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  1. Sibling

    Paint and play and take

    OK, so no pictures, but... Was it fun? Did it work well? Did it go down well with the half dozen?
  2. Sibling

    Norse/Northlands Campaign, No Grumps!

    Definitely him. The name Sabine comes from his grandmother and some of her relatives, yes Anglican Minister. He seems to be a really interesting person. Wikipedia link below, I don’t know if that spoils the fun. I apologise in advance if it does. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabine_Baring-Gould
  3. Sibling

    Norse/Northlands Campaign, No Grumps!

    I dunno why Grump thinks so, but I found this line on a Wikipedia entry and it was enough to sell me. His folkloric studies resulted in The Book of Were-Wolves (1865), one of the most frequently cited studies of lycanthropy
  4. Sibling

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    OK So why did you let @Pezler the Polychromatic fly one/some of those aircraft?
  5. Sibling

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Hugs for you @redambrosia I hope it gets better for you. @LittleBluberry this might sound a bit silly but do you have some tiny gifts ready? When myself and/or the family visited we always took along something small but distinctly Australian like Caramello Koalas or small handmade soaps made with native plants. We always ran out by the end of the trip.
  6. So, I haven’t actually painted a wide variety of creatures yet. But here goes 1. Frogs (this is a weird thing which has come about purely because of miniatures. Frogs are usually not my scene) 2. Skeletons 3. Rats (to be fair aside from these I’ve really only painted humanoids... so far...)
  7. Sibling

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Finally recovered from the flu so had my first day back at work. It would seem that I have come home to find that my brain has checked out. I think I made at least 10 edits to a single post in the getting to know you thread. I'm now dizzy from scrolling through things trying to find stuff on the Interwebz. I hope everyone else has a better Wednesday than I have had.
  8. Yes, Promised my other half I would paint him a mini for our groups D&D game. (My daughter gets carried away with Mother's day and Father's day, so at the end of the presents she keeps saying "and..." and then running off to see what she can find. Not exactly sure how this translates into me painting a mini for him but *shrug*). It's nearly finished. These aren't the best pictures either, and I have to acknowledge @Wren who inspired me completely on this one, you should check her version out it's on her blog and it's great, OK I can't find it on her blog, but her blog is still great The figure is Houngan 59038 and you can see @Wren's rendition on the reaper site (but I painted the bones version 91010)
  9. I may have overpurchased goblins, I started buying them for a hack n slash one shot. I probably needed a total of about 18 so I got 20, and then 20 and then another 20 and now I have 20 which is way too many I seriously have excessive numbers for goblins, the project isn't technically abandoned but it is kind of on the backburner. Mini's are either in progress, completed and packed away, ready to be painted or yet to be delivered. I figure goblins will never really go to waste, they will come in handy sooner or later.
  10. Sibling

    Happy Birthday Pingo!

    Happy Birthday Pingo!
  11. Sibling

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Sounds like they are keeping it interesting for you by managing to be polar opposites
  12. Sibling

    What are the "Required Viewing" Fantasy Movies?

    Not sure that they are "required" viewing or not. But I'd add Pathfinder, Forbidden Kingdom (you need at least one version of the monkey king somewhere in the list), and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I'm thinking the list is already pretty complete though.
  13. Sibling

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    I got a message through the local postie app that I have a package coming from Spain. No other notification, I'm assuming it's for this. To be honest I forgot they were shipping.