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  1. Has anyone seen a good breakdown of how much D&L one would need to build a 3x3 skirmish table, preferably with multiple levels? I haven’t really managed to try out any standard RPGs, so not sure hallways and rooms will be super useful. But a city landscape for something like Frostgrave or Burrows and Badgers is very intriguing. Thanks!
  2. Yeah. It’s not like it is totally unusable. Just an example of why brilliant creative types need to partner with hard-headed project manager types. And I know TTW may have skewed my expectations. What they manage to do with resin is almost unreal. They may be actual wizards.
  3. Received one of the two pieces I ordered (where the other is and why it wasn’t in the more than capacious box that arrived is anyone’s guess). I hadn’t really expected much after watching reactions from others who had received theirs, and those expectations were just about met. I got the apothecary/wizard tower. The main tower piece is not flush with the base piece (it is off by a good 2-3mm, whether by warping or poor design/casting). The two pieces also appear to be different sizes (if you line up one wall, the upper stones for the windows no longer align with the lower, etc.). The
  4. I’m sure CMON will helpfully package those up into an all-in pledge for you. Talk about customer service!
  5. What are the odds on Deadpool. Haven’t been following all the licensing drama there. If they can do him, my money would be on an expansion box rather than a stretch goal.
  6. Would surprise me if it was anything different. For board games, resin seems to be seriously niche (KDM) and metal is unheard of. But no, I haven’t heard officially. We will know for sure on Monday though.
  7. They are plastic, if Pantheon is anything to go by. Good detail for plastic, however.
  8. Excellent sculpts and excellent service. I’ve scaled way back on KS after realizing how finite storage space is. Burrows and Badgers is one of my few remaining insta-backs. Really looking forward to the next batch.
  9. I’ve heard rumblings from one of Monolith’s lead writers on Conan that MBR will have elements usable in Conan as well, for those who have both systems. There is some more art up on their page as well: Frost Giant Thor Berserker Brunhild Shieldmaiden
  10. Their last MBP was a couple months late. Both Batman KSs were basically on time. Only one I know of that is outstanding is Conan, which is being produced right now and will also be a couple months late. Overall, I would say Monolith are much more timely and reliable than Mythic. They are also one of the most careful companies when it comes to overpromising in the heat of a campaign or getting carried away with stretch goals.
  11. On a related note, anyone have a good recommendation for quay or dock scenery (including gangways)?
  12. Man. Caved to the FOMO (and the image in my mind’s eye of having a dockside skirmish map a la Fire Emblem). At least I will have somewhere to live once that giant box arrives?
  13. This business model drives me a little nuts. Creating scarcity for limited edition resins, I get. But creating scarcity for expansions that have been out for years and are in high demand, or for white box hard plastic figures, seems crazy. Yeah, covid hasn’t helped this year, but it has been a problem long before that. I have wanted a Percival since I first discovered KDM, and it appeared for this sale (in unlimited hard plastic) only to watch it sell out within two minutes. Ugh. I do appreciate the fact that he gives newcomers a chance to get in on upcoming content every year, al
  14. Got mine today as well. Casting quality looks excellent. Haven’t assembled any yet, but they seem likely to be pretty close to Reaper height wise, although the female figures look noticeably thinner for the most part. Looking forward to getting into these chunky orc boys.
  15. A couple questions: 1. Have we had additional clarity on how the ship will be broken into pieces? Particularly interested in whether there will be vertical breaks in the hull. 2. Any chance there might be a late breaking powerup for a couple gangplanks? It would make this beast more accessible for both port-side RPG scenarios and for wargaming.
  16. True. I had in mind a pledge that discounts from the single item price. For example, going from master to lord adds 3 unmounted figures for 85 Euro, whereas the individual price is 36 Euro per unmounted figure. There’s no way to get multiple figures at a discount unless you get two (or three) of the larger figures.
  17. I ended up caving on this one now that it is in the last 48. Kind of wish they had a pledge that allowed for multiple figures without requiring two be mounted. But it’s a pretty good deal and I hear good things a out quality.
  18. The irony of it is that forumites here are perfectly happy to interact with company reps who identify themselves as such. There’s no good reason to pretend to be unaffiliated (and as others have noted it tends to be counterproductive, giving a negative impression of the company). The folks here are not dumb and don’t like being treated as if they are. Another irony is that the company’s product is actually quite good, as you’d expect given the sculptors they use. I have a bunch of them myself. The minis can speak for themselves if the marketing could just get out of its own way. I
  19. Ah. Will do. Fortunately meeples are not parties to the Geneva Conventions.
  20. I found this strange little fellow in my order. Anyone have insight on what he is? Is Reaper going into the meeple business? Is it the Reaper equivalent of a golden ticket? (A factory tour would be awesome, so long as there’s no anti-gravity soda and giant exhaust fans around.) Is there a game afoot?
  21. I have to update this. A couple days after that post, CMON wrote to tell me they were replacing everything they could and refunding the rest. The original package went missing in late April, but better late than never.
  22. Add to that the fact that even for the KS, if your package gets lost or stolen (as is increasingly common these days), CMON’s official policy is to tell you to pound sand. This despite the fact that they choose the carrier, the terms of carriage, and the level of insurance (presumably none), leaving you with no way to mitigate your risk of loss. This is what happened to my time machine pledge, which was supposedly delivered (though there was no knock or bell) but wasn’t there ten minutes later when I got an email from FedEx (which only happened because I’m independently signed up
  23. Looks like this is the case. Thanks for the feedback. I decided to get in on these. Better start practicing.
  24. I’m contemplating backing, but the only example of their work I’ve ever ordered is stuck in international mail purgatory. For those who have their stuff, have you liked the quality? Have their been issues with either of their previous KSs (outside the usual “my pledge never showed up” from people who didn’t pay enough attention to complete the PM)? Thanks!
  25. FedEx has GPS on its trucks. Their exact wording was that they “couldn’t confirm delivery,” suggesting they may have sent it to the wrong place (or at least had no proof their truck was actually at my house when delivery supposedly happen). If so, I imagine they would have to pay out. But their contract was with CMON, not me. My point was merely that CMON has the option to pursue that remedy, whereas I do not. In any case, CMON chose the carrier and elected not to require a signature. As between myself and CMON, any error made by the carrier (whether induced by CMON’s instructions
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