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  1. pduggie

    Minis we would like to see

    Accurately scaled and proportioned gorillas. Not wielding weapons Accurately scaled and proportioned chimpanzees. Not wielding weapons (Foundry Africa gorillas are crazy big. I dont get it)
  2. pduggie

    Minis we would like to see

    Undead Dwarves: wight-like, zombie-like, skeletal Dwarves with primitive weapons Dwarves with bare legs and chests Dwarves that look culturally different I'm very surprised at the lack of undead dwarves from most mini makers, and bored by the monoculture of most dwarf minis. Tomb of Annihilation had albino dwarves with primitive stone weapons and little to no armor, and i could;t find much/any good stuff to use. Also had Dwarf Wights, and only 1 good mini for that from Reaper. Would like more please. EDIT: lol. I just checked and see i said the same thing back in jan 30. Sorry
  3. pduggie

    size comparison of old giants and new giants?

    I have the old bones giants from the first kickstarter. Does anyone have a lineup pic of them next to the new ones. I searched around but came up empty
  4. pduggie

    Minis we would like to see

    Primitive dwaves, with little to no armor, wielding stone-age axes and hammers. there are albino dwarves in the jungles of Chult in the Tomb Of Annihilation D&D game, but no apropos miniatures seem to be available in the universe.
  5. pduggie

    Catfolk feet?

    Swiftpaw the monk looks like he has some kind of fins or something off the back of the ankle. That's what made me questions if these were even supposed to be cats.
  6. pduggie

    Catfolk feet?

    Kudos for making new catfolk in a variety of roles. The first two, Mal and Shadoweyes, that Julie Guthrie sculpted are great! What is with the splayed feet of the other new ones? They don't look like cat feet at all. Were these some other sculpt repurposed with cat heads? I'm not too fond of them and would prefer cat people with catlike feet.
  7. This is a hasslefree mini, but I sometimes have this problem with other figs. Looking for advice for references. I don't know much about medieval or pseudo-medieval fashions so its hard to google apropos terms if I don't know any for a reference. What kind of dress is this? is this made up? Does it have a name? is the brocade in the center some kind of lace? Should the corset (?) be leather or some kind of cloth. What's reasonable here? any help appreciated.