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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uam3DjjCad4 this or some others by ThePrimeThanatos. That's when I listen to while painting my minis.
  2. Metal stays, end of story. If the metals do go away, expect a lot of unhappy gamers.
  3. I agree with some people: more terrain and vehicles some with extra parts For example, a wagon. you can have a regular wagon, or a merchant wagon because of the extra parts. For terrain, I like to see more buildings.
  4. I put a little too much primer on my metal mini a long time ago. any advice on how to strip it? and on a related topic, do I need to remove it from its base before the strip?
  5. More royalty figures, especially princesses merchants jesters Amazon women figures in a sitting pose
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