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  1. I am definitely going to get the seas of thunder pledge and considering the white dunes one. There are a few scattered models in other boxes I'd like, but not enough to get a whole core/add-on for them.
  2. I want that lady in the main graphic with the dragonfly wings but can't tell where she is
  3. Ahhhh man I can't wait to get this. Still waiting on my shipping notice though
  4. Does the Chibi have to be from your line, or do the Reaper small world heroes count?
  5. Yeah, when we were online during the pandemic, my husband spent a lot of time making up some really nice layered maps in r20, but I personally couldn't be bothered so my games were not as polished as his. I just didn't like fiddling around with the behind the scenes stuff. But, if you put in the time like he did he had really nice maps, click-to-roll player and enemy skills (you can program the skill in and it will automatically roll your dice for you when you click on it), and cool tokens like Bucky said
  6. A lot of people on the r/DND subreddit post up free roll20 compatible maps and stuff, if you want to go pick through there.
  7. You should see the emails... Darkest Dungeon has been on "limited time sale" for 50% off on their website for pretty much all of 2023 (they go like 3 days between putting it on 50% and then the sale is "over" and then there's a new reason to be on sale so it's back on!). The emails reek of desperation and are absolutely wild.
  8. Just found this topic... wish I had seen it before I pledges 3 (!) years ago Mythic has been selling off 50% off darkest dungeons for pretty much a month straight. I have received two emails now with subjects "THIS IS NOT A HOBBY! IT'S AN INVESTMENT!" Just like that, caps and all. Inside the text they talk about how much it will be selling for "on the secondhand market" and that it is definitely worth it and its an investment This games currently has not even moved into production yet. They're finishing 6: Siege and then they're moving onto something else, so basically I forsee them fulfilling that and then collapsing. They've basically stated they can only refund a few orders a week, probably because they're out of money.
  9. Ron was saying on Crow's Nest today, that next month's figure, Mariana the overladen henchwoman, is going to be a good test print to test stick bits. She has a long staff/spear, and so they're going to see how she holds up as a test of how the prints can handle stuff like that, and that will influence what they put in 3D vs. Siocast. And basically, if they don't think a figure will survive shipping intact, they won't do it as a 3D print.
  10. Do they? I feel like that has always just sort of been tacked on Jon's job
  11. so I'll repost here my discord tests: Dwarf, unpainted. You can see the detail in the feather down to the little lines, and his little combover. I put pressure on him in various points, and while I think if I tried hard I could break him at the legs, the visor does not bend, the book does not bend, and he is pretty durable. I threw him against the wall, and he had no damage. I then accidentally stepped on him when going to get the dragon bust, and he was also fine, surprisingly. The goblin: A note that both the dwarf and goblin came with some small support strings that were easily removed. There's detail on the wood grain, his fingers under the chest, even the rope around the chest. Unlike the dwarf, he does NOT really bend at the legs, even when I apply some pretty good pressure. Very solid feeling. I threw him at the wall, and he was unphased. (I did not step on him). I also, for the sake of science, got out my VIP Dragon Bust. I don't think this was cast by Reaper, but it's mostly solid, except the horns. When I squeezed them inward, they had some give. And, for the sake of science, I threw him against the wall. Oops. I don't think he's going to be the standard though. So the little minis I have so far, they are good quality and durable.
  12. Some of the monthly freebies - January in particular is certain - are 3D prints. If you went to ReaperCon, the meet and greet dwarf accountant and the goblin Henchman are also 3D prints. I believe some of the other monthly freebies have been 3D prints but those are the only ones I know for sure.
  13. Year end update: Let's see... Factions of Galladoria - orignally 9/22, now pushed Fool's Gold: Into the Bellowing Wilds - Originally 9/22, now pushed ArCana: Augmented Reality - Originally 10/22, now pushed Animal Adventures: Faraway Sea - Originally 10/22, now pushed Miniac: Metal Brush Box and Wood elf Miniatures - Originally 11/22, now pushed Tome of Beasts 3: Full Throttle - Delivered Kobold Press Beastiary Miniatures - Originally 11/22, now pushed Adventures & Academia: First Class - Delivered Sunken Isles Flee, Mortals! Bones 6 Dwellers of the Darkest Depth - Delivered Epic Encounters - Local Legends ETA 11/23 Stormlight Premium Miniatures - ETA 7/23 Sebastian Crowe's Guide to Drakenheim - ETA 9/23 Elden Ring: the board game - ETA 05/24 Dungeons and Lasers - Encounters July 2021 😰 Hel: The Last Saga 28mm Hard Plastic Satyrs, Scythians and Amazons - Delivered 11/22! (Honestly thought this was dead)
  14. Actually no, I was never part of that one. I backed Hel: The Last Saga, due June 2021, ATA probably never at this point. the kicker was I actually thought Mythic knew what it was doing enough to actually fulfill, they weren't unknown or anything.
  15. Oooooh, I like the demon-harpy. Anyone know where she's from! I intend to have my pictures up by the weekend! Been really busy and had to rush in my last few RCL submissions today
  16. Been really busy but the Rat13 box shipped this morning!
  17. Rat13 box arrived Satruday! Will try and have it out Wed/Thur
  18. Thank you! I late pledged, but haven't been getting updates since I didn't go through kickstarter. Excited to hopefully get these!
  19. They said they are working on it, between ReaperCon, holiday sales, and Ed being hospitalized, they haven't finalized anything yet
  20. I'm curious how QML will divide up the payment. I'm sure they know that a good chunk of people have just simply abandoned the idea of receiving anything at this point, and more probably will depending on how much they charge, so it wouldn't make sense to divide up the storage evenly or they won't get paid. however if they make the charge per person too high, like prorating by weight, they risk driving off even more of the high payments needed. Or have they just accepted that some of the storage will be a write off? Probably, but I wonder what agreement they have made on ownership of the product then? So many logistics questions... I am curious to see what they end up charging people
  21. I too had to talk myself out of a second ship. On the one hand, when am I going to get a deal like that again? OTOH, when am I going to use two 3 foot long ships... I don't know if I even have enough table space for that!
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