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  1. "This too shall pass" - the source is not 100% clear but I believe it's been traced to a Persian fairy tale. I loved fairy tales as a child (still do) so I read it when I was quite young, I have plenty of other quotes that I like but this one sticks with me... when I'm sad or things are tough it reminds me that it won't be this way forever. When I'm happy it reminds me to make the most of the situation.
  2. Spoiled Because this is pic heavy. So my fairly large horde of mini's that I won turned up today. Unboxing the boxes The Metal Box Bones (with help from my Daughter) A great time was had by all many thanks reaper you've made a few people very happy, and I'm going to see what I can do about spreading the cheer a bit
  3. Seems like I forgot to post February Goals My goals right now are: Dark Elf Dino Guy Duck Guy Crystal Golem Yeti Friar Stone Tree of despair 6 armoured bears (these guys may take me a while) 1 Barbarian Also I want to de-clutter my craft area. It's kind of halfway done.
  4. Got my war froggies :D Really happy. They look great.
  5. Thanks muchly I'm still kind of in shock. I've been very busy the last few months at work but have finally managed to wrangle two weeks off. I've managed to get some painting done this month too!
  6. So this is for January 2020 (yes I just pulled across what I was supposed to do in December), can't think about the whole year just yet, but I'll get there. Finish the two mini's I was supposed to finish before December started (I did these, I can't remember when but it must have been before today) 1. Eyebeast 2. Dark Iron Dwarf Pounder Christmas Ones (Somehow I added to this list) 1. Father Christmas 2. Christmas Fairies 3. Santa Mousling and Helper The partway through and I'm sick of it and want it off my desk mini's 1. Twin Sorcerers - One Red, One Green Finished these two off today! 2. Were-crocodile 3. Baron Blacktree 4. Studious Sophie 5. Chibi Paladin (lots of progress) 6. Half Orc Mage Chibi Skeleton (I finger painted!)
  7. I really really tried, but I just can't keep up. Way too busy at work, did a 10 hour day today and I expect to do a 12 hour day tomorrow. Family is all safe, including distant family in burnt areas. Smoke in the air is not pleasant but we are coping. When I surface again, someone remind me to talk to @TGP about a microwave recipe for potato topped smoked cod casserole. (It is possible to cook a white sauce in the microwave). Also *hugs* for those that need them.
  8. *Favourite Dad memory is coding computer games on the good old Commodore64 (I was 6) *Favourite Mum memory is of being with her when she did her errands and then she would decide to grab something sweet and I'd get a chocolate or a pastry for having just come along. I caught myself saying "No you can't have any dessert until you finish your Pizza!" which to be fair was a far far more corrupt version of my Mum's "No dessert until you finish your dinner!" Honestly though the strangest thing is hearing myself echoed back at me from my daughter "Oh! No no no sweetie I just would much prefer it if you ate that while standing over the tiles, not on the carpet please!"
  9. Uh... it's for glittering things... right? Stay safe @ratsmitglied the air quality northside is twice as bad as southside at the moment. I honestly think I'd be coping much better with things right now if I didn't have such a smashing headache and sore eyes from all this smoke.
  10. I really need this right now. I'm in.
  11. Exactly! Doing your part behind the scenes to help the guys on the front lines is just as important. Uh, I think I've inadvertently mislead people here. My analysis comes into play to make sure the people impacted by the event get support. I don't do the analysis for the firies, I'm pretty sure they have their own people for that.
  12. South Canberra here. But the fires are keeping me busy at work when I'm supposed to be on holidays, I've been called in four times so far (to clarify I provide analysis so the Emergency Management section can do their thing, I'm not actually out fighting fires or anything important like that). I'm currently betting that I will soon get a call relating to Victoria. I hope your family are all safe.
  13. I'm also one of those that makes goals/resolutions when I want to bring about change, not wait for New Years. So current goals, which I set at the end of November are lose 4kg (1.5 down 2.5 to go) exercise more (that's been tricky with the smoke in the air). Make the time to paint more often. Get into a decent wake/sleep routine.
  14. No new figures models or kits. I do have a new palette, but as that is apparently still on it's way I haven't yet managed to use it at all yet
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