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  1. Matt Parody box arrived nice and early this morning! Will send out once I get a chance to plunder it's riches!
  2. Oh man, I'm really excited for the mummy cat. That is the first thing I'm taking out of the box and painting, and it shall have a place of honor on my display shelf. I can't wait until we get more renders for some of this stuff, like the scarabfolk. Lots of interesting sculpts in Hakir, I'm so happy we got it
  3. I'll take that bet, because either way lunch with you at reapercon sounds fun
  4. I backed a KS from Mythic (Hel the Last Saga) in may 2020 and still haven't gotten it, so going to pass on their stuff until I at least get that
  5. Yes, you can add money in the pledge manager after the KS closes
  6. Yes, now to decide if I need 2 extra set or 3... or 4....
  7. Mostly Twitch reveals. The above is going in Denizens though.
  8. I didn't see him posted yet, so here's a yeti from Denziens:
  9. It said he's in Denziens set, so hopefully we'll see an unlock including him soon
  10. Nope, they're aprt of a planed encounter set
  11. No we only got to see previews of the one that won the poll, the Egg encounter. But there were preview earlier of this guy, who Ron called a Deep One King:
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