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  1. I found a fun surprise in my mailbox today, from @Gildesa! It was like Christmas all over again. She totally went above and beyond. She sent me three adorable familiars - a rat, a dragon and a cat, and a little shroomie lounging in a cup of hot cocoa, candy, a limited-edition resin mini, and the cutest handwarmers! So much care and detail went into these beautiful critters. I feel entirely spoiled. Thank you so, so much! I am wearing the handwarmers as I type this.. perfect for my office, which tends to be on the chilly side, especially in frigid Colorado : )
  2. I entirely forgot to take a WIP photo, but my painted mini is finished and I hope to mail it out by the end of the week.
  3. Wonderful! You're off to an amazing start!
  4. I've selected the mini I'm going to paint and have started assembly.
  5. I'm in! Thanks for the discord note. I don't check here as often as I should.
  6. This is absolutely wonderful. What a creative concept, and brilliantly executed.
  7. Wow! I'm starting on my Byverion today, I love seeing this one done up for inspiration. You really did a great job bringing out all of his many, many details!
  8. Wonderful! The neutrals in the color schemes work so well together.
  9. The Dragon Turtle model needs to wait for a few more weeks, but at least my base is finally done. By itself, it's bigger than most projects I've done, and I loved all of the little details, taking my time with each item. I'm especially proud of the vases, my best freehand so far, I think.
  10. Those three colors (Carbon grey, foggy grey, moonstone blue) were used by Anne in an old RTB episode for NMM steel, and I've been using them as my go-to for metal ever since. It just seemed coincidental that they're together in a triad now, or is it? Just thought this could be good info for others looking for an easy steel triad.
  11. I received the most wonderful package today from JGroeling! He really went all out, with a diorama and integrated base for this lovely bard and her canine friend. I just love the composition of the bricks and moss and the stones on this base, and these two adventurers will definitely be making it into my next campaign. Beautiful painting! This really made my day. Thank you!!
  12. So sorry about the sword! It was a hand swap with a different model, so that was a weak point. I should have pinned it. I hope it's an easy fix!! Still, it did travel a fair distance so I'm glad that's all that happened : ) Enjoy! I had fun painting it while re-watching the entire extended cut trilogy!
  13. @Lihmeth Check your mail : ) I'm so nervous about whether I packed it well enough. I hope it's in one piece!
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