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  1. It is a very fine looking stable and would go quite well with the very fine looking cottages and windmill sitting on my table waiting for some paint (a condition in which they are, sadly, far from alone). I need somewhere for my Burrows and Badgers figures to commit adorable fluffy murder after all.
  2. Looks like this one is live now. And modular. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ttw-altburg-stable/tabletop-worlds-altburg-stable-32mm-resin-cast-terrain
  3. Thanks for the info! And strong work on the painting. Good to know they look ok alongside Reaper. Obviously 28mm means different things to different companies. Are there any specific figures besides the conquistadors that you really like? And any thoughts on the game system?
  4. Glitterwolf (or anyone else), Considering upgrading. How have you found the quality on these vs (day) Reaper. And have they been on time (at least in KS terms)? They seem a little disorganized. Thanks! ian
  5. About 30 hours left on this one, for anyone who was considering.
  6. I got their set of dwarves, and the quality is definitely there (and delivery was prompt, with a free bonus model). No experience with them on KS. Owner seems genuinely enthusiastic about the hobby.
  7. Definitely appreciate the extra clarity on the company’s history. The project is more ambitious than average, and I think a lot of folks get a bit leery about that since there’s a pretty regular history of ambitious mini projects running into trouble. That said, it seems that often comes from throwing so many stretch goals and additional products into the mix mid-KS that project scale creep or post-KS economics make the project impossible. I like free extras as much as anyone else, but (paradoxically) the treatment of stretch goals here is also a source of reassurance. The milestones have held firm. Many creators hit the panic button and drop milestones to try to generate more momentum (and get themselves in trouble in terms of margins). That this hasn’t happened suggests a company that knows its economics and is sticking with them. Not that I’m not hoping for a bit of a late surge of course (what is it that has the scythe?)... So I’m in for a few sets, which is a pretty big investment in the unknown (although below my annual Reaper budget). I would also point out that topping 100k is actually pretty good for a minis-only project with no game attached (at least in recent years). So not something to be disheartened by. As you say, the right way to build a business is to get quality products out there and let them speak for themselves. And delivering on one ambitious KS range will be pretty huge when people consider whether to invest in the next one.
  8. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/firstlegion/first-legion-heroic-scale-28mm-fantasy-figures?ref=discovery&term=First legion Just ran across this. I’m not familiar with the company, but they seem pretty established in the historical line. Anyone have thoughts on these? The price per figure seems reasonable for good resin.
  9. I’d usually use hot water for the metal, as with Bones. I think it makes the metal a little more pliable so the margin of error between bending and breaking is more forgiving. And then skip the cold water and let it come to room temp on its own. And yeah. That troll is a bit of a project just to get ready for paint.
  10. I suspect the Reaper mods read both forums anyway. For the substantive question, it’s a little academic until there are actually models with the features you’re interested in available to buy, and when they are available I’m sure there will be lots of information posted from multiple sources on just this question (look how detailed the discussion about the troll has been, and weapon shape and rigidity has been a perennial question since the miniature was invented, probably). Bones 4 ships next month, and it sounds like a lot of the non-core set models will be in black material, so we will learn a ton about it soon enough. Patience, grasshopper. ;)
  11. Is this model the DHL version of the Sophie stretch goal in Bones 4 or is it a different pose? Thanks!
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