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  1. Most recent pictures from Adepticon Finally getting into some body work
  2. Still working... Adding some singe effects to the holes on the wings and some orange to the veins Some singe work and vein work left before I move on from the wing skin, finally
  3. A MESSAGE FROM CMON, WITH PERMISSION OF MYTHIC GAMES Dear valued members of our gaming community, We hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. We wanted to share some important news with you. CMON, the publisher behind popular games like Zombicide, Massive Darkness 2, Death May Die, Blood Rage, and many others, has recently acquired the intellectual properties of both HEL and Anastyr from Mythic Games. We understand that this news may bring mixed emotions, and we want to be upfront with you about the developments. The Challenging News Regrettably, as Mythic Games announced, they will no longer be able to deliver their Kickstarter campaigns for HEL: The Last Saga and Anastyr. As you are a backer of these campaigns, we understand that this is disappointing. Upon careful evaluation of both titles, we have concluded that neither HEL: The Last Saga nor Anastyr are currently ready for publication in their current state and will require substantial effort to complete them. We want to assure you that we are committed to delivering quality gaming experiences, and we appreciate your understanding and support during our development. The Good News Under our purview, both games will go through an extensive development and play-testing process at CMON, and these new versions will be offered to the public in future. We have big plans for both of these worlds, including offering you, the original Mythic Backers who paid for the lowest pledge level and up, a free English or French copy of each re-developed base game, if you wish to receive it. What this means for you When the campaigns of HEL and Anastyr launched, we, like many of you, were excited by the promise of what each of those worlds had to offer. You, the Mythic Backers, took a chance on what those games could be, and we’d like to acknowledge your efforts by offering you a free copy of the new CMON versions for each title that you backed with Mythic. If you are a paid Mythic Backer of HEL at the Berserk pledge or higher, you have the option of getting a free copy of CMON’s HEL. If you are a paid Mythic Backer of Anastyr at the Companion Level or higher, you have the option of getting a free copy of CMON’s Anastyr. This offer is for the base games only and not possible future expansions. If you’re interested in this offer, you will be responsible for third party charges such as shipping and VAT. It’s important to state that these games will not be the same Mythic games you initially backed. As mentioned above, after a deep dive into the available materials, we determined that both games needed significant work and development. As a result, both games will be new products, different from what was offered during the Mythic campaigns. Mythic Games will send notifications to the appropriate Mythic Backers asking you for permission to share your backer information with us at CMON. If you approve, we will create your order in our system indicating you are part of the new HEL or Anastyr project and are entitled to one copy of the game(s) we will produce. Once your order is created, you’ll be kept informed of developments on those projects. Please note, this offer is not a settlement taken on behalf of Mythic Games – it is simply a gift from CMON. Thank you, The CMON team
  4. Broker here - @haldir is correct. Yemen pirates have been attacking container ships on the Red Sea and two SS lines that I know of have halted routes in that area. Others are rerouting the regular routes through longer passages. This is affecting European based routes fairly heavily.
  5. So, for Kyle, while mine technically came assembled here's where I can see the breaks: Two wings, one piece each and detached All 4 legs Head x 2 (upper and lower) Tail in 3 segments Rocks he's standing on Base
  6. Ah yes, I did misunderstand. My guess would be that their systems are not set up for payment plans, but I suspect that if you just held off paying the shipping for a month or so they probably would not close your orders
  7. Probably not, and also if you did that you'd likely end up paying more overall. Shipping tends to get bulk discounts, as the people with small BB orders can attest.
  8. @R2ED Here's what I did NOT get, because that is shorter than the purchase list: Painter's picks I already have half the colors and wasn't really interested in the others) Men at arms (I don't like modular figures much, and I have loads of guard type guys) Extra town guards (see above) Extra wolves (I have a lot of wolves too) Chibi Heros (I don't paint chibis much, although I did get the goblins for diorama purposes and the chibi charondar cause cute) Extra newts (They're cute but I didn't need the duplicate sculpts I also got multiples of the briarwood vale, 30th dragon, lighthouse, and a couple others
  9. Including tax, looks like I've spent $1063.56. Around the same what I spent on B5, but this time I feel like I'm getting everything, whereas for B5 I definitely left stuff on the table due to financial issues. This time, I'm significantly more comfortable and probably overspending from leftover FOMO, but hey, I'm having fun.
  10. It's probably only about 3 hours of painting, but that's if you exclude the time spent fighting against my broken airbrush 😅
  11. Some work! Going slow so far, or at least it feels like it, but the base colors for the wings are mostly done. Gotta push some highlight back in on the right outer wing - got a little ovver excited with my shadows - but overall looking decent
  12. Ok, so I love the style, and I'm gonna go in on it. Cross your fingers for me.
  13. Every time someone asks you where to find X they get a wanted star on their poster 😄
  14. But if you're easy to find, no one will need a bounty on you! 😁
  15. You know, I wasn't going to get this one because most of it I have covered with (lots of) other minis, but then I saw the stitcher's workshop which just HAPPENS to resemble a situation I'd already planned out... so... Here I go again. Only in for one this time though, not all in!
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