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  1. This is amazing, I've since seen a post with a size comparison to some dragon minis I that have so I went and picked up Marthrangul and Narthrax. I will most likely also pick up T'Raukzul when it is released. I may wait and not paint either of these red though just in case. I'm making my PCs fight an Ancient Red dragon and I think this would be the perfect size but the encounter won't show up for months so hopefully I have enough time. Thanks again for all your help everyone!!!
  2. Thanks for all your responses, @Twalrus where do you see the triangles? I feel like I'm missing something.
  3. Hey all, First time posting. I was wondering what minis you all use for ancient dragons. I was looking at the Pathfinder deep ancient red dragon and it's never less than 500 on eBay. So I figured I'd check out unpainted ones from reaper. Which dragon do you think would work as an ancient red dragon in size? Thanks
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