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  1. I would love to be in the next round of Box when it gets set up!
  2. Another thing I pulled out of the Bones 4 Happy Box immediately was the Dragon Turtle! We actually ordered 2, so I think on my second go I'll do him with more natural colors, but this one turned out all right I was really please with the base in particular and I plan on using it as terrain by itself for some of my encounters Overall pretty happy!
  3. More Bones 4 painting! So one fo the first things I pulled from the magic box of happiness that arrived at our door was the Tidal Lurker, who's going to be a chuul that will appear with the Goroloth/Aboleth in my pirate campaign. Because of that, I wanted to stay with the blue-purple color scheme I had going and paint him similarly I'm considering going back and making his eyes red to make them pop out a bit more, but other than that I'm fairly happy with him
  4. Man that base practically deserves to be its own miniature! Great job!
  5. This is so amazing and inspiring, I'm awestruck
  6. This looks great, I'm totally using this as inspiration when I start mine
  7. That's gorgeous!
  8. Love the weathering on the wood! Did you do a light base with dark wash or a dark base with light dry brushing?
  9. For some of my first paints from our giant Bones 4 box, I painted who I have termed Crabman and the Crablings I'm pretty happy with them, they have a lot of nice red and orange tones that are hard to get on camera. I've also mostly finished a pack turtle and fisherman, who are going to be a special NPC duo in my pirate game, and I'm working on one of the Dragon Turtles as well.
  10. I got my form letter and they say about 2 weeks, so we'll see.
  11. How long does it usually take CS to answer? I've only had one experience with them and it was not good so I'm wondering if they're going to answer me at all this time.
  12. Who do we contact, reaper customer service or go through Kickstarter? I have two figures with issues so far and trying to figure out who to go to
  13. D&D also released their own Foghemoth figure, so that might have something to do with it
  14. @MattParody You're going to need to take a lot from the box as closing it up again was a two person job! ☺
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