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  1. Ok I didn't know where to put this but the forum guidelines said gushing was allowed here... I just got my Bones 5 Kickstarter pledge and: I LOVE IT lol
  2. There's a couple Aaron Lovejoy videos in the store for $60, is that the 4 part bundle or just one part? Sorry, first time I've seen this released
  3. Oh my god I didn't even notice him in that picture... I want a Bernie! lol
  4. Glad you had fun this weekend! Those classes really remotivated me too, and shifted my focus. I think your new attitude is great :) I have a lot of things on the shelf that could be considered WIPs as they're partially painted. One thing I have done is let the paint I'm using sort of influence what I'm doing. I poured out too much brown? Guess I'm doing a griffin, or a bear or something... Sometimes it takes me in unexpected directions! I've enjoyed doing some new things, and the classes this weekend reminded me of that. I definitely would not have painted any of my Nagendra yet if
  5. Same - pinning drives me nuts but glue I can handle Yay! Winter witch has a new home! I bought her for a very specific NPC in my campaign - then forgot I bought her and promptly bought another one. Glad she will be enjoyed!
  6. I also loved the whole convention! It was a super fun weekend and the classes and events were amazing! A huge thank you to everyone involved!!
  7. The classes were amazing! I had a great time this weekend. The hair class definitely changed how I think about hair now, highly recommend it. I can't wait until some of the other classes go up online too, there were some tough choices I had to make on arranging the classes I chose.
  8. If you're not pleased with the hair, check out Geoff Davis' handout from his rve class - it was a great class and really helped! Also if the accessory colors are bothering you, it's probably because they're all of the same color value, on the red scale. I do this a lot. Maybe a blue or something to pop out somewhere? The pouch maybe? It looks really good though!
  9. Yeah I think it is print lines - I did not print it though, I don't have a 3D printer. I bought the print online from a store in the UK. It was not the greatest quality print I've ever gotten, although the second figure I got with it was fine.
  10. It's not a very old wash, so I think I didn't shake it enough. That, or it might be because of the print - there are little almost fingerprint work style textures in some areas that I think we're supposed to be smooth, and I think the wash got in there and made it look a lot darker overall? Or possibly a combination of things. Either way, thanks for the encouragement - it was really what I needed to hear as I kept looking at him just thinking "ugh" to myself. I did go back in and lighten him up a little, and he's starting to look a little better: I'm still trying
  11. the freehand flowers are amazing! And I love the colors on the boar demon too!
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