the bowl of the airbush. I guess because the MSP line is more durable than most paints its very hard to remove unwanted dried paint .(even with 100% windex) If anyone has come up with some solutions to these issues I'd be most gratfull Thx Ken
  11. A lot of my Pro paints are going bad with age. Some have a film of paint developing and other are having thier ingredients separate. Is there any additives that can be used to stop these problems? Ken
  12. Having a tuff time figuring out highlight lines and shadows on certain shapes using NMM techniques. Was wondering if anybody knew of a paint prgram that may do the work for me. Ken
  13. I hold my figs with alligator clips. By crimping a 1/4" (4" long )wooden dowel to the end where the wire normaly attaches I can have great flexibility at getting at those tight spots without having to touch the model. I also made a stand from a short length of scrap 2x4 that I countersunk several 1/4' hole to except these holders. For smaller parts and where you cannot attach an aligator clip , pin the part and insert the pin into a predrilled end of a chop stick and white glue it. -Ken
  14. You may want to try this approch . Do a base coat of a leather colour. then using a toothbrush dip it into some thinned out paint of browns creams whites or whatever and with bristles facing up ,rub a popcycle stick over the bristlels away from model causeing a the paint to be flung towards the model. If done right this will produce a stiple effect. I highly recomend testing this procedure on a scrape piece of papper prior to spraying the model. 3-4 differant colours sould be more than enough to produce a stone or sand like apperance. Experimentimg is the key Also you may also want to try this on any thing stone to get a granite look to it Hope this helps Ken Derskon
  15. You may want to test out Liquid Future floor wax straight out of the bottle. And because it is acyrlic your humidity problem should not effect this stuff by spraying it. I normally just air brush it on but also have brushed it on with some success. You may want to try a spray bottle . I highly recomend this stuff prior to inking as it helps prevent the ink from soaking into the paint .
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