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  1. This looks outstanding! Where did you get the altar and circle in the middle? Do they come with the set? Again...this is really fantastic! Thanks Ben
  2. Zombie Fuhrer is complete...actually, this was one of the first 4 miniatures I ever painted...I just needed to do the gore effects and glue the swastika decal on his armband...he's for my 28mm diorama project tentatively titled Plan 9: Resurrection...I'll give an update on him and the other Nazi zombies when I finish their vehicles and Blondi, the zombie Fuhrer's zombie dog! Not hating it...but will probably paint another at some point...
  3. Sorry for the multiple crappy pictures...my cheapy camera doesn't like bright white at all, so I had to take multiple pics under multiple lighting situations to get all the different elements photographed...having said all that, let me introduce you to Sister Ellen!Sister Ellen is a zombie nun character in my upcoming diorama "Plan 9: Ressurection". I made her ruler myself, the figure came from Westwind Productions, and she's 28mm. She used to be a teacher in a Catholic school...and carries a weaponized ruler to aid in her spree! She used to crack knuckles and take names, now she cracks skulls and eats BRAINS!!!
  4. Thanks...yeah that's my theory, too! LOL!
  5. Finished ancient zombie #1...as I was playing with the skin tone I decided to go very dark...I don't want all caucasian zombies in the diorama so I might as well start practicing other skin tones...he's just OK I guess...there are things I like about how he turned out and things I don't like...still learning on miniatures...
  6. My fourth miniature...I went for a very muted color scheme on this guy..he came in a 5 pack of similar zombies that resemble the tar-man zombies from "Return Of The Living Dead" so I'm really trying to reign it in with the color...he's still not done...I MIGHT brighten him up just the slightest touch with a bit more dry brushing...and I'm going to add a bit of glossy gore to him...28mm...from Reaper Miniatures
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