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  1. I received the most wonderful package today from JGroeling! He really went all out, with a diorama and integrated base for this lovely bard and her canine friend. I just love the composition of the bricks and moss and the stones on this base, and these two adventurers will definitely be making it into my next campaign. Beautiful painting! This really made my day. Thank you!!
  2. So sorry about the sword! It was a hand swap with a different model, so that was a weak point. I should have pinned it. I hope it's an easy fix!! Still, it did travel a fair distance so I'm glad that's all that happened : ) Enjoy! I had fun painting it while re-watching the entire extended cut trilogy!
  3. @Lihmeth Check your mail : ) I'm so nervous about whether I packed it well enough. I hope it's in one piece!
  4. Finished, packaged and being mailed tomorrow!
  5. No.. spring was alright, as work kept us as unexposed as possible (essential, but no one was traveling so we were able to work skeleton crews), but air traffic picked up (what madness possesses people to get on an airplane right now?!) and we have to work shoulder to shoulder with everyone again, sharing both close quarters and equipment. Every week it seems we have more positive cases of COVID, and add in the stress of thunder storms, and this is the most anxious summer of my life.
  6. WIP : More greenstuff (because I just can't seem to stop fiddling with things) and finally ready for paint. Recipient is NOT named, just a photo.
  7. Basing and placement is done, greenstuff is curing. I wanted to add a wip photo but it won't upload so.. maybe next time : )
  8. I am also Skiesclear on deviantart and the Reaper discord, and Skies_clear on twitch (and reddit, though I don't use it much).
  9. It's a double edged sword.. everything is cancelled (season tickets to the theater, international trips, D&D, all of it) and the socially anxious part of me revels in the ability to just keep staying home, even though in the past, when I did get to go, I'd enjoy it once I got there. Now, since work is the only place I do go, any other outing puts me on the verge of panic. I'm worried that COVID is making me permanently agoraphobic.
  10. Christmas gifts expected for anyone over 16 years old. After that, the holiday gift should be attention, company, affection, socialization, not material things.
  11. @Kuroneko Oh wow.. those dragons are truly beautiful. Amazing work.
  12. I did buy another unpainted model off of ebay this year, so I could do a comparison paint, but it was spendy. $65, not in the package. Reaper makes a great Hook Horror, aka Gloom Stalker, 44061.. much more reasonably priced!!
  13. This was my first foray into mini painting.. grabbed a Ral Partha Hook Horror and a handful of citadel paints from a comic books store in the late 90's, and the addiction was born.
  14. What's your favorite Dragon Name ( either from movies, books or made up by your own?) Haku Which actor portrayed/voiced a Dragon best in movies? I liked the voice of Falkor in Neverending Story, but I don't know the voice actor's name. What kind of Dragon is your favorite? Colours/attitude/how their wings are attached? I am definitely partial to Asian styled dragons, with their long flowing bodies and facial flourishes.
  15. Squirrels. I can't imagine that angry chattering being anything but curse words!
  16. Thanks! It ended up being a pretty small thing, no real damage. I was worried about the power line that it landed on, but all's well that ends well!
  17. Cleaning up my yard after my neighbor's tree fell on my house yesterday during a storm : (
  18. Those faces are so expressive. You captured them perfectly. And like CorallineAlgae said, those bases really complete the look! I love the chunky stones, .. they definitely suit the off-balanced, devious character personalities.
  19. For such a little lady, she had very big and beautifully sculpted facial features, especially the eyes, so that made her much easier than many minis I've done. Thank you so much!!
  20. I painted this one for the May Lockdown Challenge on Reaper's reddit.
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