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  1. Sibling

    Happy Birthday SparrowMarie

    Happy Birthday I hope you have a great day!
  2. Sibling

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Spiders mostly, Red-Backs, White-Tails and Funnel Webs are KOS (Kill on Sight). I will use anything close to hand to smush them, tissue boxes and shoes have been employed for this in the past. My worst improvised tool was my purse, I didn't think, just squished Huntsman and Daddy-Long Legs I leave to their own devices. My daughter freaks out about spiders so any others just get relocated to the garden. During summer flies are a major issue so I have about three of those automated fly spray things that I run near entrances/exits to the house.
  3. Sibling

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Unfortunately (or fortunately) Fall is not doing so well in the southern half of the world Spring, however is going great. I went to Floriade with the family today so you can have some lovely flower pics.
  4. I don't have a cold but I'm willing to be a control subject for this experiment
  5. Sibling

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    I have never technically broken a rule, but I have a knack for workarounds I'm just about completely out of those though...IT spends a lot of time making life difficult for people like me who kind of sit between business and IT and so we are not allowed to do a lot of stuff and they lock it down, I usually manage to figure out a way to continue to do my job.
  6. Just to be clear liked because your plan seems really sensible, not because you end up exhausted
  7. I love the Bears head stuff, also the guy running it seems to be super sensible :D Somehow didn't know that they did zombie pigs.
  8. Apparently someone has, for 5e anyway. https://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/93183/how-many-rounds-does-the-average-combat-encounter-last There’s a lot of issues with these stats, some of which are pointed out by the person providing them. But until they run the next great D&D Census...ooo that sounds like fun...it’s probably better than nothing.
  9. Got Mine today. I guess we got lucky on the ethereal sets, we had mermaid, banshee, living spell, and vampire in the ethereal. Mermaid is quite good, living spell was pink and yellow (daughter picked it and she's happy), banshee I have yet to test for glow in the dark and the vampire set works for what I wanted, it doesn't look anything like the picture though. For the other sets we bought non-ethereal, large sets of the mermaid and the gargoyle and they are really nice, 11 pieces for the Sprite and the Dragon we picked up in standard size and they are nice. 11 pieces Banshee and Kraken were darker than expected but OK, and like others have said the silver glitter and gold glitter sets were just fine. I promised my other half when I went in on this one that I wasn't going to buy any more dice ever so backing another kickstarter wasn't really an option for me anyway I know exactly what the bloodbath sets that @Maredudd wanted were though, they looked great, just as well they were sold out by the time I saw them too.
  10. Sibling

    99 Days, 99 Minis Challenge

    Yup that’s Masha alright. My daughter loved that show when she was about 3.
  11. Sibling

    99 Days, 99 Minis Challenge

    Milkmaid done up like Masha from Masha and the bear!
  12. Sibling

    99 Days, 99 Minis Challenge

    I’m in! I need to make some progress and goals are good.
  13. Sibling

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    I was going to say nope, but now I get to say, just Pezler's