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  1. Sorry for not posting for a month, life gets in the way sometimes, speaking of which I may need to change this to a once every two week or once a month post but I don't know if I can change the title. Anyway this time I have 77438 Paladin, 77491 Sophie (Modded), and 89039 Grave Knight. The paladin was repainted about 10 times due to me never liking how his (now white) cloth looked, I eventually went with the kind of boring red/white classic scheme. the grave-knight was some attempts at non metallic armor and some light effects, I don't know if I like the result. And last Sophie which I did not apply the wings to as I had a specific role in mind of a powerful magic user teen who tricks the party into breaking her out of "an evil wizards tower" only to slowly realize she is a reckless brat who was grounded by h er family and now is free to wreak havoc on the town. Anyway any tips or criticism is welcome.

    77438 Paladin.JPG

    77491 Sophie (modified).JPG

    89039 Graveknight.JPG

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  2. Sorry for this weeks post, been Real busy. Only got 3 done this week they are 77407 Death dog, 77426 Lizard Man, 77456 Ogre Guard. Still experimenting with color schemes for some monsters. the Death dog in particular feels like it is missing color but I am unsure what to add to it. Anyway CC welcome and again sorry for this weeks rushed post

    77456 Ogre Guard.JPG

    77407 Death dog.JPG

    77426 Lizard man.JPG

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  3. Update Week 4: Another awesome week and another round of mini's. I just want to thank you all again for this amazing support and your very helpful suggestions. This week I went back to basics with the two first races you think of when you think fantasy: Dwarves and elves. The two main questions I think of when looking over these guys  is if eyes are worth the trouble or if it is better to leave them in the shadows of the face. I skipped the eyes on most of these and those I did include it on look a little googly eyed. Should I just keep practicing or is it the kind of thing that it is okay to skip? The other thing is basing materials for figures meant to be indoors, Prime example is a dwarf brewer. He would pretty much always appear indoors given his barrel. I ended up using foam and trying to scratch grain into it. What materials work good for wooden planks and stone tiles? Any way, figures are 77460 Dwarf Butcher, 77320 Elf Sniper, 77409 Elf Heroine, 77461 Dwarf Brewer, 77482 Dwarf Warrior.


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  4. On 3/5/2018 at 2:07 AM, Gadgetman! said:

    I notice that you seem to use the same brown a lot for leatherworks...

    And while brown is a typical colour for leather, it will fade and wear, so not all the equipment worn will have the same colours.


    When you have wood at the same time, try using different colours for that. Maybe base it in grey and give it a brown wash to add colour to the pattern in the wood? 


    Are you using a glossy varnish?

    You can also get matte and satin varnishes, and they all have their uses.

    (Jewels and metals can be glossy, most other parts should be matte or satin. )


    Hi, thanks for the advice, I have struggled with differentiating browns and making woods and leather look different. Hopefully the new set of paint I just got and some practice will help with that. About the varnish, I am using vallejo matte varnish applied with a brush. Would you(or anyone else here) recommend a different brand or technique to get them less glossy? Thanks

  5. I love the shared color scheme between them, particularly the blue arm wrap on the one ogre makes me think some unfortunate goblin got a little to feisty and was made as a constant example to others. I also really like how you managed to work in so many different colors on figures that I would have felt fell into just different shades of brown. my favorite three are the large drum, the rusty armor on the ogre chief and that spectacular banner.

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  6. Week 3 Update: This week has been pretty busy for me so I apologize for the later post. This week I wanted to better understand how to incorporate high contrast colors such as red and green. I often hear that opposing colors should be used to make a figure stand out but am not sure if I am understanding correctly as I am unsure about these results, I also want to find ways to improve forest basing as I feel my current technique looks to much like hard base with flock loosely sitting on top. Figures are 77447 Were Crocodile, 77476 Hobgoblin, 77477 Hobgoblin veteran, 77421 Monk, and a non Bones 3 set figure 03255 Female Rouge. I choose these as I wanted them all to be either red or green and intended to experiment with complimentary colors. Please any criticism or advice is appreciated and  welcome. Thanks guys

    It's a Gator!.JPG

    Hobgoblin Grunt.JPG

    Hobgoblin Captain.JPG



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  7. Week 2 Update:


    Hello again everyone and thanks for your comments and the resources you posted. The two points I see I need to focus on the most appears to be basing and highlighting. I still have a ways to go but that's the point, anyway here are my recent attempts 77423 Templar, 77440 Demon Hunter, 77446 Were-Bear, 77455 Ogre Smasher, 50315 Witch. Just looking at them together now I see I really still need to be bolder in my highlights, it can get hard to judge when looking up close in focused lighting compared to when you step back and look at them in a normal setting. Again any comments on how to improve or resources are always helpful. you guys have been so awesome in helping me see what is off about how I've been painting and the resources on this forum and those posted above have helped me greatly, if not to immediately improve than at least a tangible goal that I can look to and visualize. Thank you

    Cleric Blue.JPG

    Drow Sorceress.JPG




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  8. On 2/17/2018 at 8:42 PM, Chris Palmer said:

    Welcome to the forum!    And congrats on your first post!   

    It looks like you’re off to a great start.


    I'm sure you will be getting a lot of good advice as folks see your thread here.  The first thing that strikes me as I look at your figures is to increase your highlighting.  You’ve got good colors and shadows, but you need to brighten your highlights.   Not enough highlighting is a problem I’ve suffered from, and I continually battle.  


    And good luck luck with your project!  Painting your way though an entire Core Set is a great way to improve your skill.  I did something similar with Bones 1 several years ago, and think it Improved my painting a lot. 






    Thanks, I'll sure try more highlighting in my next batch. That Link you posted is very helpful and exactly the type of thing I was looking for when trying to figure out how to conceptualize painting such a large batch of different figures. I hope you don't mind me browsing when I get stumped on how to paint a new mini.

    On 2/18/2018 at 3:07 AM, Glitterwolf said:

    Welcome to the Forums.


    I like your work.

    As been said, it's fantasy so use your imagination and have fun.


    Adding some flock or sand to the bases will impove them a lot.

    Apply with PVA and when dry use a little spray on sealer like anti shine.

    It will stick better then.



    Look at my Lost World Project ( see my sig).


    As a matter of fact, do browse this forum, looks at the painting and advice thread.

    Look at other people's WIP ( Work in Progress) and make one of your own.

    People are very helpful here.


    Also look at youtube vids, search for painting fantasy miniatures.


    If you see some text in purple on this forum, it is meant as a joke.



    Thanks, I have always enjoyed the idea of an aztec inspired jungle setting and your posts really seem to capture that. I especially like the extra world building you include to put context behind the characters and creatures.

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