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  1. And mothman! Cryptids to go with Nessie 😁 And OMG YES ORC PIRATES PLEASE Also, in the vein of terrain, a multi story wizards tower maybe?
  2. I love it! I especially like the chicken feet and the windows. What colors did you use on the chicken feet?
  3. I would love love love to see like a viking style longship! I don't want anyone to take my above comment as a knock on the Brinewind box - I absolutely love it. It was definitely worth the value for the cool new terrain pieces it gave. And reaper's sculptors are amazing and come up with some great ideas, which is why I want to see more from them, in different kinds of terrain that they could really shine on. I like the idea of some farm animals, not a lot of companies just make regular animals. maybe a farm scene with the animals and haystacks would be cool
  4. Exactly I love some of the new setups like the tree of despair and charnel pit, but alot of the boring standard terrain is already covered. Like the Brinewind box for example - I loved the sloop, the docks, the bar, and the cart (moving wheels!) but I have no need whatsoever for any more boxes, barrels, crates, tables or chairs. That sort of stuff has been done by everyone and their brother and I think it's a section best left to them. But Reaper has made some really great terrain and vehicles like Sophie's Revenge, the pit, and the docks, and that's what I'd like to see more of.
  5. I'd love to see more scatter, although with so many companies like mantic making terrain crate stuff, I think maybe something less common would be a good idea, like the haystacks.
  6. In addition to some more monster insect options which I mentioned before, I'd really like to see an Egyptian set done. The older mummy models like the lich and stuff in the original bones material don't have much detail; considering the improvement of figure detail with the last couple bones, I'd love to see what new/improved sculpts they could come up with for the mummies.
  7. that blend on the leg skin is SO SMOOTH! great job!
  8. My and husband's picks from the Chaoswolf box! lots of great stuff in there! Hope everyone else enjoys!
  9. Chaoswolf box is on the way to Marc - @ironman1231 if you come back let us know and we'll get you in
  10. I would also lie to see this, in part because my campaign's elven culture has an Amazonian bend on it, and finding minis that look kinda like amazons without big angry faces is kinda hard sometimes. I'd also like to see some more insectoid monsters! Wasps, bees, mosquitos, etc.
  11. I think they were randomized within a certain subset of miniatures. I got at least 3 stockings that year because I was buying up reaper minis for my new campaign, and I got a few repeats. I also have the Bonesylvania fly guy from that stocking, who is cute I guess but I have never needed or used 😅
  12. This! I have 2 of her and I was wondering where I got her, because I had no memory of buying her... I think it was 2019 but might have been 2018.
  13. I have these wicker drawer stand that we got at Walmart: Each drawer has a specific set - one for monsters, characters, terrain, specialty minis, and one drawer for supplies like sponges and bases and stuff. Some of the drawers are a lot of bags, some are more organized:
  14. I kinda don't trust them after the ship they released. Before it was out, they were saying it was going to be like how Reaper's ship turned out - have multiple decks you could stack and unstack, so you had a real time play area. As the Reaper ship wasn't in the world yet, I was excited - but I'm glad I didn't preorder it, because it turned out to just be basically one deck and then some deck inserts you put out next to it. VERY disappointing. MUCH happier with the Bone V ship!! And from now on, on anything Wizkids over $20 I gotta see it before I decide to buy
  15. You did really great! I especially love the beggar and the one blind eye, I might have to try that on a mini in the future!
  16. I don't mind metal, but if anything is broken, I won't take it. I absolutely HATE trying to pin things, and I'm not good at customization, so I mostly want figures that are ready to paint. With so many options on new cool unbroken figures, I just generally wouldn't want the effort of taking anything I had to fix up, but that's just me personally. Others with more experience may be far braver than I!
  17. Nice job! These would have made great models for the Chasmes I threw at the party a few weeks ago 😀
  18. 3D prints are allowed and have shown up in boxes before 🙂
  19. I'm in! Location: Chicago IL No international (but if it ever gets stuck at customs, contact me) Not a starter
  20. Ok I didn't know where to put this but the forum guidelines said gushing was allowed here... I just got my Bones 5 Kickstarter pledge and: I LOVE IT lol
  21. There's a couple Aaron Lovejoy videos in the store for $60, is that the 4 part bundle or just one part? Sorry, first time I've seen this released
  22. Oh my god I didn't even notice him in that picture... I want a Bernie! lol
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