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    ReaperCon 2019 Ribbons

    @Zanderina and I ordered slightly to small of Ribbons. Even after looking at the size guide 18zillion times. Such is life. Makes it stand out more.
  2. Echoside_

    **Official Ride share thread**

    @Zanderina and I will be into Dallas Love Field around 2:15pm Wednesday afternoon. Southwest Flight 2148. If any early birds wanna split the Uber, we're good to travel with, so I'm told.
  3. Echoside_

    Don't forget your art book

    Wishing I had gotten one during the KS. Maybe they'll have a few for sale at Con. I know I scored a KS3 art book last year.
  4. Echoside_

    Ouroboros Cyber Belles

    I just received my box from their last KS, and I'm so so so tempted to back this one as well.
  5. Echoside_

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I started mine, but the ideas I had for it just didn't work. Inspiration is a fickle thing. Now he is mostly painted waiting for the weekend so I can attempt to finish in a whole different way than I started.
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    2019 ReaperCon Forumite Bingo Signup

    Count me in!! Forum name is good, Current Avatar picture please! Wednesday - Sunday!
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    Battleguard Magus (03906)

    Had an interesting even happen to my Firbolg Druid during my recent D&D game where is in now covered in a bright blue metal skin. Had to find new model to use and remembered the Battleguard.
  8. Echoside_

    How to shade Pink

    A question for the hive mind of amazing painters here. How do you shade pink? My attempt looked as if the pink creature was bleeding. The skintone was the Breast Cancer Awareness pink, tried to shade using Pale Violet Red (9027) and/or Punk Rock Pink (9286). Should I turn to pale purples, or mix a bit of grey into the BCA Pink? Help?
  9. Echoside_

    How to shade Pink

    @Zink, may I ask your what you're working on for a pink project too? Pure curiosity intended.
  10. Echoside_

    ReaperCon 2019 Ribbons

    @Zanderina just ordered the ribbons to pass out between the two of us, cause we wanna be cool kids too! We enjoyed collecting and meeting everyone via it. Also how do we volunteer to be in the BINGO boards, just in case you need more peeps?
  11. The challenge complete! I present Kai, the Strawberry Dragon! Thank you all for the challenge and the feedback!
  12. I, Echoside, will be undergoing this awesome challenge as my Dragon and paints have arrived from Denton. I have chosen the victim of Kyphrixis, The Copper Dragon for this 3-star challenge. Will be using green and red liner to prime. My rolls: So after his bath, it was picture time! I think he will end up being a Strawberry Dragon! First off, I sorry for the Cut/Paste first post, but it was fitting. Secondly, Kai (the moniker I've given to him) got himself primed up and ready for more layers while out at a miniature painting event at a local gaming store. Such a splendid way to start the challenge. I bathed the base unit in Sepia Liner, as I don't believe the base was to be done strictly in the color scheme of the dragons. Kai himself was bathed in the Red liner, which is very purple if you ask my eyes. The wing membranes were done in the Green Liner. I'm hoping for some interesting undershading effects once the 3 primary colors start to roll on. I've blocked out in my head what scales are going to be which shades and such, I'm just hoping I have the skills to bring whats in my head out on the dragon himself. But without further ado, picture time!
  13. So Kai is done! I'm posting his final photo-shoot in a Showoff thread. Just wanted to share the link here too!! I enjoyed this challenge for the fact I would of never tried the color combination, nor a few of the techniques used. I was at a lost to what of how to paint, and this got the brushes wet. Now to find another challenge to accept... http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/85860-echosides-d20-rainbow-dragon-challenge-kyphrixis/
  14. So since @Zanderina posted me working, I can post up the WIP pics from that little brush session. I got a bit of work done in my mind, but looking at the model there isn't a lot of new paint. I mostly worked on the scale details, teeth, and a bit of blending. I took the idea of the green wash and failed in practice of getting a decent shading. So after a few red touch ups I tried a bit of a glaze edging idea I had. Z says it looks good, I am on fence at the moment, only for the fact I can see hard transition lines still...trying to figure out the fade transitions. Maybe a thin red glaze over the green?? But enough words....pics tell better story. Took a few layers of the glaze to get decent effects, but it reminds me of a ripening strawberry, the older the Dragon, the more Red? Z's daughter says he is a Christmas Dragon; but I don't really think he'd give presents away, but rather horde. His pearly whites came out decently, proving Dragons have great health insurance with amazing dental benefits. And whats a Dragon without his roost? The base from earlier got some Snow texture paint (Thanks GW) and I'm toying with grabbing a couple skulls to add on too. Any thoughts of anything else he needs to have done before his wings get attached?? Cheers y'all!
  15. This is a technique I've not tried, maybe try on his tail and go from there. But thank you for idea.
  16. Having today off from work allowed me to get a lot done with Kai. Mostly focused on the main scale color for everything (Fire Red), but made time to do a few details too! First came the Fire Red. This red is a bit transparent and needed at least 3-4 coats to turn out this good. In some areas I can still see the Red Liner undercoat showing thru; but that does give a nice age or shadow effect that I don't want to mess with. I'm not sure how well these pics show the Red Liner shadows, but it person its really noticeable. Also note, the base got a quick drybrush of a pale grey-blue and then a washed with Vallejo pale grey wash. I hope to add a little something to the rocks, such as gold coins or skulls or snow or a mix of it all after Kai is done. Next step after the body was the Clotted Red details. I stuck mostly to the wings and the chest scales for this color. The Clotted Red was a bit brownish, which gave me the idea for the wings to make them look like the leaves of a Strawberry. The green fading into a red/brown. Final touches for today were a little edge highlighting on the green chest scales using a 3:1 mix of Brilliant Green : Pure White; along with the eyes (Pure White, and Green Liner). I'm hoping to fade the starkness of the highlights a bit at some point, but I'm getting hungry... Cheers for another day y'all!
  17. Was able to get a bit of time in today on Kai. Focused on his wings and some secondary scale work. His main coloring will take a while as I go scale for scale. First I added the green liner to the wing membranes. After letting it dry a bit I was able to layer some Brilliant Green onto it, and the under-shading effects were pretty cool. Not sure the pictures do them justice. Next was the scales below his chin and along the chest. I am using them as a color break for some 'fruity' flair for the Strawberryness. Last step I was able to do before food needed to be cooked and devoured was the main scale colors on the wings. The Fire Red picked up on the Red liner really well. Might need second coat tho to really bring out the color. Whatcha all think?
  18. As promised in previous posts, I, Echoside, will be undergoing this awesome challenge as my Dragon and paints have arrived from Denton. I have chosen the victim of Kyphrixis, The Copper Dragon for this 3-star challenge. Will be using green and red liner to prime. My rolls: So after his bath, it was picture time! I think he will end up being a Strawberry Dragon! WiP Thread will be up tomorrow after some work on him. Cheers!
  19. Echoside_

    Ziba, Monster Lady WIP

    Awesome work, .....and thanks for the priming secret
  20. Whelp, gives me a reason to make another order. Only dragons I have currently are Gearwyrm and the Pathfinder Red. Shall get on that quick.
  21. *Necro-Echo magic at work* Can this challenge still be taken? Can other dragons be done up? This could really get me out my painting funk. Whoohoo.
  22. Echoside_

    Ziba, Monster Lady WIP

    What undercoat primer did you use? It really helps to pop those highlights & shaded areas.
  23. Echoside_

    Painter vs Painter: Household edition

    Finally able to paint again! Stupid finger injuries. Alas I spread the Kolbold Scale out to cover more leather (Gloves and Boots). Typically I'd of used a couple more colors to add depth of wardrobe, but this challenge isn't about that. Also used the Cursed Gold/Cats-eye Green on the blade of the staff. Used the Black Indigo and a dry brushing of Cursed Gold for the book cover, while Tusk Ivory for the pages. I think my most unnoticeable detail, thanks to crappy cell phone camera work on my part, is the use of the Punk Rock Pink on the hip sash. Used it to outline the cloth and then do a repeating 4 dot diamond pattern. Basing is left, but that always is a stumpper... What y'all think?
  24. So my girl ( @Zanderina) and I got into this wonderful hobby together, and we've developed a few tricks and styles our own. Well yesterday I was told my style is very dark and 'Earthy'. No offense taken, but it hit me I do need to extend my color pallet choices. This lead to a small challenge between us, as we're apparently very competitive with each other. We'd pick out our model to be done next, and the other person would pick the paints to use. My model choice was Hosilla (#60172), and received the following Reaper paints to use: Dragon Red (9401), Cats Eye Green (9414), Bleached Linen (9436), Punk Rock Pink (9286), Leather White (9062), Honed Steel (9053), Ginger Cookie (9659), Cursed Gold (9464), Kobold Scale (9458), Golden Blonde (9033), Tusk Ivory (29825), & Black Indigo (9603) Her choice of model was the Arcanamirim Wizard (#60135), and I gave her the following paints: Old Bronze (9197), Dungeon Slime (9415), Solid White (29842), Chestnut Brown (9071), Sunrise Orange (9406), Wilderness Green (9411), Stark Naked (9682), Harvert Brown (9200), Goblin Skin (9457), Ashen Blue (9057), & Khaki Highlight (9123) Over the next couple weeks we will be posting up the WiP pics and hope to get feedback as we go. Let the fun begin!!
  25. Echoside_

    Painter vs Painter: Household edition

    Whelp, this has been a rough week for my side of the rivalry. I was able to get some work done on Hosilla, but working 6 days this week (at 12hrs each) cut into my hobby time. But lets show off what little I was able to do... Firstly I added a bit of the Tusk Ivory to the leather vest and to the sash around her waist. Applied a thin wash of the Black indigo to the Honed Steel of the chain armor to get a more worn look. I think the Indigo overtook the Silver of the Steel coloring, I'm on the fence about it. For the weapon, I took 3 drops of Ginger Cookie and 1 of Dragon Red to get the light wood coloring, since I wasn't given a brown to work with (the horror!!). Bleached Linen for the wrapping of the handle and the draping of the sash. I think I need to do a lot of touch ups, and more blending but.... ...my main painting hand is out of commission for a bit. @Zanderina will have lots more time to get her piece together now. Which btw, she is doing quite well on. I'll bug her for an update for y'all soon. Cheers!