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    Painting miniatures mainly for the pathfinder game I DM,
    I got into painting miniatures by playing Warhammer fantasy and 40k

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  1. Very cool! I love fetchlings, played one as my character in a pathfinder group for more than 2 years. I think the colours you used for the skin work very well!
  2. Tumalis

    Female Bard with Lute from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Beautiful paintjob! And the base is very nicely!
  3. Love the colors on the scales! I think the dragon will turn out great! Good luck on the final hours!
  4. Wow, that's a big challenge! But that's a lot of progress for one day! Keep up the good work and good luck!
  5. Tumalis

    Savage Avatar Giraffe

    He looks so friendly! Nice paintjob, good job on the giraffe pattern!
  6. Tumalis

    CAV - Enforcer

    Very cool! What is the size of the base? I'm curious how big the model is.
  7. Tumalis

    01608: Diva the Blessed

    Very nice, I like her red robes. I think they make her stand out.
  8. Tumalis

    Bones3 Snake of biting-you-nesssssss

    Beautiful snake, I love the green hood with the red eyes. They make it look like a properly menacing guardian of that treasure! How do you paint a sssnake without making hissing noises?
  9. Tumalis

    Kev!'s 80064: Ship Captain

    Good job, I like his blue coat!
  10. Tumalis

    60164: Female Vampire Hunter, Pathfinder

    Great job on this one, her expession is done very well. I really like her skin tone. One does not catch much sun hunting vampires at night ;)
  11. Tumalis

    03667: Nonalla Ellinad, Elf Wizard

    About 6 hours I think. Everyone knows gandalf's grimoirs are top shelf collectables in the wizarding community ;)
  12. Tumalis

    Two from Hero Forge

    They look very nice! Made some NPC's with heroforge a few weeks ago, but they where a bit expensive. Did you order them, or did you print them yourself? Anyway, nice paintjob!
  13. Tumalis


    Beautiful dragon, it looks very menacing! It adds new dimensions to the tail attack...
  14. Just finnished Nonalla Ellinad the elf wizard by Bob Ridolfi! I am really happy with the result, she will be used to represent our pary wizard who is a blonde elf with a cloak of elvenkind. I tried to do some OSL on the glove but I was unhappy with the result so I changed it back to metallic. I might try that again later after some practice...