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  1. Hoping for a size comparison - photo or description. I'm wanting to order them for a new project, and they aren't exactly ubiquitous on the internet image searches. Thanks :)
  2. Non-traditional color scheme .. She was painted to resemble one of a group of strange rubber toys that my friend is obsessed with.
  3. Caution: Nudity Linked, as Celtic Fanatics fight in the nude. I gave one of them a kilt, so the player could choose whether the model was in "battle mode" or not : ) https://www.deviantart.com/skiesclear/art/Celtic-Fanatics-Warlord-Games-Modified-785371166
  4. Thank you! I hadn't considered that the glow would spill over onto things next to it. I'll give it a try, and boost the contrast as well.
  5. I thought I'd try something new with this necromancer, and I don't think it's successful. I'm hoping someone can tell me what I can try? My DM asked for his cloak to be "Necron Green". After watching whatever tutorials I could find about this color, it's generally a glowing effect, along with the hue. A particular green highlighted with a bright yellow/white. I decided to attempt making this cloak seem to glow from the inside out, so I reversed the standard order of highlights, putting them in the recesses, and the darkest color on the most raised areas, much like I would for fire. I don't think it is coming across as an inner power glowing.. can anyone suggest what I might change?
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